Saturday, October 15, 2011

3rd Mothman / Bat-Like Object Reported Over Chicago

A 3rd report of an unknown bat-like object seen flying over the Chicago has surfaced:

10/14/2011 - unedited: I am currently attending university in Chicago, Illinois and I wanted to respond to the informational flyers about recent events involving the large bat-like creatures. I was enjoying an evening with my girlfriend and taking a well deserved break from my studies. We decided to go out and enjoy the unusually warm weather that we were having and go for a walk. As we walked toward a community park near the campus, we were talking about our classes when a commotion amongst a group of people caught our attention. As we looked toward the group of about 4-5 people, something caught my eye and I looked up to see this thing fly overhead.

It looked like a man; it looked like a man with wings! He flew about 10-12 feet above us and was perfectly silhouetted against the evening sky. In all honesty, it looked like an immensely oversized Sugar Glider, the kind I would see back home in Tasmania . It had the rough shape of a sugar glider, but its eyes were nothing like the soft eyes of a glider. They glowed red! We saw it for about 4 seconds before it disappeared from view. At first I thought I saw a man in a hang glider, but it was those bloody eyes that made me thing otherwise!

I at first thought of ringing someone, but I didn’t want them to think I had gone crazy. To say that I was Gobsmacked would have been an understatement -

Image of bat-like object witnessed on 8/22/2011

Link to previous sightings - Photo: 2nd Mothman / Bat-Like Object Witnessed Over Chicago

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  1. These reminded me of a similar sighting my friend had. I was with him at the time but I did not see the creature.

    We had just gotten out from seeing a movie at the Loews Theater in downtown Chicago. We were walking to the train station when the sighting occurred and it was probably close to midnight or slightly after.

    My friend suddenly and rather roughly grabbed my arm, shouted "Look! What is that?" and pointed upwards. It startled me and my first reaction was to look AROUND us, not directly upwards. This caused me to miss whatever it was he saw.

    He described it as a gargoyle like creature that first appeared as a huge looming shadow on one roof top before spreading it's wings and leaping across the road onto the adjacent rooftop. He said the wings had a transparency like bat wings and that it was huge. That was all he saw of it but it left him very obviously shaken.

    We went directly home. He didn't feel well after the sighting and seemed to be ill at ease for many days after.

    This was a few years ago... Perhaps 2006. I can't say for certain as I don't really remember the details of what we'd seen at the theater that night.


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