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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Just the Facts? New Kansas City Area UFO Flap -- Haunted House Hanging -- Killer Asteroid Coming

NEW UFO Flap Over Kansas City Area?

The following MUFON CMS reports were filed for sightings in the Kansas City area over a 24 hours period - unedited:

Ok, I was having a boring halloween tonight. I have just gotten back from my school basketball tryouts, and i was planning on going trick or treating with my girlfriend tonight, but i didn't. I instead stayed home, watched southpark, and the chiefs game. Before the chiefs game, i went outside to check on my dogs for about 20 minutes. About 5 minutes after i had gone outside, I saw something moving rapidly across the sky. The Object stopped from time to time, Maybe every 5 minutes, But it moved fast and rapidly. Now, My home is in Peculiar, Missouri. This object was in the direction of Lee's Summit, Missouri. I think it was in Lee's summit, but it MAY have been in Raymore.
Nothing really made me notice it at first, I just looked up at the sky, and boom. There it was. This object had very bright lights that seemed to go on randomly, and it moved very rabidly. As i said, it hovered from time to time. I have heard from some of my friends that they saw something move in the sky too. One of my friends from Lee's Summit said that they went outside on their front porch, and they saw something move rapidly across the sky. Another one of my friends was in a car with a group of people. They were about to go to a Halloween party, and they all said they saw something. I looked up Lee's Summit UFO sightings, and i have found out that UFO sightings in that area are very common. I lost sight of the object, when it seemed to look as if it was descending. It MAY of landed, but i am not for sure. I had a weird reaction, I was scared, and i ran inside. However, i went into the sunroom, and continued to look out the window at the object. After the sighting, i talked to my mom. She said that it was probably just an Airplane or a blimp for the monday night football game. I said that airplanes do not hover, and that blimps probably do not move and change direction as fast as the object i saw.


1. on my front porch my dad was letting dogs in and he noticed it
2 vary bright lights
3 plane but it was not moving and had moving lights on it
4 hard to describe a shape , but the lights moved along it axis and fallowed each other then it would pause over a spot and let of a bright glow ..... like an exploshion , it was there for a while hovering and moving back and forth acrost the sky
5we joked that it was a ufo vary light harted , we where amazed by the brightess of the lights
6 we went back in the house and it was drifting off


I was sitting on my driveway in a chair, handing out candy for halloween, very clam out no clouds beautiful evening moon was at a crecent, just enjoying the peacefulness, then i look up at the sky facing south i saw in the sky 2 bright objects, at first i thought they were jets in formation with there lights on, as i kept watching they werent moving they were hovering, then the one a little lower, lights got dimmer and dimmer, i was in awe never have ever seen anything like this, then the other one did the same thing just slowly dimed its light's out. best way to discribe it would be the Phoinex light's all over again with this being in Belton Missouri and only 2 of them and for a shorter time by best guess is they were there for a min or 2 i watched them for at least one min.


My wife and I were driving to take our child trick-or-treating. My car was heading west on Hwy 50 and had just passed the Hwy 7 exit. On the north side of Hwy 50 to the North West I saw a long line of lights moving accross the sky to the north. I pointed at them and told my wife to look because it was such a very long line of lights. They quickly changed direction and moved South East bound right at us. The line of lights moved up as the bottom of the disc shaped ufo was exposed. The bottom was covered in a very large amount of spot lights. As the disc came closer and decended it tilted so far up that the bottom part of the disc with all the spot lights was completely visable. One of the spot lights on the bottom caught my eye as the rest of them shown down. The bottom was curved just like a saucer. It was so gigantic and low to the ground I decided to slow down to 50 mph and took the first U-turn available. Cars all around me were slowing down. I passed Hwy 7 again and turned North. I watched the ufo decend and then hover to the North West. The night sky lit up with a flash of light in a perfect circle around the ufo. I kept my eyes in the sky but didn't see it again. I did notice shortly after the ufo sighting an unusual amount of normal aircraft activity was everyhere. Two planes flying at the same low altitude came from the East flying West bound. They flew right over the location the ufo seemed to land but kept going.


as iwas driving home from a friends house i saw what appeared to be searchlights in the sky but they went in random directions; there were three in all,, one went across the sky horizontally back and forth, one appeared and shot straight out then disappeared, then another did the same thing only in a different direction. i had stopped my car and watch; the lights were coming from what looked like a bright star, but it grew even brighter,,,,,,, then turned a reddish color and started moving. it blazed accross the sky and then slowed down andstarted to blink, red/white and then grew very dim and disappeared. i didnt see itanymore.i have noticed things like this a few timse out here, we're in a very rural area with very little air traffic.. we call them blinkies, and at times have seen up to 27 of them in a 10 minute period or so. sometimes they seem like they have a dim white glow around them,,, other times they just literally appear from nowhere and either blink, or suddenly start moving. they can stop and hover, grow very dim, get very bright, change to a reddish color, and scoot extremely fast accross the sky. they can change directions like a barrel racer, and can get very low to the ground at times. i used to be very scared of them, but ive seen them so often out here now( as well as about 9 other people) that i know im not crazy. i noticed a internet posting about lights seen in lees summit, mo., and thats not very far from here(about 20 minutes drive on the back roads). thats how i found your website.


Halloween night around 8, heading to Swopeparkway Health Center on Bluepkwy in Kansas City MO for a trick or treat event, I saw one of the parking guards pointing and I looked and it was a huge circular object in the sky with lots of lights, I tried to get it on my camera phone but it took off really fast, It was lots of people outside who witnessed it, It looked like the bottom of a flying saucer, huge....., I was really shocked because it was in the area where I saw another ufo about a month ago, I NEVER thought I would see anything like that again in my life, but I did, shocking....MUFON CMS

UFOs in Missouri: True Tales of Extraterrestrials and Related Phenomena

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Dracula author's first vampire sketch found

The private journal of author Bram Stoker, in which he sketched his first thoughts about his legendary creation 'Dracula', has been unearthed after more than 100 years.

The thin, unmarked book was discovered on a shelf in his great-grandson's home on the Isle of Wight in Britain. It had been passed down by Noel Dobbs' ancestors for more than a century before arriving in his home, the Daily Mail reported.

Dobbs was unaware of what the book was until an American researcher contacted him to ask if he knew about a journal his famous ancestor had written.

The book that was signed "Abraham Stoker" had 305 entries dating from 1871, when Stoker was in his 20s. The journal also contains romantic poems.

Dobbs sent photocopies of a few pages to his cousin, Dacre Stoker, a professor in South Carolina, who has now written a book about his famous ancestor, based on the journal.

"When I saw it, I was amazed. I thought, 'The Holy Grail! We've found it!'" said Dacre Stoker.

"There is so little written by Bram about Bram. Family, scholars and fans wanted to know what made the man who wrote Dracula tick. And here we had a major set of clues," Dacre Stoker said.

His book, "The Lost Journal", will be published in March 2012 to mark the centenary of Bram Stoker's death.

The last entry of Stoker's journal in 1881 hints at a major character he would use in "Dracula", a man who was driven to eat living things including flies. A passage says: "A man builds up his shadow on a wall bit by bit by adding to substance. Suddenly the shadow becomes alive."

Actor Christopher Lee made the character of Dracula immortal in a 1958 movie. - ibnlive

Works of Bram Stoker. (25 Works) Includes Dracula, The Lair of the White Worm, The Jewel of Seven Stars, The Lady of the Shroud, Under the Sunset and more. (mobi)


Girl Accidentally Hangs Herself At Haunted House

A 17-year-old girl was found hanging by a noose inside a haunted house Thursday night, FOX 2 Now Saint Louis reported.

Patrons of the halloween attraction, Creepyworld, may have even walked past her, believing she was a "scary prop."

A haunted house coworker found the girl unconscious, and she was rushed to the hospital.

While authorities continue to investigate into what happened, KSDK reports that the girl remains in critical condition.

Capt. Ron Arnhart of the Jefferson County sheriff's office told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the girl was an actress who works with the company, and that the noose was usually used as a prop for visual effect.

"How she wound up in there is still under investigation," Arnhart told the paper. "Right now, it looks like an unfortunate accident."

Although the girl's name was not released, reports say that she is from Fenton, Missouri. - THP


‘Continent Killer’ Asteroid On Possible Collision Course With Earth

On the heels of the return to Earth of a pair of satellites — NASA’s Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) and the German-built Röntgensatellit (ROSAT) — over the past two months comes a report of another object set to collide with our planet.

Only this one is a 20 million ton asteroid that is currently heading towards us at 23,000 miles per hour, and could collide with our planet in approximately 25 years, Alex Hannaford of the Telegraph wrote on Sunday. The asteroid in question, Apophis, is more than 800 feet wide, comprised of a mixture of rock, ice, and dust, and has been dubbed “the continent killer.”

“There are two scenarios,” Hannaford writes. “The first, and thankfully most likely, is that Apophis will fly by in April 2029, the year it is due to make its first ‘close approach’, and that’s the last we’ll see or hear of it. The second is that during that approach, it’ll pass through what scientists refer to as a ‘keyhole’ — a small area of space that can alter the asteroid’s course due to Earth’s gravity.”

“If this happens, it’ll be on a massive collision course with us seven years later, likely to be April 13, 2036 — Easter Sunday,” the Telegraph reported added, noting that experts with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California claim that it is “too far away” to predict which of the two possibilities is most likely, but that they should be able to know more in the near future.

“We don’t know precisely where Apophis is headed but we will soon, when it becomes observable again, probably in 2012 or 2013,” Paul Chodas of the U.S. space agency’s Near Earth Object (NEO) said. “Once we get radar on it we will be able to nail down its orbit and we will know the chances of it going through the keyhole and hitting in 2036. By that time, it could be a four in a million chance, and that could very well go down to zero.”

That might not be the end of it, though, as Chodas told Hannaford that the asteroid could find another one of those “keyholes” — small regions of space that can alter the course of a passing asteroid, due to a planet’s gravity — meaning that even if it misses the planet the first time, it could theoretically return and collide with the Earth’s surface later on. - redorbit

Asteroids: A History (Smithsonian History of Aviation & Spaceflight Series)

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