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Thursday, May 05, 2011

St. Clair Shores, Michigan: USO, UFO and Alien Entity Encounters

After reading the following UFO/USO report in the MUFON CMS this morning I decided to look back at previous activity in the same general vicinity:

MUFON CMS - St. Clair Shores, Michigan - 12/1996 - unedited: This event I've never been able to explain. Witnessed by a friend at the time as well, so I know it wasn't imagined. It had to of been 96' or 97' at the time. St Clair Shores had just finished it's annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the 11 mile and Jefferson Library. On our way home the three of us (me, my mom and my friend) stopped at a party store which no longer runs on the corner of 13 mile and Jefferson. As my mom went into the store my buddy and I waited in the car and were amazed by what we saw. As we were looking out the window in the east/south/east direction over the lake we noticed a light high in the sky was descending from further south over the lake to north lining up with the direction 13 mile points into the lake. It stayed about the same distance from the shore which I'd have to estimate at about a statue mile but still relatively high at roughly a couple thousand feet until it lined up pretty much exactly with 13 mile and went into a straight downward descent at a mile offshore. As it neared the horizon and water level out there on the lake it slowed drastically and orange and green sequencing illuminations were present. The shape appeared to be saucer on the bottom with larger dome on the top. It entered the water very slowly as we had 10-15 seconds of viewing the lights and the craft to get totally freaked out as it disappeared underwater still somewhat illuminating the water from below far offshore. We said nothing to each other the whole time, then my mother returned to the car, and as we said nothing and craned our necks to watch for anything else she drove off. My mother proceeded to drop my friend off without us saying anything.At the time there was no houses left of the house with the big anchor at the end of 13 mile so the viewing was uninhibited.


The following MUFON CMS report was filed on 8/28/2010:

MUFON CMS Report - Clair Shores, Michigan - 1979 (unedited): This is the encounter my mother had back in 1979/1980 in St. Claire Shores Mich at the playground/ballfield by Talbot st.& New York st. It was 7:00pm maybe 8:00pm, August or Sept, she was 45 yrs old & I was 10 yrs old or so, and my sister was 16yrs old. my mother just recalled this past incident about 4 or 5 months ago,and told my sister the story, who then informed me of it this past July. It began that evening, my mother took our dog Rocky out for a walk, she is never gone more than hour or so, but that all changed during this walk. After an hour I began to worry, I must have told my sister because she clearly remembers me being alarmed.

Here is the story my mother conveyed: While I was walking Rocky across the park/ballfield I noticed odd lights all different colors flashing on the ground,I thought It was strange that utility workers would be working at this time in the late evening. Next I saw several who I thought were small children all around me. They didn't look like normal kids though and then they began to talk to me,not through their mouths,but through their minds. I heard them clearly in my mind. The beings said why don't you come with us, and I said to where,and one of said to our craft right over there. I said no i'm busy why should I go with you, and they responded because we want to help you.Then another being asked me what is that next to you? before I could answer one other being said that's her pet. Then one of them said again come with us we want to help you, I told them if you want to help me you should go to Washington. What is Washington? one of them said. After that exchange my mother says she remembers very little.A note to the reader, I had an encounter in my yard when I was 7 or 8 years of age. a craft was hovering over our front yard and I saw 3 beings staring down upon me from inside the craft, which was about 60 or 70 ft above me. Also my sister saw a UFO hovering near her while she was on her bike, she was 10 or 11 at the time, and it occurred at Talbot st and New York st also. Our house is only 5 or 6 houses from New York st. Today the house is still there, but nobody resides there yet. By the way my childhood friend & his family always told me & others that our house was haunted,because they saw bluish glowing or bluish orbs over our rooftop more than once back in the late 70's.


The following reports are subsequent sightings in the St. Clair Shores, MI area:

St. Clair Shores, Michigan, USA; September 8, 2009

Name: Thomas

Date of Sighting (and time if known): Sept 8 2009

Location of Sighting: St. Clair Shores Mi USA On little mack next to Gaffke St.

Shape(s) of UFO(s) (If Known): Fast bright lights not winged planes. Round

Color(s) of UFO(s) (If Known): Both were just big white lights no other lights or strobes.

Number of UFO(s) (If Known): 2

Distance of UFO(s) in sky (If Known): About 3500 feet, just above the clouds.

Direction of Travel for UFO(s) (If Known): East north East. Towards Canada and Lake Saint Clair

Other Known Object(s) (For possible reference, or contrast): None only thing is that they flew at the same alt as the clouds.

Further Description of Sighting: There were two Lights that were low alt and very fast with no sound. They were not fighters, they were not sats. One light was flying evenly right behind the other leading towards the east north east. The two lights took less that a minute to fly out of sight. I have never seen any planes fly like that most if not all fighters fly in wings, not one & one behind the other. Dang wish we had a camera! - myufo.com


St Clair Shores, Michigan, USA; July 27, 2007

Name: Kirk

Date: July 27, 2007

Location: St Clair Shores, Michigan

Message: Saw a object at around 9:30 pm. Looked like a shape of a turtle, four bright squares under bottom, as though they were on fire. Four faint flashing lights 2 in front 2 in back. Flying about 600 ft high. Heading from St. Clair Shores east through Roseville. Heading west south. Traveling at a plane cruising speed. No sound what so ever. Never seen anything like it. Neighbor thought it was a parachute with a fire on it till it keep flying. Not sure what it was. - myufo.com


St. Clair Shores UFO Sighting, Blonde Haired Human Like Entities Observed

Posted on October 1, 2010 at 10:27 AM

Case Number: 25608

Log Number: US-09282010-0016

Submitted Date: 2010-09-28 16:34 GMT

Event Date: 1979-02-28 00:00 GMT

Status: Assigned

City: St. Clair Shores

Region: Michigan

Country: US

Longitude: -82.891134

Latitude: 42.4931

Shape: Disc

Vallee Index: CE3

I saw a streak of light in the sky while turning south onto Little Mack Ave. in St. Clair Shores, MI 48081 in 1978 or 1979 (I never could remember the year). I was traveling from east to west as I turned onto Little Mack Ave. It was a Friday. I thought that it was a reflection off the wing of a plain or something, and remember it was just dusk at the time and there was still a sunset to the west. Just ahead, at Matin Rd., I saw it coming closer, so I turned west onto Martin Rd. at the intersection (I could never remember if I had to stop at the traffic light there at all, but I know there is one at that intersection), and then I turned directly left into a church parking lot. The disk like craft came down directly over the church/rectory and hovered about 20 ft. above it. I just couldn't believe it. It was silently rotating with bright lights coming off the bottom ot it. It was disk-like with a very wide band of windows around the middle of the thing. Thinking back now, the wide band of windows must not have been rotating with the rest of the craft. It was very early spring time, and I had some young chilren in the back set of the car. I sat parked and looking up at it right straight out of my front windshield. There were people/beings (?) looking down at me. It looked like some sort of open spaced mess hall inside with them sitting around squarish tables. Two of them then were standing up and came up to the windows, and they just started down at me and the car. Others at the tables then turned their heads as if to notice my car. They had shoulder length light hair.

Their hair styles reminded me of the old page-boy style from years ago. They seemed to have on some sort of jump-suit. I remember thinking that one of them must have been female. I knew they could see me, and it felt really weird to me that they could see me and knew I was there. I can't remember if I'd turned my car engine off or if my car was still runnig (I've always wondered about that). I could see right into their craft. It was very brightly lit up inside. I don't remember seeing/hearing any other traffic lights/car noises or anything. It just seemed totally dark out, and there was no noise at all. I remember I had my hands on the steering wheel. Then all of a sudden the craft went right up about aprox. 100 ft. (maybe less), and it veered off to the south-west slowly at first, then it went at lighting speed till it was just a pin prick of light in the sky. I thought that someone else must have seen the thing (no other cars were around at all, no traffic nothing), and I wanted to see where it went. So, I left the parking lot by it's exit onto a side street, whick I took till I got to 11 Mile Rd. But, by then it wasn't visable at all. I turned left (east) onto 11 Mile Rd., and I considered going to the police station there at Jefferson Ave., but thought they'd think I was crazy. I noticed some traffic then. So, I didn't stop at the station, but just turned and contiuned on. I don't know why I just went home, and I didn't think/talk about it at all that night, nor all weekend. Also, I didn't phone or tell anyone about it that night either. The children in the back seat were to young to remember what happened. It's possible it may have taken place early in the spring of 1978. I could never remember the date/year at all, but have tried to often. For some reason I can't, but my best guess is that it was in 1979. I know (I'm positive) it was a Friday near dusk when I saw this. I didn't feel afraid, but there was some mild fear when the two figures were at the window of their craft looking down at my car.

I think I felt this way because I had young children in the back seat of my car with me. I was also in awe that this thing was hovering so close by me over a church/rectory. I didn't have to streach my neck up or back to see it out of my front car windshield at all. It was just like watching something on screen right out of my car windshield. I remember it was totally black out as I watched this thing from the driver's seat of my car. I've wondered about it being totally dark out then, since I could see the sunset when I was turning south onto Little Mack Ave. just a little bit before. I also never took noticed of the time when I got home. The next Tuesday, on the car radio I heard that there were sightings of UFO's over northern MI. I've never talked about this with anyone. I'm an educated person with advanced degrees, and I want to remain totally anonymous and not be contacted by anyone. I felt I had to tell MUFON about what I saw and I hope that it may be of some help to you and also others. The above phone # and email address are not mine, but bogus I'm sorry to say. I had to put somethng in those areas so I could submit this to you. - ufoclearinghouse.webs.com