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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just the Facts? - Grave Warning for Humanity and Gabe Valdez Said Military To Blame For Mutilations

Russian Scientists Decode Extraterrestrials’ Messages – Grave Warning for Humanity

The Earth is in the final stages in a cycle of development of human consciousness and the organic world. A critical decrease in the Earth’s magnetic field will cause global cataclysmic events. Extraterrestrial civilizations (ETC) have offered humanity the only avenue for escape on the eve of these predicted global cataclysms. This is the claim of two Russian scientists Victoria Popova, Dr. Sc., Ph.D., and Lidia Andrianova Ph.D. They have authored over two hundred publications and nineteen patents. www.ourtransition.info and series of 15 video on youtube: 2012. Our Transition.

During fifteen years of research they discovered two keys – analog and digital – for decoding crop circles and others extraterrestrials’ pictograms in stone. Among them are Stonehenge and Avebury stone circles in the UK, Machu Picchu, Chavin de Huantar and the Nazca Lines in Peru, the pyramid of Chichen-Itza and the pyramids of the moon and the sun in Mexico and the Moai of Easter Island and others. All extraterrestrials’ pictograms in stone transmit preliminary information about the development of consciousness. Crop circles transfer the emergency information and instructions for salvation. Unfortunately, there are many hoaxes that can ruin our future.

After decoding many hundreds of pictograms scattered all over the world the Russian scientists composed a dictionary of over two hundred and fifty symbols. ETC predict three preliminary catastrophes followed by global cataclysms, say the scientists, of a magnitude beyond anything experienced in living memory. There will be a short time period between all these events.

ETC warn that civilization has to be pre-informed about the scenario of global cataclysms beginning event. Not informed civilization has no chance to make the Transition in time and to prolong life. First pre-cataclysm will be related with interruption of global system of communication – phone, Internet. Pre-informed civilization will avoid shock and chaos of super-powerful disaster and has a chance to make the Transition in time.

The first of these pre-cataclysms is imminent – an extraordinary event which surpasses all natural powers known by humanity. The scientists claim a catastrophic seismic event will emanate from the west coast of Peru in the area of the Brazilian Magnetic Anomaly at the intersection of the Humboldt and the El Ni?o currents in the Pacific Ocean. An area of the United States from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes will be inundated as a result of a tsunami. According to prophecy of Edgar Cayce – famous American prophet – during several minutes the waters of the Mexican Golf will joint with Great Lakes.

This catastrophe will have a devastating impact on the whole central and south Pacific region, with the likelihood of mega-tsunamis hitting the Eastern seaboard of New Zealand and Australia. The tsunami may even affect the north-western coast of Africa and the shores of Western Europe, but the brunt of the cataclysm will focus on Eastern coast of North America.

The second and the third pre-cataclysms will be much stronger. Scientists emphasize that this is a natural cycle of the planet. Part of this process is the development of human consciousness to a point where humanity will have a ‘window of opportunity’ to make the transition to a higher plane of existence. They explain that this point in history can be seen as a kind graduation for humanity to a higher and more subtle level of experience, a type of metamorphosis for humanity connected with ascension. According to Dr. Popova and Dr. Andrianova, nobody can be saved individually, as the transition can be made only through the synchronous unification of human consciousness.

The time for humans to escape the devastation through the unification of consciousness will be shortly after the first pre-cataclysm. After second pre-catastrophe humanity will have no chance to prolong life because number of remained people will be not enough to start up the mechanism of the transition. In the future humanity will join a galactic community of evolved extra-terrestrial civilizations, linked through consciousness. - ourtransition


Gabe Valdez Said Military Responsible for Cattle Mutilations

Gabe Valdez was a former New Mexico state patrol officer in the Dulce, New Mexico area. During his tenure, beginning in the 1970's, he was tasked with investigating mysterious cattle mutilations. The area suffered many cases of cattle found mutilated without blood, organs that appeared carefully removed and cuts in the skin that were so precise they were believed to be made by lasers. After years of research Valdez concluded that a clandestine government agency was responsible and that they used secret underground bases in the Dulce area for their experiments.

I have investigated a cattle mutilation case myself, just down the road from Dulce over the Colorado border, outside the town of Trinidad. Like many other cases, a cow was found with the udder missing, patches of skin removed, the anus cored out, genitals removed and part of the tongue missing. The animal was found at the bottom of a wash, and unlike a typical predator kill, there was no indication of a struggle or massive blood loss. The rancher had been raising cattle his whole life, and had seen many animal deaths, but could not explain why this animal had died. In fact, because he had a UFO sighting just days before, he suspected that the culprits could be extraterrestrial. - Go to New Mexico Cop Says Military Responsible for Cattle Mutilations


Killer Ravens

High in the darkening sky, a flock of enormous ravens swoop and swirl - narrow black wings stretched wide, heads protruding forward and huge hairy beaks scything through the air.

Every few minutes they let out deep, throaty, honking calls as they soar effortlessly, circling around until, finally, they spot their prey and swoop.

But forget dormice, voles or even small furry rabbits; these sinister looking birds are feasting on something far larger - newborn lambs.

And instead of hanging around for a few discarded bones or a forgotten carcass to pick and claw at, they've started killing live farm animals - by pecking them to death, in horrific scenes reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier's The Birds, turned by Alfred Hitchcock into one of the most chilling movies of all time.

Throughout Britain, traumatised farmers have reported a sudden and disturbing rise in the number of livestock being attacked by ravens.

Farmer John Kirk, 50, from Nethybridge, near Aviemore, has lost more than 40 animals in the past few weeks.

"It's like something out of a horror film. They are horrible, horrible birds. They see the young lambs and just fly down and help themselves," he said.

"Sometimes you find a carcass with the eyes and tongue pecked out, but sometimes all you find is the skin. They peck away until nothing is left." And while some animals have been pecked to death, others have been left to die in agony after birds have feasted on their eyes, tongues and the soft flesh of their underbellies.

The worst-hit areas are in Scotland and Wales, but there are also reports of random attacks across the South-West and the Lake District.

The Scottish Isle of Mull has been badly hit, with one farmer losing 20 lambs in a fortnight.

Another, Robert Millar from High Catterdale, Kintyre, said: "We've had 12 to 15 lambs attacked. It's got to the stage where you have to lamb indoors, or you don't stand a chance."

And Jimmy Mills, a farmer from Stratherrick, south of Inverness, has lost seven lambs in just three days: "The lambs are born at 1pm and by four o'clock they've been taken to bits by the ravens," he says.

According to Johnny Hall, of the National Farmers Union of Scotland, it's no longer just lambs: "Raven attacks have become a huge problem across a wide area of the country.

"We have substantial evidence of them attacking adult sheep and calves, too. The attacks are so horrific that it's causing mental suffering to people who find the animals."

The worst thing is, there's not much the farmers can do about it. Ravens are protected by law, so farmers can't shoot them as they would other vermin.

They can be killed on special licence - due to a condition in the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 - but only if the Government deems it appropriate.

But farmers say the system is designed for the "odd rogue bird", not the huge swirling flocks of recent months, and are demanding the law is changed.

The question is, why have ravens suddenly started to attack livestock?

Experts cannot give a definitive explanation, but some believe it is simply the pressure on food resources caused by the dramatically increasing raven population.

In parts of Britain (Scotland, in particular) experts believe numbers have increased five-fold since the late Nineties, and according to the RSPB there are up to 6,000 breeding pairs in Scotland - almost half the numbers in Europe.

Davy Thomson, vice-chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association, says it is not breeding birds that cause the problem, but immature birds, scavenging in large packs.

"I've seen several hundred birds roosting together, and all they do is hunt one side of the hill and then move onto their next food source.

"Raven populations have increased massively in the past ten years, and it's an absolute nonsense that we can't control them."

However, according to Dr Andre Farrar, spokesman for the Royal Society For The Protection Of Birds: "Some reports of raven attacks may be exaggerated, but they do kill things.

"They make a speciality out of scavenging and eating carrion. In many cases their prey is already dead, but they're highly capable of killing, so sometimes they'll finish it off themselves.

"But they get an unjustly bad press. Any big, black bird tends to come down from history with a load of negatives attached. So the raven has got a burden of cultural mistrust around it."

Such as its association with death, and its supposed supernatural powers of prediction.

Irish folklore has it that each raven contains three drops of the Devil's blood, and anyone who hunted them would be on the receiving end of the Devil's fury and a lifetime of bad luck.

Its status as a bird of ill omen is confirmed by a cameo appearance in Shakespeare's Macbeth - as the King nears the castle at Inverness, Lady Macbeth utters the ominous words: "The raven himself is hoarse that croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan under my battlements."

Legend has it that if anything happens to the six resident ravens at the Tower of London - attended by a Yeoman Ravenmaster, and treated to a daily feast of raw meat and blood-soaked "bird biscuit" - England will be invaded.

Aside from all the folklore, they're an impressive foe - up to 2ft long and worryingly adaptable: they can survive in Arctic, temperate and desert climates.

Research published last year in the Scientific American also showed the raven to be one of the most intelligent species on the planet - up there with dolphins and apes and, unlike most other birds and animals, capable of learning from their own actions and from observing others' behaviour.

They're thought to be one of the few birds that can count, and some have even learned to fashion leaves into special tools for extracting grubs from crevices in trees.

In Japan, they were reportedly found dropping nuts onto a dual-carriageway, then darting down to eat them once the cars had cracked them open.

Although older ravens (they live up to 25 years) mate for life and travel in pairs, young birds may form flocks of up to several hundred - collective nouns for ravens include an "unkindness", a "conspiracy", and a "murder" - which swoop on farm animals.

They were almost exterminated during the 19th century, but in the past 20 years have made their dramatic comeback, partially because they have been protected.

As Dr Farrar puts it: "A few years ago, you'd hope to see them only in Scotland, or Wales, but now they're popping up in parts of eastern England - they've even been spotted in Bedfordshire."

But he insists it's not all bad. "Ravens are truly spectacular birds, with an amazing display flight - they flip over into a half-roll and back again when they're flying - and have a deep sonorous croaking call. They're stunning to watch."

Which all sounds rather poetic, but must be scant comfort for the farmer rendered helpless as another dark, swirling, unkindness of ravens starts circling in the skies over his lambs. -


Strange sighting in Shanghai and Beijing

A huge illuminant unidentified flying object (UFO) was reported by multiple airliner pilots in the sky above Shanghai, the Oriental Morning Post reported Tuesday.

The pilot of airliner CZ6554 said on his micro blog that a huge spherical illuminant was seen in the sky, 10,700 meters above Shanghai at 9 pm on August 20. “The luminant was really round and getting huger, (looks) hundreds times bigger than the moon and the diameter of the luminant was longer than 50 sea miles,” the pilot said on his micro blog.

The pilot said the aircrew of more than ten other airliners flying above Shanghai also reported the illuminant object, one by one.

The Air Traffic Management Bureau East China also confirmed the reports on Monday.

At almost the same time, a halo in the sky above Beijing was seen by local people.

A netizen named Chen Xu published a photo of the halo on his micro blog.

Chen said the halo was small at first, then expanded, moved north, and disappeared several minutes later.

The UFO reports follow another report from Southwest China's Chongqing municipality three days before August 20. A UFO was seen above the landing route of the city's airport, forcing two planes to land in Guiyang of Guizhou province and Xi'an of Shaanxi province, respectively. - chinadaily


Fireball seen over South Africa...fell in Botswana

A man from Lydenburg and three friends were stunned Friday when they were on a farm near the Botswana border of a fireball through the air shooting and minutes later a loud explosion heard.

At least three other people have seen the same phenomenon from different places.

"It looked like a meteor, and we suspect it fell down somewhere in Botswana . The fireball was orange-red and illuminated the entire landscape and move very fast, "he said. Henk Becker (53) said yesterday.

He and his friends on Friday at about 09:00 on a farm between Alldays and Black Water, about three kilometers from the border of Botswana, was sitting outside when they saw the fireball.

This according to him was "as fast as a shooting star" in a northerly direction (in the direction of Botswana) and moved out of sight .

"It was quite beautiful. While sailing through the air, it made no sound. "

Between five and seven minutes after the fireball went out of sight, the Becker and his friends heard a "dull thud" .

"At that time the thing had been very far from us, so for us to hear, meant it had been incredibly hard."

A fourth friend of Becker, who was in the house when the fireball became visible, said the inside of the house became illuminated.

"It is very strange that we have read nothing in the media heard about it, because it was very bright and had a very loud bang . Many others had also seen it or heard, "said Becker.

Drs. Claire Flanagan, director of the Johannesburg Planetarium, said the planetarium had indeed received calls from three people from Dullstroom, Auckland Park in Johannesburg and have someone near the top of Tswana-border confirm this phenomenon.

"If people from as far away as that could see it was either a meteor or a piece of space junk that penetrated the atmosphere," said Flanagan said last night.

She had no further details about where the object could possibly land.

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