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Friday, October 21, 2011

Just the Facts? Amazon Aliens, Connecticut I-95 UFO and Kentucky Bigfoot Encounter

Amazon ET?

As biologically diverse as the Amazon is, this peculiar creature would not appear to be a natural inhabitant of the Brazilian jungle or, indeed, Earth for that matter.

Standing just a few feet from a mesmerising flashing light, this unidentified being could offer proof that we are not alone in the universe.

The image comes from a video obtained by noted paranormal writer Michael Cohen and is claimed to have been filmed by two British tourists visiting the Mamaus region of the Amazon.

While the camera is focused on some young children, seen in the distance behind them is a silvery light.

However, it is only when the eyes are diverted to the surrounding jungle does it become apparent that there is a small being standing side-on just to the right of a tree, appearing to arch its back.

It is the 'unmistakable' form of an 'alien'. No explanation is offered as to what the light may be.

While for many the images can simply be dismissed as a well-executed hoax, Mr Cohen, who runs the noted paranormal website allnewsweb.com, suggests the photos go some way to proving the existence of aliens.

He said: 'This is highly compelling footage that will be hard to discredit.

'It comes from an area known for experiencing intense UFO activity. It is rather apparent that aliens are interested in this region due to its biological diversity.

'The area was also the focus of a high-level Brazilian government investigation known as Operation Prato, where the army was sent in to monitor and confirm an alien presence in the region.'

He said the Brazilian government denied there was an Operation Prato for years before conceding it did occur and released large amounts of files associated with it.

Having obtained the footage, Mr Cohen, who is well known within UFO and paranormal circles, was inundated with requests from Hollywood producers keen to use his proof.

'This footage will be used in direct collaboration with an American film and will serve to highlight this as proof of this footage's veracity,' he said. - dailymail

NOTE: Mr. Cohen is well know as a huckster within the paranormal community. His claims of alien invasions and communication with extraterrestrials continue. This new claim is most likely another fabrication...Lon


The 'dead' rising from the grave in Iowa

Bones and caskets popping up eveywhere!

That which is buried six-feet-under, should probably remain six-feet-under.

So when one Iowa woman visited her relatives in Lehigh's Oak Grove Cemetery only to find herself stepping onto the set of a horror film -- complete with exposed bones and jutted out caskets -- she felt nothing short of disturbed.

"To me it's just the lowest form of disrespect," Karen Long-Fladeboe, told Des Moines' KCCI-8.

The graveyard's resemblance to "Night Of The Living Dead" is now of public interest, but caretakers have actually known about the erosion problem for at least two years.

In 2009, heavy rains washed away the wall supporting part of the cemetery, leaving misplaced gravestones, bones, and coffins littered along the property.

"The whole hillside just dropped into the ravine, and there's nothing nobody can do about it," Phil Burgland, a township trustee, told local ABC affiliate WOI-DT. "The whole hillside just slid."

Burgland says that he and the other trustees "don't want a situation like this," but the protocol for moving the deceased isn't exactly cut and dry. Any relocating of a gravesite requires "cause of death, date of death, and next of kin," according to Burgland. With the cemetery in shambles and many of the headstones worn over the course of a century, finding that information is almost like catching a ghost. - THP


Two Large Disks seen at I-95 Crash

Unedited - Connecticut: On Sunday evening, October 9, 2011 at approx 7:25 pm near exit 73 (Niantic/Flanders) all cars on I-95 south came to a complete halt. As usual, this automobile back up was a few miles long and no cars or trucks could move. It was a complete standstill.

My wife and I had just completed a wonderful dinner in the quaint town of Mystic and began our trip home to Hartford. I recall telling my wife, this evening had been one of the most beautiful crystal clear blue skies I had ever seen. There were no clouds present. It seemed the sky had two or three beautiful hues of blue. It was very breath taking indeed. Because the weather was so warm and pleasant, I opened the moon roof on the car to feel the night air as we drove home.

A sighting of One Object in the distance on I-95

As we were heading south on I-95 and passing exit 74 or 75, I noticed to my right off in a distance, a stationary object. This object was a couple of hundred feet in the air and had blinking lights (approximately 4 or 5 lights). As we were traveling at 55 to 65 mph and the road began to turn away from the direction of the object, I let go the image to maintain focus on the road ahead. I thought to myself, what was that object? Was it a large flat rounded helicopter with four / five lights blinking? Was it a large flat round floating balloon with four / five flashing lights? Was it a large water tower with five blinking lights? If a water tower, where were the tower legs? I had to put it out of my mind to watch the road and focus on the fast moving traffic.

A sighting of Two Objects near – I-95

A mile or two down the road, we came to a complete stop on I-95. We were now near exit 73. All I could see in front of me was a long line of red backup lights. In my rear view mirror all I saw see were white headlights.

I could not believe it, here it is one of the most beautiful evenings I have had and yet here I sit in a parking lot on I-95. As we sat there in standstill traffic, I decided to look up through the moon roof over my right hand shoulder to view the sky. What I saw next, gave me first a double take, then a shock.

The object, I had just seen a few miles back was here - “hovering”. What I saw was a large flat, rounded disk (see object 1 below) with 5 lights, blinking on and off. These lights seemed to blink in a reticulating fashion.

This object was approximately 400 to 500 feet above the ground and about 200 feet from the road.

Just then, I had another shock; there was more than one object! This second object (see object 2 below) was moving slightly next to this first object (object 1).

Object 2 was at a slightly lower altitude (possibly 50 feet below object 1). These two objects also appeared to be within 100 feet of each other.

Both objects were exactly the same shape, had the same number of lights, same color and all 5 of the lights visible were blinking. It seems one craft lights blinked in the reticulating fashion and the other objects lights just came on and off.

As I focused on this second object, I realized, it was moving very slowly towards –I-95 (us and the two / three cars behind us). I remember stating out-loud, “Oh Jesus”. (Comment: My wife, being a strong Christian, I assume was insulted and ignored my comment. I am sure she was concerned I said this. She also does not believe in this phenomenon and I did not bring this to her attention.)

I was in shock, as I have never seen a disk in person before let alone two objects at one time. I also knew we were in a position of vulnerability. We were unable to move until the traffic could move. I felt a little panic knowing this.

I also wondered, were we being watched by these two floating objects? Were these objects observing the cars and trucks in this backup?

I then thought for a split second, there could possibly be a third object? but could not verify that assumption. I had a strong feeling, that there was a third object but could not get a good look at it. I just “sensed it” another presence.

As the cars began to move, I was glad we could leave the area. I forced myself to brush off what I just witnessed as a not so happy observation. As I traveled down the road, I had the inclination to look one more time in my rear view mirror. Sure enough, there it was in the rear view mirror where we left it. I could still see one stationary object with its lights blinking on and off near the highway.

In retrospect, I now realize, two things: 1) when I saw the first object from a distance (a few miles away before the back up), the second object “object 2” must have been behind the other, or just showed up after we all came to a complete stop. 2) If I had not had my moon roof open and looked up when I chose to do so, I would have never seen these two objects. The angle of these objects was above and to the right of my roof. Meaning, it would have been impossible for me to see these objects. The only way I would have seen these in the back up is if I was 20 or 30 cars back and was looking up to the sky in the direction of the right hand side of the highway.

I know people saw this. I am sure they wish, they had not.

Description of Two Objects

These objects were disk shaped. Both had 5 lights along the rim. This tells me, the craft had more than five lights perhaps 15 to twenty around the entire circumference of the craft. The objects where two half’s of an inverted bowl.

Each craft had to be 2 to 3 inches in length from at arms length. According to my calculations this would make them approximately 80 feet long. The height of the craft would be ¼ to 1/5th of its length. This calculation assumes the objects were 200 feet from the road (us) and 500 feet in the air. Estimated distance to objects from my location would be approximately 538 feet.

The lights blinked on and off each second or less. One object lights seemed to reticulate in a sequence.

Though the sky was now dark, the lights from these objects and headlights from the backup traffic seemed to show the exterior color of these objects were “silver”. In other words, I knew they were not black or some other color. More silver / light gray like coloring.

Report to the Police

Given this was a major accident that occurred on I-95, and not knowing how the accident occurred. I thought the police might like to know what I saw. I first contemplated their reaction. Would they think me a NUT doing so? However, I rationalized after a day or two, if I saw this while driving and focused on these objects, I may have had an accident. The cars had been moving fast, the road bends and any amount of time eyes being off the road to view an unusual sight could cause a car accident.

I first contacted the dispatch officer at East Lyme a few days after this sighting. The dispatch officer heard my story and referred me to the investigating officer of the I-95 crash at Montville. I shared the story again this time via phone voice mail to this officer. A week later, not hearing back from the officer, I decided to follow up by email to the head officer of the police station. I inquired, if they knew anything and to please share what they had heard so I could report this event to Mufon.

To-date, I have not been contacted. Does the police know something? Did others report this same event? I may never know. Perhaps they think, I am a NUT!


I am still in shock, the memory of what I saw that evening I cannot change. What I saw that evening was both awe inspiring and scary at the same time. This was real. It was frightening and interesting all wrapped up in one event.

Someday I hope the government will come clean and share what they know. I was not looking for this - It was present.

I will add, the following day - another witness reported a similar craft to NUFORC near exit 85 (10-10-2011) a week later two witnesses submitted a similar craft near Hartford to MUFON. - MUFON CMS

Connecticut UFO's & Extraterrestrials!: A Look at the Sightings &


Close Encounter with Bigfoot

Unedited: This is a story told to me by a good friend that i go to church with,I 100 percent know this is a true story.

I'll do my best to tell it best i can but as you read it, it will become clear why some of the facts are hard to find and get to.

I have spoken to my friend a few times about this at great length and the event is totally amazing to say the least.

This took place in the 1980's (best i know) in and around the Hutch & Colmar area of bell county Kentucky. This area has had many Bigfoot encounters/stories over the last 50 years.

Well as the story goes several teenage boys were doing their normal thing for around here,teaming up and going 4 wheeler riding on the old strip mine roads and logging road. This is a normal thing around here and a fun thing to do on weekends.

Some of the 4 wheelers had 2 boys per 4 wheeler..in total there were around 5-8 people in this riding party,maybe a few more or less. Well, as they are going up on of the strip mine roads they see what they at first think is a big stump on a ridge but as they get closer the stump is moving. The road they were on went towards this big thing, as they got closer it starting coming toward them and of course they hit the gas on the 4 wheelers and tried to hurry past the massive creature.

At this point the Bigfoot really starts chasing the four wheelers,the bigfoot cuts down the ridge to try and cut the boys off, the first few riders make it past the area where the bigfoot is coming to, but my friends brother who is on the back of a four wheeler with two people on it are at the end of the riding group line, well this bigfoot makes its to the cut off point at almost the same times as the last four wheeler with the 2 boys on it.

The bigfoot makes a grab for the boy on the back of the four wheeler,this is my friends brother,it either grabs him slightly or the four wheeler (not sure on this but one or the other) and almost rippes him off the four wheeler,but due to the speed they rip loose from the bigfoot.

Of course these boy are scared almost to death about this and now all these years later it is very hard to get them to even speak about it.I talked to my friend about maybe getting his brother to tell me even more details but he said he can't hardly talk about it without breaking down and crying as it was so terrorifing.

The other boys are also like this,they can't talk in great detail as it really bothers them to this day.
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