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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reader Mail: Lake Petenwell, Wisconsin Dogman, Flashing Shadow Person and Large Floating Object


I received the following in reference to the Dyer Lake, WI encounter:

Hi, just read your WI area story. I have a place in Adams County, Wisconsin by Lake Petenwell. It is a campsite of 5 acres. I was partying out there with 3 people around midnight two years ago. We had the stereo cranked up when something started to grunt/growl louder than the radio just out of sight behind a 35ft camper. It repeated the sounds 3 times. I was ready to run for my life! I got to the stereo and turned it off but did not hear a thing after that. I had my spotlight and could
not see or hear anything move away either. it sounded similar to an extremely loud bull snort mixed with a deep growl similar to the werewolf sound in the movies. It was so loud that even the people in the camper heard it! Just before this happened the whipperwills where going nuts.

We no longer walk alone on the trails at night, only riding golf carts or STVs on the trails after dark. Then last year we had another incident. We went out for a cart ride and heard a loud bark. I thought it was the neighbors dog...but no! It was a white wolf! It seemed aggressive with no fear and was circling the camper with 1 other dog. I have hunted at night and lived here my whole life and never heard anything like this first encounter. It has changed all of us for life! There is definitely something unexplained out there!

NOTE: I tend to agree...there is definitely something out there! Lon



Dear Lon: I read Phantoms and Monsters every day. I have something to share with you...I don’t know what this was, but perhaps someone else has had a similar experience.

It happened Friday night/early Saturday morning around 4:00am. I live in a townhouse apartment. I share a bedroom with my daughter on the second floor. Outside our room is a short hallway that leads to a bathroom. My son’s room is next to the bathroom. His room is cold, and he keeps a small space heater running during the night. If you turn on the bathroom light when the space heater is running, it blows a fuse. So during the several years we’ve been living here, I've learned go to the bathroom without turning the light on. There’s a security light outside not too far from our window, and it shines in a little light in the bathroom, enough that it’s not pitch black. That morning, I went into the bathroom and shut the door. Immediately, there was a bright flash of light, as if a camera flash went off. I was facing the mirror that hangs on almost the entire wall over the sink, and I swear, I am not making this up...when the flash went off, I saw what appeared to be a tall, thin black figure reflected in the mirror, as if it was standing behind me, and it looked as if it had something like a camera in its hand. The room went dark and I had spots in front of my eyes like you do when you get your picture taken with a camera flash. The incident only took a second or two, but I was so freaked out by seeing that shadowy figure behind me that I groped for the door handle and yanked the door open and jumped out into the hallway. My heart was pounding and my knees were shaking. I opened my son’s door and looked in; he had his heater off so I turned on the bathroom light. There was nothing in there. I used the bathroom and shut off the light, but I couldn’t go back to sleep for a long time.

The next morning, I took a tape measure in the bathroom. There is a medicine chest on the wall next to where this figure was standing. I measured, and whatever this was, it was 8 feet tall. I wasn’t dreaming...I was awake, and I definitely saw the flash and the figure standing there. Needless to say, I’ll be turning the light on at night in the bathroom from now on. Does anyone have any idea what this could have been? Do shadow people take “photos” of us? This has really creeped me out. I just keep wondering what it was, and why it was taking a photo of me. Sharon

NOTE: this is definitely a new one for me...an entity taking flash photos. Has anyone experience anything similar? Lon



I was wondering if anyone has approached you or if you have heard of a Large Floating Black Object? (looks like a person covered in black cloth but no body features just a head torso I guess).

This sounds so weird, but my co-worker saw it too. It was just floating over downtown London, Ontario by St. Joes Hospital about 2 to 2.5 years ago. I have been trying to find any information that someone else saw this but can not locate anything. Possibly I am not searching with the right criteria so it could be out there.

It was moving freely and was visible to me for over 2 hours - 6:30 am to 8:30 am -
it was a flowing form, seemed solid but it's "cloak" was like flowing fabric. It was solid black and hovered over the hospital and church in that area than floated around that area as well.

My co-worker first noticed it from his building, and I called him to ask when he was coming in as I had something to show him, but before I ended the call, he asked me if it was the floating mass over downtown. He was on the 20th floor of his building.

If you guys aren't the right people to contact or you know someone else I could email this to, I would appreciate some answers.

Thanks, Kristina

NOTE: OK folks...any clues? Lon