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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fortean / Alternative News: Cusco, Peru UFO, Supermoon Anomalies and Woman Claims Sun Ownership

Peru: Strange Light Videotaped Over Cusco

From Scott Corrales at Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

Source: El Correo Noticias
Date: 18 March 2011

Peru: Strange Light Videotaped Over Cusco
Correo Noticias Staff

LIMA - An alleged Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was recorded by an amateur cameraman in the city of Cusco.

YouTuber "luiggisalazarr" explains that the object was seen very early in the morning from the southern reaches of the city of Cusco.

"Unfortunately, its disappearance could not be recorded due to a lack of battery power. Are we really alone in the universe?" wonders Salazar.

The alleged UFO appears static but when the zoom is applied, it has a rhomboidal shape.

There are dozens of videos on YouTube - some less blurry than others - that reveal alleged UFO apparitions over ruins, and even over Machu Picchu itself.

Click for video


Supermoon Anomalies

MUFON CMS - Louisiana: I am a photographer, and on March 19th I was outside taking pictures of the moon during its lunar perigee. My grandparents were also outside with me, playing with my daughter on her swing set. While aiming my shot of the moon I noticed what I thought was some debris on my lens, so I cleaned it and prepared to try the shot again. I observed at this point that I could make out the object only through the camera lens, and that it was not obvious to the naked eye. At that point I realized that I was not seeing a spec on my lens but rather something in the sky. I tried to use my auto focus to capture the object, but it kept focusing on the moon. I turned off the auto focus and manually targeted the object: this is the picture that is attached to this report. I don’t know if it is important, but my camera is a Canon Rebel T2i with a Sigma 18-250 mm lens; the photograph was taken zoomed all the way in. Once the image was captured, I reviewed it on my camera and called my grandparents over to see what I had photographed. None of us had ever seen an airplane like this before. My grandparents and I both looked up but none of us could see the object. I set my camera to “live mode” (allowing us to see the viewfinder’s image on the screen on the back of the camera), positioned it, and we all saw the object. I’m not sure if we couldn’t see the object with the naked eye because of its size in the sky or something else, but whatever the case we could only see it through the camera. While I never actually saw the object moving, it was in slightly different positions to the moon every time I looked at it. We talked about it for a couple of minutes and I tried to get another picture of the object (I couldn’t find it this time) and we decided to come upload the images to the computer to look at them a little closer.

MUFON CMS - Texas: My wife and I were on the front part of our property taking night pictures of the super-close moon. We did not see the object with our eyes. It wasn't until we came in and put the pictures on the computer to process that we saw the light moving across the sky. We ruled out plane/jet as we should have seen that with our naked eyes. There was no sound, but it was far away and very high. As you can see from the progression of the light it doesn't appear in the first photo, then starting with the 2nd it comes up from the tree line and goes up and to the right until it goes off the photo edge in the last picture. When it was enlarged we could see the different lights. They appear to be moving around the object in a rotating pattern. Since we did not see the object until we processed the photos we had no reaction while it was going across the sky. But once we enlarged the object we could tell that it was not a plane or weather balloon. The lights make it a totally unknown object to us. Perhaps you can help us out on what it could be?
I am attaching 3 of 6 3000 high resolution photos showing the object in progression from beginning to end.

MUFON CMS - New Jersey: I took several pictures of the moon tonight. I did use a flash for this particular capture. I have taken photos at night and have not had any artifacts appear in them. I would dismiss this as a reflection of some sort had it not been for an event that happened about 15 years ago in another state. A glowing, reddish orange orb flew out of the woods and came within 25 feet of where I was standing. This orb in the moon photo looks the same.
Can someone tell me if it was caused by the camera? Thanks.

MUFON CMS - Santo Domingo: not sure about this since I didn't notice it when I took the picture, I was focusing on the moon but just saw it as I downloaded it. Didn't think much of it till I saw the post from NJ with the same thing.

MUFON CMS - Louisiana: I was taking amateur photos of the 19 March 2011 "Super Moon" at home in rural Rapides Parish, Louisiana. When I reviewed my photos I noticed that one had two black circles (one larger than the other) against the moon.

I can't tell what the objects are but I do not believe that they are the result of a smudge on the camera lens since I took a photo seconds before this one and seconds after and they do not have these circles on them.


UFO Reykawvik Summit

ljworld - From alien abductions to mysterious cattle deaths to nuclear weapons, speakers at this weekend’s first UFO Reykawvik Summit did not lack interesting topics.

“Ufologists” from all over the country descended on Liberty Hall, 644 Mass., for three days of discussions on the extraterrestrial at an event organized by Lawrence resident Daniel Lauing.

There’s never been a greater need for awareness raising about UFOs and alien life forms, Lauing said.

“We’ve got thumbs in our ears,” he said.

As Lauing spoke to about 150 spectators Saturday morning, he warned that the first speaker would touch on some controversial topics.

“This is a hot potato. Nobody wants to touch this,” said Lauing as he introduced Butch Witkowski, director of the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania.

Witkowski’s presentation — gruesome photos included — focused on cases of dead humans and animals, particularly cattle, who’ve been injured in such mysterious ways as to suggest nonhuman abduction and experimentation.

Witkowski said his motivation for investigating UFO sightings, possible alien abductions and the paranormal is simply to “find the truth.”

Impressed by the knowledge base displayed by crowd members who peppered him with questions, Witkowski said the event was a great opportunity for people in the area to network about investigations.

“I think there’s a great number of people out here in the Midwest who have a lot of information to share,” he said.


Woman Claims Ownership of the Sun

abcnews - If you're in your car late at night, you may happen upon a radio commercial for the "International Star Registry," an Illinois operation that allows you to "name a star" in the sky for a loved one's birthday, Valentine's Day, etc. They'll be glad to sell you a certificate or a piece of jewelry to prove it, though if you go over the fine print you'll find you really haven't done anything official for your $54 (or more).

Now, Angeles Duran, a 49-year-old woman from Salvaterra do Mino, Spain, has gone one step further: She's gone to her local notary public and claimed ownership of the Sun.

"There was no snag, I backed my claim legally, I am not stupid, I know the law," she told the Spanish daily El Mundo, according to AFP. "I did it but anyone else could have done it, it simply occurred to me first."

Over at Discovery News, Ray Villard, a veteran science writer I've known for some years, has had a bit of fun with this:

"Well, why not own the sun?" he writes. "It's low maintenance, it has sustained nuclear fusion reactions for the last 4.6 billion years without repairs and it comes with a 10 billion-year warranty backed by the laws of gravity, hydrodynamics, and particle physics."

Ms. Duran told El Mundo she plans to charge all users (that would be us) a fee. She'd give half the proceeds to the Spanish government, 20 percent to Spain's pension fund, 10 percent to research, 10 percent to ending world hunger. She would keep the remaining 10 percent for herself.

What will she do if you don't pay? Turn it off?

Villard retorts: "I'd advise Duran against renaming the sun because it already has good branding and market share. But she needs to trademark the word 'sun.' She could also assert copyright over sunset, sunrise, and solar eclipse photos. She could insist that the credit line read: 'Sun, courtesy of A. Duran.'"

"The downside is that Duran is now also now responsible for all damages caused by the sun," he writes. "If someone can sue McDonalds for spilling hot coffee in his or her lap, than anyone can sue Duran for sunburn...."

Ray's piece has provoked some fittingly tongue-in-cheek comments, including this one: "I hereby claim all the space between the sun and earth! I will be charging her sun rays a toll for crossing my space!"