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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Photos: Alleged 'Alien' Body / Mystery Surfaces In Russia

The image above was forwarded to me approx. 3 years ago - the images below were posted in a Russian blog this week

An old lady from Petrozavodsk city reported that she had been keeping a frozen alien body in a refrigerator for a couple of years. The alien was found next to the woman’s summer house. The body was said to be 'very hot' and that metal fragments were lying beside it. Before finding the body the lady heard a terrible noise. The creature was 40-50 cm long, had a big head, mouth and orbits. It was also wearing a one-piece garment. Two days ago the lady was visited by some people who confiscated the body for the purpose of its investigation and, according to their words, took it to the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. However, employees of the Research Center who were interviewed later said that they had never heard of the discovery. Where was the body taken?

NOTE: I saw one of these images (top photo) approximately 3 years ago...it was forwarded by email from a lady who lived near St.Petersburg who then stated to me that it was given to her by a friend. I attempted to gather further information but hit a dead end. Today, these photos were published in a Russian blog with the narrative posted. What do you think? Lon

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