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Monday, May 16, 2011

Breaking News: Major UFO Event - Beijing, China

Breaking News: I received the following information from my associate and friend Sunny Williams at Lights in the Texas Sky:

Hundreds of UFOs Witnessed in Beijing, China!

On the evening of May 15, 2011, I received a call from a friend, who is living and working in Beijing, China. She reported to me that she witnessed something which struck her with awe, fear and amazement.

I asked my friend if she would write up a report and send it to me, as I could not find anything in the news, or on the internet about this event.

I received her emailed report, photos and video, then shortly thereafter she emailed me again with another video, also telling me that some of the same object had returned on the evening of May 16, 2011.

As far as I know at this point, this is the only report, photos and video of these events, to come out of China. You are seeing it here first, on LITS!

Beijing Invaded by UFOs - Report

Last night, May 15, 2011, around 8 PM I witnessed an awesome UFO event over the city of Beijing, China. I am an American living and working here and I live on the 4th floor of an apartment complex, in the old embassy district of town. My location is just southeast of Ritan Park, next door to the Silk Market.

I was in my study for an hour or so, had finished an email, logged off and turned out the light to go into another room. As I was walking out I glanced out of the window in my study, which faces north, and saw an unusual light low in the sky. It was perhaps at 10,000 feet (maybe a bit less) and not moving. 

I grabbed a pair of binoculars from another room, to get a better look and immediately knew that this was no conventional craft. It was clearly disc-shaped, was spinning and slightly swaying and flashing red, blue, green, and white. Every minute or so the red color would freeze, and a round red bulb of light would bulge from the middle of the craft and hold for a couple of seconds. Then it would draw back in and continue blinking the other colors.

Within 10 minutes of watching this event, 3 other smaller craft appeared out of nowhere, also flashing the same colors. I would guess the first craft was at least 100 ft. diameter, the smaller ones maybe half that. These craft were much more active and dropped lower than the first.

Then more craft showed up, each flashing a brilliant blue. These were small, perhaps 5 ft. in diameter and very active.

At this point I was beside myself, and started calling coworkers, finally reaching one. He came up to my apartment with his girlfriend and for a good 30 minutes, we all took turns watching with binoculars. By this time there were at least 20 craft in sight and counting.

My friends finally went back home and I continued watching.  I contacted a coworker across town and Northeast of my location. He could not see the ones I was watching (buildings blocking his view) but watched another group to the East of his apartment (which I could not see from my location).

I did my best to video this with my little Panasonic but was only able to capture a few seconds. I just could not seem to keep it in the viewfinder, so I finally gave up.

I decided to go to the 7th floor stairwell, to get a better view. This was about an hour into the sighting. What I saw was mind-blowing! There was a oval-shaped string of flashing blue small lights, streaming from the height of the largest craft, all the way down to the ground and back up. This appeared to be over the Northwestern corner of Ritan Park.

The lights were flashing very fast, were stationary but were also vibrating rapidly. The air in the center of the circle was distorted and vibrating, like a heat wave in the desert. It looked like Christmas lights and almost looked like a hologram. I started looking around to see if this could have been projected from somewhere nearby.

Then one craft drifted out of formation and casually flew about, down to the ground, then back up, and over toward a high rise, then back into line. Then another did the same. This went on for several minutes.

In the meantime, two of the 50 ft. craft were buzzing around this formation, as if herding the small craft and orchestrating their actions. The large craft at this point, had dropped in altitude to about 1000 ft. I looked through my binoculars at this craft, and to my amazement (and horror) saw the the upper atmosphere and beyond was filled with twinkling lights! There were hundreds of them, probably far more.

You have to realize that in Beijing, it is rare to see more than a few stars due to the light pollution (and air pollution), and that is only on perfectly clear nights. These were not stars. And yes, they were moving and zipping about as well.

I have to admit I panicked a little and dashed back to my apartment, made some phone calls, threw a few things in a backpack, and was ready to scamper just in case. Afterwards, maybe 20 minutes had passed, I went back to my study window and watched as these things drifted further northward. The blue lights were gone from view, the higher lights were gone, and only the big craft and 2 smaller ones were in sight. They were approximately 6-7 miles from my location, moving up and down in height at no higher than 1000 feet, occasionally dropping below the tree line and back up.

I walked away for maybe 10 minutes, came back and only the large craft was in sight. Less than a minute later, a white light came up from below the tree line and took position under the big craft. A few seconds after that, a green one. And after that, a bright blue one.

A few minutes went by, then all dropped again below tree height and that was the last I saw of them. The time was 10:15 PM.

Never during this display did I (or my coworker across town) see any military aircraft. We never heard a siren, nor did we see anyone reacting to this event. There is obviously a media blackout concerning this (it's China, so no big  surprise), because there has been nothing on the news, in the papers, or on the net. Nobody I know, other than my two coworkers and their respective girlfriends, saw anything. However, I've only talked to 10 other people about it and there are a few hundred at my workplace, so who knows.

Since Beijing never sleeps and has a population in the millions, I hope someone out there got good footage and can get it out soon. This was huge, way bigger than the Phoenix lights event or anything else I've ever seen or heard about.

For anyone wondering when the invasion will happen, it just has.

For the record, the sky at the time was mostly clear, the temperature was in the low 60's, and there was only a light occasional breeze.

Click for video - 1

Click for video - 2

Click for video - 3


NOTE: All photos and video of this post (the Beijing UFO Event-May 15-16, 2011), are the property of the author and Lights In The Texas Sky.

If anyone should use these photos, videos and/or report, please give credit to Lights In The Texas Sky.

Thank you,
Sunny Williams- SW/LITS




I'm also totally amazed that they came back. This time another coworker watched them. He was so upset that he missed the BIG party on Sunday, so the minute I spotted the bastards I called him.

These things got all the way down to ground level, like they were buzzing something. The bigger ones were a lot more active as well. For awhile, some blue ones were in a slanted H formation (they did this at one point on Sunday also).

If nobody over that way saw these, then they must all have been unconscious! I estimate they (the objects) were just this side of the Olympic Park.

The jet I heard was just an airliner. I never saw it but assume. My coworker on that side of town said airline traffic was coming and going as usual. The air space here is extremely restricted, and I've only ever seen planes go from the northeast (airport), to directly south. Yesterday around 5-ish, I did see what I believe was a fighter or some other small jet hauling ass, flying from east to west and to my north. In other words, cutting across the sky where these things have been doing their thing.

Didn't see any other aircraft during the activity (which I watched from 8:30-9:30). Did not see them after that and was too tired to care right at that moment. Slept only a couple hours on Sunday, fully clothed and with my boots on (so I could hit the ground running in case something happened).

This morning I saw 2 contrails in the sky . One going south, per usual. And one cutting east to west. It's slightly overcast so I don't see anything else out there, but who knows. And you are right, this isn't over. If there isn't some announcement this week, I'd be totally stunned.

Thanks for working on this Sunny and let me know if you discover anything. I'll keep my eyeballs peeled again tonight.

(Name withheld by SW/LITS)

NOTE: I will attempt to post updates if further information becomes available...Lon