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Monday, March 14, 2011

Unexplained Phenomena Before and After Natural Disasters

After the devastating earthquake in Japan, I began to wonder if there was any 'earth light' activity prior and after the event. There has been evidence in the past that unusual lights would appear in the sky before and/or after an earthquake. There were examples of this phenomena in relation to the most recent earthquake in Chile as well as other locations over the years.

I starting looking on the internet and I found a few UFO examples...though, it's hard to say what is being recorded and exactly when. Much of the information is third-hand.

Another phenomena endemic to disasters where there is substantial loss of life is the sighting of entities. I imagine it will only be a matter of time before these start to be reported.

Click for video - UFO over Japan 2 hrs. before earthquake

NOTE: I was told that this was recorded just north of Tokyo

Click for video - UFO flying over tsunami

NOTE: Doesn't seem to be a helicopter or conventional aircraft...though I could be wrong.

Click for video - UFO on CCTV - volcano in Sakurajima, Japan after earthquake

NOTE: UFO seen over the volcano in Sakurajima, Japan

Click for video - 3/11/2011 over Tokyo, Japan

Below are a few examples of strange phenomena associated with disasters:

'More ghosts' after New Zealand earthquake

stuff - The "sheer strength and power" of the September 4 earthquake has more than doubled the number of reported supernatural events in Canterbury, a paranormal investigator says.

Christchurch Paranormal Investigators founder Anton Heyrick said his team had received an "interesting influx" of phone calls and emails after the 7.1-magnitude earthquake, with more than double the usual number of inquiries.

"People are calling us, saying that they had always felt like there was something in the house, but since the earthquake it had become more intense," he said.

Most cases related to strange noises, although one man said he had been attacked by a ghost.

Heyrick said the "sheer strength and power" of the earthquake may have been responsible for the increase in paranormal activity.

The number of old buildings damaged in the earthquake may also have been a factor, he said.

It was well known among investigators that when renovations on old buildings took place, "it tends to wake up dormant spirits, and activity tends to come out of nowhere", he said.

"With the earthquake, it literally smashed walls apart, and knocked down floors and ceilings, so you can imagine the effect that would have had."

The team, which did not charge for its services, had conducted two full investigations, and was planning to do several more.

New Zealand Skeptics chairman Gold said the reports may have been due to "people's minds playing tricks on them in the post-quake environment".

"You may not feel an aftershock, but it will still make things rattle. People's minds fill in the blanks, and they tend to fill in the blanks with fairytales, unfortunately."


Ghosts, Shadows Reported in Wake of Chilean Earthquake

Shadows Heard and Screams Reported in the Early Morning Hours - Ghost Stories Begin to Emerge in Tsunami - Devastated Areas

elmercurio - Shadows cross the Cardenal Raul Silva Henriquez Bridge in Constitucion; Cell phone screens light up suddenly, as if trying to receive phone calls. The moans and tears of children and their mothers resonate throughout the wooded Curanipe camping grounds, where thirty people lost their lives on February 27th.

Situations such as these are being reported by residents of Region de Maule, who claim that they repeat over and over in the early morning hours. “It’s the people who died here. They’re asking to be found and be given a burial,” says Juan Morales Morales, who works nights doing repairs on the Constitución Bridge. Dozens of people died in this area while camping at Isla Orrego, at the mouth of the Maule River.

In the coastal village of Curanipe, half an hour away from Cauquenes, people reportedly hear sounds issuing from the forest where thirty people vanished. “We can hear the cries and weeping of children at unusual hours, and people are greatly distressed by it,” says Magdalena Rodriguez, who owns a nearby business. She lost a sister in the tragedy.

Ricardo Figueroa, a psychiatrist specializing in disasters at the Catholic University Hospital, explains: “When unexpected deaths or states of grief exist, it is normal for people to report experiences that may catalogued, in quotation marks, as supernatural.” He adds: “But this is a normal occurrence that increases during catastrophes.”

Hugo Zepeda, a doctor of Theology and university professor, adds that these events occur “because people are psychologically injured. This has a collective projection that makes the see more or less the same thing.” He adds that if these events continue to occur, they may soon have a “paranormal” meaning.

Translation: Scott Corrales - Inexplicata


Haitian Homeless Haunted at Night by Evil Spirits, Loups-Garoux

FT - The corpse of a young man, bloodied by bullet wounds, lay on Boulevard Truman in the center of Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital, a few hundred yards from a rag-tag camp for the homeless.

Why this man was killed is unknown, but a deeply ingrained belief in the occult can explain some of the sporadic outbreaks of violence among the 690,000 people left on the streets by the earthquake of January 12.

By night, mythical creatures are said to prowl the camps, snatching and murdering children. Many Haitians are convinced that people possessed by evil spirits turn into wolves after dark, a version of the werewolf legend. These loups-garoux, or wolf-men, are thought to be preying on defenseless people sleeping in the open.

“Almost all Haitian families are afraid of this,” said Vladimir Cadet, 29, who is among the homeless. “While they are sleeping in the street, they are living with this reality. There was a woman whose two children were taken by a werewolf. This kind of thing is spreading like wildfire.”

Mr Cadet, an English-speaking university graduate, is convinced of the existence of werewolves. “I have never seen one but I’ve been told by my mother that they exist. When I was a little boy, I was nearly taken.”

This widespread belief in the occult has worsened the ordeal of the homeless. As well as facing the daily burden of finding food and water, many also live with the fear that creatures of the night will abduct their children.

Where Mr Cadet sleeps, people have formed brigades of watchmen who guard against the twin dangers of thieves and werewolves. Anyone suspected of falling into either category is liable to be killed.

About half of Haiti’s 9 million people are thought actively to practice voodoo. Many more share some of these beliefs.

This has had one positive effect in the earthquake’s aftermath. Voodoo holds that human beings never truly die – instead their spirits simply migrate to another dimension of existence.

Consequently, the 150,000 people who were claimed by the natural disaster are thought to live on in a parallel universe, from where they might occasionally contact their relatives in this world.

In a country bereft of comfort, this belief is a rare source of peace for the survivors of its tragedy.


Ghosts of Haiti

This supposed apparition was captured on a news clip of the Haiti earthquake devastation. Granted, it's difficult to see in the still images.

Click for video

After one of the greatest catastrophes in the history of humanity, the earthquake that has taken thousands of lives in Haiti, came this curious news on various television channels. A rescuer from Colombia had a strange experience when he witnessed this apparition.


'Quake Lights' Reported Over Southern California

Above: San Diego, CA

Above: Santiago, Chile prior to major earthquake

weatherspace - San Diego residents are reporting shaking continuing in the area. The shaking, according to the USGS, is likely due to the Easter quake this year which rocked the region.

Twitter is rolling with reports of rainbow cloud over Los Angeles today. Reports are coming in that this looks similar to before both the China and Chile quakes where residents reported and took photos of such events in the sky.

While no one can be sure what it means, people should always be prepared for a major Earthquake in Southern California as it is seismically active.

Click for video

NOTE: this anomaly is the same type of 'earth lights' seen over China and Chile just prior to major earthquakes...Lon


UFOs / 'Tall Humanoids' Reported in Post-Earthquake Chile

Click for video
Santiago, Chile: Daylight video supposedly captured in a CNN broadcast after the earthquake

Click for video
Santiago, Chile: video taken on February 27, 2010, 7:43 pm local time, after the 8.5 degree earthquake

Source: Prensa Escrita.com & Planeta UFO
Date: 03-17-10

Chile: Post-Earthquake UFO Terrified Bus Passengers

inexplicata - In the early hours of March 1, 2010, passengers aboard a bus driving through Iquique were witnesses to a terrifying situation.

A woman's screams wakened all of the passengers, who joined her in looking out the window.

"A vertical cylindrical object appeared on the coast, resembling a fluorescent bulb. At the same time, a top-shaped structure appeared out of the sea, surrounded by lights. Suddenly, they saw a long-armed, humanoid entity standing nearly three meters tall, issuing light and walking toward the highway. This caused panic," said Enrique Silva to Publimetro. Silva is a UFO expert and is researching this case along with retired Chilean Air Force General Ricardo Bermudez.

These were not the only witnesses to the event: other locals saw the same phenomenon. "We are still gathering background information and eyewitness accounts. Some students we interviewed told us that the driver and his assistant took photos of the event, which would represent very valuable material. This is a very interesting and well-documented case. I haven't had anything like it in Chile in at least 20 years," said Silva.

Journalist Juan Andrés Salfate said: "There are two theories to explain the apparitions of UFOs after a catastrophe. The first is that they live among us, underground, and engage in operations to lift off, thus becoming visible. The other is that they live in a state of vigilance, and follow our procedures and reactions."


Sixteen Separate UFO / ONVI Cases Reported On Night Of Chilean Earthquake

inexplicata - The earthquake was followed by a boom in UFO sightings, but sixteen cases occurred on the night of the tragedy alone (some of them accompanied by significant visual material) which have been subjected to study by UFO researchers.

Researcher Rodrigo Fuenzalida told Publimetro that the highest concentrations of reports appear to be Las Condes, Peñalolén, Providencia and Colina. "We have eyewitness testimony from a couple that refused to sleep in their apartment on the night of the earthquake, choosing instead to spend the early morning hours in the street. They were able to see an object that looked much like the moon, but immediately realized that the moon was on the other side. This event may have been seen by residents of other communes," said Fuenzalida.

Another major sighting took place on Isla Robinson Crusoe, part of the Juan Fernandez Archipelago, where people witnessed an object emerging from the sea shortly before the earthquake.

Regarding the case involving a humanoid -- reported by passengers on a bus in Iquique -- Fuenzalida notes that while startling, he is aware of other similar cases, but people "do not dare report them, fearing that they will not be believed.

"I've heard of the manifestations of these "luminous men", said the ufologist. "We are in an ideal period for sightings. I would ask everyone to be alert, but be mindful to avoid confusion, or a state of hysteria."