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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The 'Sykesville Monster'

Hunt Still in Progress

Baltimore Afro-American - Jun 9, 1973

Sykesville, Carroll County, Maryland

Sykesville, Maryland - The fear and uncertainty that has gripped residents here the past two weeks has been intensified by two new reports of monster sightings received by police Friday.

The "Sykesville Monster" was seen Friday evening by an out-of-state truck driver who described him vividly.

Of high significance is the fact the 1,400-population town, 20 miles North of Baltimore, Maryland in Carroll County, has jumped into nationwide headlines in the National AFRO and other news media. Following the Baltimore zoo assistant director Dr. Ted Roth called to say that he went to Sykesville and determined the footprint is by a large human foot "with fallen arches." He said he would report after he takes another trip to Sykesville to determine "what the balance of the body may be."

A Baltimore scientific research firm is also in Sykesville checking AFRO caller's from 'educators to the man-on-the-street' are on their way to the small town.


According to the truck driver, (who requested anonymity), the "it" stood approximately seven to eight feet tall and appeared to be dark brown in color." It could have been a man on stilts." he said.

The driver stated that whatever it was seemed to be "caked with mud from the waist down."

Although he was unable to pinpoint the exact location of the sighting, the driver said it appeared to be sitting down. According to the driver, the "thing", which was evidently minding its own business, stood, turned around and sensing danger, dashed into the woods.

As the result of the AFRO story Friday, an investigating organization, Odyssey Scientific Research, Baltimore, is on the scene. John Lutz, director of Odyssey, talked to the truck driver, and said there is an additional witness in Anne Arundel who reportedly saw the monster.


Although reluctant to classify the "thing" which has been running loose in Sykesville, Mr. Jutz did state that at the present time, his corporation is, "listing the incident as an unidentified prowler until more information is gathered and more positive identification was made."

Mr. Lutz added that tape recordings are being made of each witnesses account in order to form verbal records, which will be studied, by veterinarians, zoologists and biologists.

According to Mr. Lutz, the entire incident could be the work of a prankster. "It's very possible that a prankster will call the police department and say it was all a big joke," he said.


As of Sunday, when two AFRO reporters returned to Sykesville's "Oklahoma Hill," citizens were hardly joking about the situation, which they feel is very real.

Mrs. Agnes Dorsey, mother of the' young man who first saw the "thing" said she thought more should be done to effect its capture and or destruction. They should have- -gangs of men out looking for it," she said, "I hope it's caught!"

According to Anthony Dorsey, the monster has also been seen in Woodstock, and Marriotsville, Md., located 6 miles from Sykesville, Md.


It is rumored that the "prowler" may be an escaped patient from nearby Springfield State Hospital.

According to Dr. Fred Pokrass, superintendent of Springfield, no unusual number of escapes has been reported, and none with big feet. "We always have a certain number 'who leave without permission," he said, adding that nothing out of the ordinary, "has come to my attention."

Dr. Pokrass did state, however, that within the last two weeks, "10 or 12 people have taken unauthorized leaves." Included in that number are one or two persons considered "dangerous' to themselves or to others," said the doctor, who was unaware of any "monster" reports until Monday.

As of this printing residents and officials in Sykesville continue to scour-the area in hopes of discovering new leads.

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NOTE: I interviewed and got to know several of the witnesses of the 1972-73 flap after my personal encounter in 1981. There were other unreported incidents in the general Sykesville and Gaither, MD areas. I marked the 'known' sightings on the maps above but I personally took statements to eight (8) more sightings / encounters between 1972-1979, including a home invasion on Norris Ave. and utility shed break-in on Oklahoma Ave...both in Sykesville. There were also several chicken pens broke into up and down the South Branch of the Patapsco River including Gaither, MD - Sykesville, MD - Woodstock, MD - Daniels, MD and Ellicott City, MD. Most of the sightings have been within the Patapsco State Park...which has a history of unusual activity throughout the park. I still live within 15 miles of all the locations...Lon


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