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Monday, March 07, 2011

New UFO / Alien Sightings - Ghana, Moscow and South Dakota

UFO Sighting Over Ghana - 3/5/2011

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Statement with video: This is a latest update of this object seen at 23:30 on 5 March 2011, could be Sirius or one of the other stars.
Ufo - Star - Asteroid - Planet X - Hercolubus - Nibiru - Tyche - 5 March 2011
Over Ghana, West Africa. but how far away the object is i am not sure, it seems close to the Earth but the size of it?


MUFON CMS - South Dakota - 3/5/2011 - unedited: I am reporting this for my husband as he had to go to work. He works at [Employer removed/cms/tg] for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe as a security officer. When he came home last night he said, "it touched me!" and he was visibly shaken. It took awhile for me to get his story out, but I typed it out as he told me. Below is his words. It should be noted that the usual drive from the casino back home takes 90 minutes driving normally. He said this started happening around 11:15 Pm but he didn't get home until almost 2 am march 6. He wasn't even aware that this had taken longer than normally and when talking to him he wasn't even aware that there was missing time. here are his words, "Sunday March 6 2011

Witness , [name deleted/cms/tg] security guard [employer removed/cms/tg] Driving home in car alone after work at about the red lights started about 11:40 PM might have been later than that. The red lights are like softballs, hundreds of them, real light and spinning around the car south of highway 20 and was on highway 63 about 5 miles travelling south to Eagle Butte. The red balls spun around the car for what seemed like a long time, it was real neat. The Red lights about 100-200 of these red lights and kept going around the car for a couple of miles. They never got super close like 2 car lengths away from me but all around me

After a couple of miles the car was slowing down. I was doing about 60MPH but it slowed down to 40MPH and wouldnt go any faster. Then the red lights just disappeared. They didnt fly off or anything they just disappeared. The car then went back up to 60 MPH like I normally drive it. I just thought it was kind of weird but kind of neat.

Then I got to where a gravel road meets 63 one of the wind block experiment station.. soil erosion experiment (thats about 15-20 miles south of Timber Lake on 63) then I got a feeling of goosebumps all over me. It was tingly cold feeling all over me. Then I saw this thing on the side of the road where the gravel road meets the road and before I knew it it was on the car. It reached in and touched my head through the windshield and ran its hand down my back. My back got real hot.

Description of alien:
It had an oblong head, really thin body, thin arms and legs, it was translucent it was glowing like a real dim light bulb cause you can see through it. Eyes were size of human, really long nose long in length. It has a really big mouth. Its arms were like sticks they were parallel through each other the two sticks looked like it was glowing. It was around 4 foot tall but its arms stretched.

The other one, on the left hand side of the road had a face like a beast horrifying, ugly, looked wrinkly walked like a squat about the size of a goat. It was glowing too reddish brown.It was wide and narrow.

And almost as fast as I saw it it was gone (the one on the side of the road)

The one that was on the car it seemed like it was there for awhile because tingly feeling didn�t go away it felt like it was still there. The tingly feeling lasted about 10 minutes.

The one on the car it got to the point where I couldnt feel or see it anymore, I didn�t feel like anything was completely gone until I got to the bison farm (15 miles from Eagle Butte)

Once I reached there was more farm houses everything was gone.

The car used a lot more gas than it usually does. It was over tank when started and used over a tank to get that far on 63.

I know sky was clear but couldnt see any stars.

Checked [name removed/cms/tg] for marks found none. His head was hot and demeanor was aggitated upon returning home.


Most Recent Video From Moscow - 3/6/2011

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