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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sierra Kills / Bigfoot DNA Leaks Are 'Conjecture and Speculation'

Yesterday, the following was posted at Latest on the Sierra Kills and Bigfoot DNA. Now that the 'cat is somewhat out of the bag' I will state that the samples acquired by JC Johnson and his associates in New Mexico are part of the original Bigfoot DNA study. This was confirmed to me several months ago. I wrote about this last August 2010 (posted below).

There is much more to this scenario but I am not at liberty to reveal anything further at this point. I will state this...much of what has supposedly been leaked and quoted is general conjecture and speculation. There are bits and pieces that may be fact but being presented out of context. The actual participants are under a NDA and have no intentions on dishonoring their agreement...Lon


Hominid 'Harvests' Skunk - Fruitland, NM

Click for video

J.C. Johnson of Crypto Four Corners posts: "A look into the attack on an animal, where mostly the "Skunk Sack" and organs were removed."

The investigation took place in Fruitland, New Mexico area...probably in or very near the Navajo Reservation. This area is very active with a hominid species that appears to be thriving. Please watch the entire video and listen to JC's theory as to why the 'Furry One' killed the skunk. Fascinating video. Here is a link to the previous post - New Mexico 'Furry Ones', 'Skin-Walkers' and 'Shadow Man'...Lon