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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Similar UFO / Reptilian Encounters - Starke County, Indiana

Among the many emails I receive daily was a short reference to a close encounter in Indiana:

I had a weird encounter in November 1988. My ex-wife and I were near Bass Lake, Indiana at night and saw some type of craft with many colored lights land nearby. We moved towards it where it was close enough to get a decent look. It was shaped like a triangle with the pointed end at the bottom. It hovered just above the ground flashing and glowing different colors. Not long later a door opened on the side and a ramp came out. We started to get out of there when we noticed a weird looking thing coming down the ramp. It was shaped like a man but looked like a lizard with huge feet. It stopped moving and look over in our direction. We got out of there. I returned to the spot two days later and didn't notice anything. I did experience very bad headaches and body aches for a few days though. What do you think we encountered?

There was no name or contact information. I replied by email but have not yet received a confirmation.

Today, I was looking at recent UFO sightings in Ohio, Illinois and Indiana and came across a report from 11/8/1988 that was eerily similar to the email I received. The link was from the humanoid sighting reports compiled by Albert Rosales.

Location. Knox Indiana
Date: November 8 1988
Time: late night
The 12-year old witness had gotten up to get a drink of water when a flash of multicolored light attracted his attention to the yard. He turned the lights on and walked over to the large picture window in the living room. Looking out he saw a large diamond-shaped object resting on the lawn. It had flashing multi colored lights around its edge and appeared to be made out of a copper like metal. An escalator like device now appeared from the object's left rear edge and slid down to the ground. A small humanoid now appeared and walked down the escalator and disappeared behind the object. Moments later the being re-appeared and began walking towards the house. The humanoid was described as 5-foot 3 inches tall with normal arms with what appeared to be claws and strange "double feet." The being wore a belt and a buckle and appeared to have some type of symbols across its chest. It had a large nose, large square mouth, and huge dark brown eyes. The skin was lizard like green with scales and wrinkled. The witness became frightened as the being approached, suddenly the neighbor's dog began barking, and the being stopped turned its head around and looked directly at the witness. The next thing the witness remembered was seeing the object lift off silently and disappear into the sky. Ground traces were reportedly found the next day.

HC addition # 727
Source: Michael J Rigg, Mufon Journal # 262
Type: B?

NOTE: Both sightings were in November 1988 and approximately 8-10 miles apart. As well, the descriptions of the craft and beings were similar. I'd say that this is more than a coincidence. If anyone has information on a sighting in the same general area (Starke County and/or northwest Indiana) please forward it to me....Lon

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