Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just the Facts? - Balloon Boy UFO Sold, Alien Ice Block and Monkey Problems

Balloon boy 'flying saucer' sells for $2,500

Richard Heene's "flying saucer" didn't fetch the $1 million he had hoped.

The silver helium balloon grabbed the world's attention in October 2009 because authorities were led to believe Heene's son, Falcon, was in the homemade contraption when it took flight from their backyard in Fort Collins, Colo.

It was sold this week to an anonymous Colorado bidder for $2,502, the family's lawyer Perry Rausher told The Coloradoan newspaper.

Rausher said the cash will be donated to relief efforts in Japan, minus $60 to pay for the family's auction website fees.

For the balloon boy hoax, Heene pleaded guilty to attempting to influence a public servant and was sentenced to 90 days in jail, and his wife, Mayumi, got 20 days behind bars.

The balloon buyer didn't specify what he intends to do with the contraption.


Mystery 'alien' block of ice found in Milovice forest, Czech Republic

The giant hailstone measures an impressive 2m in diameter, according to the Examiner, and a witness was able to take a video of the spectacle to pop up on YouTube.

This supposed 'alien' ice block was discovered in the Czech Republic (YouTube) This supposed 'alien' ice block was discovered in the Czech Republic (YouTube)

Judging by the shakiness of the film, the witness presumably believes it really could be some form of UFO, a view seemingly supported by the news provider, which received a tip-off about it from the UFO Global Reporting Center.

The as-yet-unidentified block of ice seems to be lying in the middle of a dirt track or pathway in the forest and it has horizontal and vertical lines scratched into it - making it resemble somewhat of an igloo.

Perhaps the biggest mystery, aside from where it hails from, is that there are no signs of ice or snow elsewhere in the forest, which some would probably say gives credence to the idea it really did come from outer space.

Just last month, a video posted on YouTube appeared to show an unidentified flying object high up in the sky above London.

A person near the BBC building in west London filmed the phenomenon and posted the video on YouTube, claiming it showed an alien mother ship and its fleet circling over the capital. - metro


Odd sighting - Lyndhurst, Virginia

Until Jan of 2011 we lived in Lyndhurst, Va. Around Mar of 2010 (I do not remember the exact date)I was on my front porch and looking eastward (Clear weather, no light pollution there) I and my wife saw this bright glow that remained stationery for about 35 minutes. Around 20 min into this, the glow flickered for a moment, almost appeared as dim blue, then went to bright whitish again. So I managed to grab the closest camera, a kodak c-310 model, had to quickly install batteries, and managed to grab these 2 photos. I am not much on photography, mostly my wife took family photos and events.

Although I am disabled, I worked as a contract airline refueler and certified contract trainer for several major airlines and also provided military contract services, and am familiar with most military aircraft also. I am comfortable with my knowledge and experience of how objects appear in the night sky. I also have dabbled with backyard astronomy over the years. Even from Lyndhurst I could spot a satellite in orbit with the naked eye on occasion, and the wisp band of the Milky way. Am also famaliar with aircraft routes as viewed from ground.

Well we had other things going on at the time, and this event faded. In Jan of 2011 we had to move to Williamsburg, and just in the last week I found the camera I thought was lost. I uploaded all the photos and discovered these two were still on the card. Now my curiosity is building.

This object or whatever it is did not appear to move in the least bit, seemed positioned with the stars. I do not claim this is a UFO or anything, but it was a fascinating event. These images (1 full shot, 1 zoomed) are all I have. The light faded out, and I waited another hour or so, it never reappeared. Mabye your staff can test these out, and I would greatly appreciate a reply with your opinion of what this may be. I know this was not the Moon, Venus, any aircraft I can identify, or swamp gas.Thank You. - MUFON CMS


A Barrel of Monkeys...'Alien'

A malnourished monkey caused panic among Chinese villagers who mistook him for a creature from outer space. The starving animal had no hair and its skeletal frame convinced locals in Gezhai village, Henan Province, they were being visited by an alien life form.

The creature was first spotted as it munched cucumbers in housewife Mao Xiping's flat. She was so scared of its "alien face" that she called police and told them to arrest it.

It was only later that they worked out that the animal was actually a monkey. Now scientists are examining the skinny creature to see what species it is and where it came from.

Ms Mao said: "At first I thought it was a rabbit, then I was shocked to see it had an alien face. My neighbours agreed it was like nothing we'd seen before. It stopped eating cucumbers when we gave it peaches and now it won't eat anything else."


Monkey bites off baby boy's testicle

A monkey bit off an eight-month-old Chinese boy's right testicle in a zoo in Guizhou Province yesterday and doctors said the damage was beyond repair. The boy's family condemned the indifference of the zoo management after the mishap and demanded compensation.

A park official told the family that injuries from money attacks "are too common and happen all the time." The monkey that broke loose from the cage and was playing with visitors suddenly attacked the boy when the mother was changing his nappy.

"It happened within seconds," said the mother, crying and kneeling in a hospital, begging doctors to save her son. "Please save him. He is too young to suffer all this," the woman screamed and nearly collapsed.

Doctors said the baby was not in danger of death but it seemed the boy would lose his reproductive ability because his testicle had been eaten by the monkey. The zoo agreed to pay 10,000 yuan to cover the boy's hospital bills but it failed to reach a compensation deal with the family. - shanghaidaily


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