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Monday, October 31, 2011

C'mon Nebraska MUFON....Check This Out!

NOTE: noticed the square shape of the flattened grass between the toys and stakes

Case Number: 33002
Log Number: US-10312011-0024
Submitted Date: 2011-10-31 13:25 GMT
Event Date: 2011-10-29 00:00 GMT
Status: Submitted
City: Craig
Region: Nebraska
Country: US
Longitude: -96.3639108
Latitude: 41.7855467
Shape: Unknown
Distance: Unknown
Description: (unedited)

My dissatisfaction with MUFON continues. Several months ago I sent my caseworker images of the strange marks on my back. I got no response whatsoever. But I'm going to report this anyway for the other people in the area that are seeing and reporting the strange goings ons. MUFON may not be interested in getting to the bottom of this, but I am. My documentation will continue as long as the activity continues. I go outside almost every night and sightings have been continued to be consistent. Including paranormal activity that has started happening in the house since the beginning of October, and many unexplained power outages/fluctuations. Myself and three witnesses (my sister and our mutual friends, Melissa and Renee) were sitting in the kitchen one night when my sister and I noticed what we thought was smoke under the table. We just kind of brushed it off until a few minutes later when my friend, Melissa, who was sitting next to me, and I noticed something at the same time that alarmed us to the point where we were screaming about it. Across the table from us sat Renee. Behind Renee we saw what looked like a smoke/mist and it seemed to be manifesting from nothing and then it began to swirl in a spiral... The only way I can describe it is that it looked like some sort of portal opening up. Like something you'd see in a movie. It was only there for a few seconds and then it was gone. It was enough to frighten my friend into leaving as she is extremely religious and sees these type of events as evil & not to be messed with. That's when things inside the house started getting weird. Not just at my house, but my sister said she'd been experiencing strange things inside her apartment as well. Lights turning off and on at will. The two basement doors (which are locked at all times) were found wide open on more than one occasion. Tapping on the windows when no one is outside. Doorknobs jiggling and turning. Objects going missing for days only to reappear in the very spot they were left. Other objects being moved around in the house all by themselves. Banging and thuds heard within the house... Strange voices being heard. It goes on. It can only be described as a haunting, but I can't help but feel that this is connected to the UFO activity. This report is primarily for the landing site I discovered in my yard. I am willing to let investigator's come down here and take a look at the site, but I recommend that they do it as soon as possible before the site gets too disturbed by weather and animals. I have gathered grass and soil samples and am willing to let investigator's borrow these samples and/or take some of their own. I'm incredibly alarmed by this, and had a very difficult time sleeping last night. I have created two videos, which I've uploaded to my youtube channel which pretty much explains it all. I've also taken about a dozen pictures, which are in the videos, but they can be sent separately. Here are the links: [Links moved to Field Investigator section/cms/tg] I think the second video shows it much better. For others in the area that are seeing/experiencing the same & would like to discuss what's happening with someone who isn't a part of MUFON, you can get in touch with me through my youtube channel. Just drop me a message! I would love to hear and compair stories! [cms note: YouTube channels are not advertised on our CMS system/tg]

NOTE: I found the videos with a little searching: Video 1 and Video 2. I contacted the witness in an attempt to find out more. Hopefully, Nebraska MUFON will take some time out of their BUSY schedule to investigate this case. If anyone else in the area of Craig, Nebraska has noticed anything unusual, feel free to contact me...Lon

UPDATE - The witness posted the following: Location of the event... if you look in the corner at the upper right of town where the street curves from Cherry St. to Burt St... my house faces Nebraska St. and just beyond my backyard is the field you see there. I've been noticing a lot of strange greenish-looking 'shooting stars' lately shoot directly at the ground into that field there. I've seen this multiple times and I've never heard or felt any type of crash. The farmers haven't reported anything strange either. There was recently an ABC News report, which I have mirrored on my channel, regarding something similar caught on an airport security camera in Lincoln, NE - others had reported seeing the same thing in Columbus, NE. Both towns are south of me.

I have accounts of missing time. Scoop marks on my back. I started noticing this about a year ago and have done what I can to document it ever since. I've also reported to MUFON several times, and they've made two trips up here. The first trip was for the interview. The second trip was for the field investigation, which I, my Mom, and a friend (all witnesses to the strange events) felt that the investigators didn't take the investigation seriously and were frankly quite rude, which surprised me as they had been very nice during all of our other correspondences. I confronted them in my next report and they tried to assure me that was not the case and that we must have misinterpreted their behavior.

Willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, I continued to report and I sent the assistant state director (who's been my assigned caseworker since the start of it all, despite me requesting a different investigator after the field investigation encounter) several pictures of the scoop marks I'd discovered back in January or February - pictures right after I first discovered them & recent pictures at that time. I got no response. And no follow up investigation, despite having talked to him about possibly undergoing regressive hypnosis.

If things don't go well with MUFON this time around, then this is the end of my line with them. I will find other organizations to report to, because three strikes & you're out. Three strikes & you've lost my trust completely.

I'm frustrated and overwhelmed physically and emotionally over the entire situation. It's not been all negative. I do feel like I've gone through a spiritual transformation, but the not knowing bothers me. All I want are answers and all I've discovered are more questions. I don't know the intentions of these entities and though I'd like to hope for the best and hope that they're here to assist humanity... self-preservation does come to mind.

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