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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cattle Ranch Anomalous Lights / Mutilations - Southwest Florida

Received today from field investigator Gary Mansfield: This anomalous light showed up over several weeks at a cattle range location in southwest Florida that I and several others had been investigating a string of cattle mutilations. This object was seen on more than one occasion... whereby we finally had occasion to sink three rounds of 300 Winchester Magnums at it from 300 yards and never found anything afterwards. Previously, six calves suffered neck and hind quarter severance's. No trace of rifle conflict on the object was found around the area of engagement. We couldn't believe we could have missed the object at that distance. I am convinced that this object could be the skin walker.

An enhanced version of the original...what is this?

The number of animal mutilations has increased dramatically in North and South America the past few years. Below I have posted theories on different sides of the issue, be it UFOs, aliens, military, government, chupacabras, natural predators, disease, etc...Lon

Dead Cows I've Known: A Fresh Look At Cattle Mutilation Theory


Florida officially joined the ranks of the cattle mutilation mystery when, on March 28, 1997, the State of Florida formed a task force to investigate the macabre wounds that have been left on the carcasses of more than 20 head of cattle in the central part of the state. According to Florida Today, a Brevard county newspaper, Brevard, Seminole, Lake and St. Lucie counties have all been hit with cattle mutilations since July, 1996. None of the usual suspects, writer Billy Cox of Florida Today states - UFOs, satanic cults and unmarked black helicopters - have ever been apprehended.

A $1,000 reward, offered by the Florida Cattlemen's Association for the arrest and conviction of the killers, remains unclaimed. A sheriff who has been investigating similar events in Colorado since the 1970s said, "I'll be on the first jet down" as soon as an arrest is made. The April issue of The Florida Cattleman magazine warned ranchers not to handle mutilated cattle because "unknown persons have been poisoning (them)." That theory is offered somewhat lamely in order to avoid jeopardizing the investigation, according to the newspaper. Continue reading at Florida Cattle Under Attack


Animal mutilations became widespread throughout the American West during the 1970s, especially in Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. They also occurred in such eastern states as Pennsylvania and Florida. But the phenomenon was global, reaching Canada, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Brazil, parts of Europe, the Canary Islands, and Australia.

As mutilations became common, cases arose which defied simple explanations. Frequently, the anal area of the animal was bored out and the reproductive organs removed. The cuts seemed to be precise, very smooth, and in a few cases, a near perfect circle of hide was removed from the belly. Often the eyes, tongue, ears, and reproductive organs were missing. Usually there were no signs of struggle, nor of blood -- either in the victim's body or anywhere at the site -- and predators often avoided the carcass. Even more strange, there were frequently no tracks around the animal other than its own.

Many mutilations appeared to coincide with sightings of nearby UFOs, as well as mysterious, unmarked, black helicopters.

Beyond question, the phenomenon of mutilated cattle was real. In Minnesota, twenty-two cases of mutilated cattle carcasses were reported between 1970 and 1974. In Iowa, so many reports emerged that U.S. Attorney General Alan Donielson asked the FBI in 1973 to make "an intensive investigation." Between 1973 and 1975, the state of Colorado confirmed more than 130 cattle mutilations.


Mystery Helicopters Add to Animal-Abuse Puzzle

Albertville, Alabama - Animal owners who are finding carcasses with tongues, eyes, ears and hearts missing, have a new mystery for authorities, unlighted helicopters swooping out of the night sky.

Albertville Chief Detective Tommy Cole is among those who in the past five months reported about a dozen cases of dead, mutilated animals-cows, goats and at least one dog.

The animals were found in the pastures with no traces of automobile tracks, footprints or blood, he said.

"On Jan. 9, I went to feed my steers and realized I was one short. The sexual organs and rectum was removed and the blood was gone," Mr. Cole said. All of the killings, including that of a calf found Tuesday, were within about four miles of this northeast Alabama city.

"They take tongues, eyes, ears, hearts. Sometimes, they take blood," Mr. Cole said. He said there are no suspects.

All of the animals have been found within 150 ft of power lines. The Marshall County Sheriff's Dept. received reports Tuesday night that one or more helicopters were flying at night over pastures near Albertville. The department pilot, Jim Pickett, said he and deputy Bob Norwood went up in the county helicopter but never located another one. "We kept getting reports of a helicopter flying at tree-top level with no lights on," he said.

During the search for an unlighted helicopter, shots were fired from the ground at the sheriff's helicopter. No one was hurt. Deputy Norwood said a car signaled the department helicopter by flashing lights on and off. The helicopter flew close enough to the car to see that it was parked under power lines.

"People were trying to lure us into high tension wires. I don't think it was purposely for us," he said.

Doug Segers said he saw a helicopter forcing his 42 cattle into a corner in his pasture. He said he felt the wind and heard the engine."The copter was behind my barn with a spotlight. Of course, I had a 30-30 rifle over my shoulder. They saw me run to my truck." he said. "The cows were scared to death. One cow is real gentle and we couldn't even get around her."

Some farmers are using spotlights and patroling their land, he said. John Strawn said he has seen helicopters land in pastures at night. He said he has 30 head of cattle, an investment of about $12,000. Mr. Strawn has organized farmers and said the group has been able to identify three turbine helicopters, one light blue and white with an orange sun, one dark blue and the other black.

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NOTE: Scott Corrales of Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology offers extensive up-to-date coverage of animal mutilation occurrences throughout South America.



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