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Monday, May 09, 2011

Fortean / Alternative News: Lunar Light Anomaly, Rome Earthquake Panic and the Starchild Project

Red Light Anomaly Seen Near Moon

MUFON CMS - Arizona - 5/5/2001 - unedited: I enjoy taking photos of the different phases of the moon. I do so on a regular basis, opportunity permitting. I was off on Thursday (05-05-11) and out in the yard w/dog around 20:?? I saw a nice photo op of the Moon sliver 2nd day after new. I went and grabbed my camera (Fuji Finepix S1000fd)and tripod. I shoot in manual mode and as I'm a rookie amateur, I start low with shutter speed and quick check the display and adjust accordingly.

As for the Event, I didn't really see it in full bloom until I transferred the photos to pc. I took a series of about 20 pics. Since I can only send 3 files, I will focus on the first 5 pics taken. The first 2 (#49 & 50, not incl) were overexposed (approx 6 sec. exp). The next two, #51 & 52, are the shots of interest. Both shots are at 1 sec exposure (the Moon shot value is lame as I was warming up, but...). I also include #53 as it taken within the same minute as 51 & 52 but shows nothing but the Moon.

On shot (#51), (set for a 1 sec exposure w/2 sec delay) I noticed a red spot on my screed display of my "moon shot". As I didn't see it with my naked eye, I thought it was probably some "noise" so I refocused and took another shot (same settings)approx. 30 seconds later. This time I noticed 2 red dots (on the review screen) well below the area where I saw the first (in relation to the moon).

I was kinda curious but didn't want to miss the photo op for the moon sliver so continued my shoot.

About an hour later, I uploaded the pics to my pc and took a look. After some magnification, I know what I think I see. Curious as to what you come up with.

One of the suggestions here is to describe how I feel during, after etc.;

I am an avid astronomer who sincerely believes in other intelligent life somewhere out yonder but also believe that if "they" are smart enough they can see us, We won't see them. Gotta stay open minded though.

I hope these pics have enough resolution for you decipher something of value/interest and you have as much fun looking at them as I do.


Morality replaced by insanity in China

A motorist in China allegedly hit a six-year-old girl by accident, and then returned to his car and hit her again, in the latest suspected murder of a hit-and-run victim, state press reports.

Saturday's accident in Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian province, comes after a man was sentenced to death last month in China for fatally stabbing a woman after first hitting her with his car, the Global Times said.

The incidents, which often involve hit-and-run drivers, have led to hand-wringing over the moral standards in the nation, whose citizens have become increasingly brash following 30 years of booming economic growth.

The killing in Fuzhou occurred as numerous witnesses watched in shock. The unnamed driver, seeing he had hit the six-year-old girl, returned to his car and hit her again.

"He drove back, and ran the right front wheel over the girl again," the local Strait Metropolitan Daily quoted witness Chen Yi as saying.

"I was immediately so frightened that I closed my eyes. It was so horrible."

The girl was later pronounced dead at a local hospital, the report said. A police investigation is ongoing.

Last month, 21-year-old music student Yao Jiaxin was sentenced to death in the northern city of Xian after confessing to hitting a woman on a bicycle and then stabbing her to death after he got out of the car.

Yao said he killed her because that "peasant woman would be hard to deal with" in the aftermath of the accident, state press reports said.

Yao's case has sparked a national debate over China's "rich second generation," a group of youths raised during the boom whose morals have been called into question.

In January the son of a senior police official, 23-year-old Li Qiming, was sentenced to six years in prison after a hit-and-run.

In another incident, Tian Houbo, 21, was arrested for hitting a beggar on a roadside in southwest China's Chongqing city in December and then returning to the scene and running over her again with his truck, the Global Times said.

"Since I killed a beggar, I didn't think anyone would pay any attention to her," Tian was quoted as telling the Chongqing Morning Post yesterday.

"I was afraid of future trouble so I chose to kill her." - news.com.au

NOTE: I know the West is crooked as well....but these quick changes in China may eventually lead to uncontrollable corruption and chaos. Kind of sounds like the former China...Lon


Earthquake prediction for Wednesday, May 11, 2011, has Rome in a panic

If tourists find Rome unusually quiet next Wednesday, the reason will probably be that thousands of locals have left town in fear of a devastating earthquake allegedly forecast for that day by a long-dead seismologist.

For months Italian internet sites, blogs and social networks have been debating the work of Raffaele Bendandi, who claimed to have forecast numerous earthquakes and, according to internet rumours, predicted a "big one" in Rome on May 11.

The national television network RAI has run programs aimed at calming rising panic among Romans. The civil protection agency has issued statements reiterating the official scientific view that earthquakes can't be predicted.

Yet many residents of the Eternal City aren't listening.

"I'm going to tell the boss I've got a medical appointment and take the day off," barman Fabio Mengarelli told Reuters. "If I have to die I want to die with my wife and kids, and masses of people will do the same as me."

Chef Tania Cotorobai also said she would be taking a day off in the country. "I don't know if I really believe it but if you look at the internet you see everything and the opposite of everything, and it end up making you nervous," she said.

Memories are still vivid of the 2009 earthquake in L'Aquila, which killed more than 300 people and was also felt in Rome.

On that occasion controversy also swirled around a scientist, Giampaolo Giuliani, who in the preceding days tried to warn the local population of an imminent quake -- though officials say he was wrong about its precise location.

Bendandi, who died in 1979 aged 86, believed earthquakes were the result of the combined movements of the planets, the moon and the sun and were perfectly predictable.

In 1923 he forecast a quake would hit the central Adriatic region of the Marches on January 2 the following year. He was wrong by two days but Italy's main newspaper Corriere della Sera still ran a front page article on "The man who forecasts earthquakes."

Bendandi's fame grew and in 1927 he was awarded a knighthood by Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. During his long career his theories were studied by several prominent foreign astronomers.

However the current panic appears to be due more to fear-mongering in the age of internet than to Bendandi himself.

Paola Lagorio, the president of an association dedicated to Bendandi and which preserves all his manuscripts, says they make no reference to any earthquake around Rome in 2011. - reuters


Samurai Sword-Wielding Bin Laden Hunter Demands Share of U.S. Reward

A samurai sword-wielding American who waged his own personal quest to capture Usama bin Laden demanded Tuesday a share of the official $27 million reward following the terror chief's death.

Gary Faulkner, a construction worker from Greeley, Colo., who came to international attention after being arrested in Pakistan last year, told ABC News he had served the Al Qaeda leader "up on a platter" for U.S. authorities.

"I had a major hand and play in this wonderful thing, getting him out of the mountains and down to the valleys ... Someone had to get him out of there. That's where I came in," he said. "I scared the squirrel out of his hole, he popped his head up and he got capped.

"I'm proud of our boys, I'm very proud of our government ... They were handed this opportunity on a platter from myself."

Bin Laden was killed by U.S. Navy SEALs during a raid on a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan on Sunday.

Faulkner, who was found with a pistol, a samurai sword, night vision goggles and a map when detained by Pakistani authorities last June, said while his quest was not about money, he deserved some compensation.

"It wasn't about me. I wanted to bring him to justice. I'm not greedy, but I sold everything I had and I put my life on the line," he said.

And Faulkner flatly rejected the suggestion that bin Laden had been living in the high-security compound in Pakistan for years.

"He hadn't been living there for no damn six years," Faulkner said. "I absolutely flushed him out."

The State Department said it would not comment on the reward. - foxnews


Lloyd Pye, Starchild Researcher, Talks on 'Beyond the Edge' Radio

Starchild Project researcher Lloyd Pye joined Eric and myself on Sunday, May 8th on BTE. Lloyd detailed the newest DNA analysis on the Starchild skull...essentially proving that it was not a hybrid being but an unknown alien entity. Further testing and confirmation are required in order to present a complete and irrefutable presentation to the scientific community. This will require funding. Lloyd is looking for investors in order to expand project. If you are interested in helping bridge science and reality, please go to LloydPye.com or The Starchild Project.

Join Eric Altman, Lon Strickler and the crew LIVE each Sunday at 10 PM ET as we go
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