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Saturday, March 05, 2011

An Account of Close Encounters

I received the following interesting email from a reader who describes many of his encounters over the years:

My Early Extraterrestrial Vehicle (ETV) Sightings

These are my sightings of "extraterrestrial vehicles"or "ETVs" (a term and abbreviation I've made which is more accurate than "UFO"), as of September 27, 2008. These are experiences I've also reported to the UFO Evidence website, years ago.

Darryl E Berry Jr (Cezyl)


Date - 2000
Location - New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Summary: I saw flashes in the clouds. I went to check it out and a craft came out of the clouds, apparently the cause of the flashes.

Date Reported: 2/26/2005 5:09:13 PM

Day/Night: Nighttime

No. of Witnesses: Only me that I know of...

No. of Object(s): Single

Urban or Rural: Rural..

Size of Object(s):
One to two times the size of average two-story house I estimate...

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude:
About 5 blocks away...

Shape of Object(s):
Like a short barrell, or several coins stacked atop each other...

Color of Object(s):
It was nighttime, so the actual object not sure... Pink light from bottom...

Full Description & Details:
My UFO and ET Encounters Research Report Ready

My biggest encounter

By the time the year 2000 came I'd already seen scores of video clips of UFOs. I'd read article after article, and several books on first person accounts complete with pictures- including Fire In The Sky by a wood smith named Travis Walton. I'd seen hundreds of pictures and portrayals of aliens and UFOs by this time, and now I was ready and willing to see crafts of my own.

I figured that they, aliens and extraterrestrials, would heed my telepathic call to see them. I began to spend time each day in meditation calling to them telepathically: "I want to see you. Show yourselves to me." I'd seen enough evidence to be assured that they are here, and around. I'd seen enough evidence to be assured that the average ET mind is telepathic. I'd done enough research to know the signs and evidences of UFO presence, and my eyes were to the sky and into the clouds looking for them.

I'd just gotten off of work at 11 PM, and was driving home, making my way over the high rise some 15 miles from my home. Looking into the distance I could see some clouds flashing pink, and knew that something was there. After all, lightening is blue. I'd then determined that I would drive until I got to the disturbance and take a look. As I drove I realized that I was going as I would have I been going straight home. I got off at my usual exist, still expecting to take some bizarre route through the woods or something to get there, and ended up going straight into my subdivision. The clouds were still flashing pink off and on, and I continued to the disturbance.

I passed my street and went about 5 blocks down, and then parked my car where the disturbance was. It was over the woods, about 5 blocks away, and about the same distance into the air. I stopped on the side of the street, turned off the engine, and then looked and waited. The cloud would flash pink like a strobe light, and then go off. Then it would flash again, and then off. The cloud continued blinking in this fashion, each successive blink coming faster than the previous.

At this point I was getting scared. This subdivision was less developed then, so there were no streetlights where I was. The closest one was 2 blocks down one way, and half a mile down the other. There were only about 10 houses in the immediate vicinity, with much empty field around. With all the videos I'd seen, and all the pictures I'd seen, I was sure that when I saw one in person I would run up to it and say take me for a spin. But this was not the case. As I watched the cloud through my partially opened car window the cloud started blinking faster and faster, until the blinks were linked together. Then the cloud stopped blinking and radiated a solid pink glow. As I looked upon the cloud, my window still cracked and my eyes wide open, a craft slowly and silently hovered out of the cloud. A strong sense of fear came upon me, and I started winding up my window in a minor panic as though something might jump in to get me, or may already be in the car through the partially opened window! (Or by teleportation or something.) I was afraid to look into the back seat!

I locked the door, rolled the window up tight, fumbling as I did for I was sure not to take my eyes off of this craft. It was shaped like a regular birthday cake, like a very short barrel, or five coins stacked on top of each other. The bottom of the craft was slightly hollowed in, as if under the stack of coins there was a shallow, downward facing bowl carved in. Underneath the craft, in this shallow downward facing bowl, was a light that was like an electrically moving pink neon sign. It was like a long thick conglomerated strand of cable, but glowed pink and was erratically moving about like an ornery snake. In the background of this moving neon sign-like thread of moving light was a softer pink glow that filled the entire bottom crevice of the craft. I also remember seeing something of circular windows around the sides of the craft, like the little circle windows one would see around a tug boat.

I hardly believed my own eyes; even after all I'd researched and seen in film and on paper. I was actually seeing a UFO, and if not for the fact that I was seeing it I may not have believed and probably would not now believe my own seeing myself! In my own town, and only blocks away from my own home. I didn't have to take a trip to Gulf Breeze, nor camp outside of Area 51, as I'd previously thought (and was planning to do). The craft seemed to stay out of the cloud for only a matter of seconds, as if the beings piloting it endeavored to answer my call of letting me see, and then go about their business. Though I didn't pay much attention to it at the time, the craft went back up a noticeable distance away from where it came out. And there was not a smooth transition between descent and subsequent ascension. It was as if watching a movie and someone cut out everything that happened `in the middle,' leaving only the craft coming out of the cloud and pasting that to its eventual reentry. Only the abrupt reentry and its slight but noticeable change in position indicated that something was missing.

And something WAS missing. The entire episode could not have taken more than 2 minutes from the time I parked my car to when the craft was reentering the cloud. I started my car, drove back home, and it was 1:00 AM! I drove home from work daily, of course, and I know that it only takes 30 minutes to get home. I drove extra 5 blocks or so down past my street, so it would have been about 11:35, or 11:45 PM at the latest, by the time I got home. Yet when checking the time after I drove the half a mile back home, nearly an hour and a half had went by!

I was dazed and restless. I think I was experiencing minor shock. I remember stumbling as I walked through the hallway, and I have a faint memory of someone helping me walk. I may have had direct physical contact! Actually, now I am sure that I did have direct physical contact, though it's so hazy at the end. The newness of direct physical contact had no background information to fall on, and it disoriented me greatly. And my consciousness was not yet malleable enough. I plopped down and went to sleep...

I am still afraid of what could have happened to account for the hour and 20 or so minutes of missing time that is there. And I'm still a bit afraid to see another craft so closely again. Yet, I do look forward to the day of seeing one again, and this time remaining fully aware, retaining full memory of the entire episode.


After reading the great book Preparing for Contact by Lyssa Royal I not only know that I did have direct physical contact, but I know how to better myself so that next time I am more prepared and consciously functional...

Some of my other encounters

It seems that this general period of time was filled with UFO encounters. It appears that they certainly took my invitation to heart. One night I had the urge to walk to the gas station a mile away, to get snack- peanuts. It'd become almost a ritual that I happily performed several nights per week. This night was a bit unusual in feel, though the trip to the store had no major changes in script. Yet on my way back home I saw a massive cloud to the North Northeast, off in the distance- perhaps over the lake. It had an area to the bottom right of it that glowed in a kaleidoscope of color. Red, green, blue, orange- it was like a spherical rainbow. This particular area glowed in such a rainbow fashion, the colors constantly shifting, and a large circular area around this phenomenon had a steady color.

I turn my head around to see what the sound was that approached in the air, and a black, unmarked helicopter was flying low, heading straight for the disturbance. It was low enough to clearly see the windows and frame of the helicopter, though the windows were far too tinted to make out any specifics of what was inside. As I walked home I looked at this disturbance in the cloud, and this black unmarked helicopter making its way straight for the disturbance. I continued home, not waiting- not wanting to be the specific attention of either the disturbance in the cloud or the passengers of the helicopter.


Again driving home from work, I saw some flashes in the clouds in the distance. Again I decided to follow the disturbance until reaching it, not knowing how far I would actually have to drive, being unable to judge the distance by the position of clouds too well. This time I had to pass my subdivision, and as I did I approached a disturbance that was filling the clouds for miles around. I made it to the core of the disturbance. About a dozen areas of the canopy of clouds were glowing pink, just like the way the cloud glowed from which the craft came out of that night, a few blocks from my home. On either side of the interstate they were there, all making the clouds out to be a show of lights. They all had the pink light from the bottom, and it looked as if a giant spotlight was going upon the water from the clouds-, which would be the light from the entire bottom of the ship as per my experience of seeing the actual ship.

I wonder how it is that I didn't run off of the road, for my eyes were unflinching stuck to the disturbances, swaying to either side of the interstate to the disturbances at my sides, and straight ahead to the disturbance before me. I looked to the right to see one disturbance quite low compared to the others, looking to be only about 3 stories in the air, and the light coming out of the cloud shown like a massive spotlight upon a structure that mimics a small castle in a theme park like area off the interstate. It was right over the little building, right over it! I could see the cloud glowing. I could see the spotlight highlighted by the dew in the air, beaming down upon the ground and the structure. I could see the reflection of light off of the structure. It was definitely there. I continued driving and looking until I was making it over the lake, in awe and wonder. I crossed the lake and made my way back, and I don't remember seeing them on the return trip.


Another experience I had was a year or so before these, when driving home from Georgia. I used to frequently go back and forth to Georgia, and I would always be looking for UFOs. I would travel to Georgia during the day, and always come back at night, so that I was able to drive all night, looking into the sky for UFOs. I would sometimes park on the side of the interstate in areas of the drive where there were no lights and just look at the stars free from the ambient lights of the city. Usually fear that a bear would jump out of the forest kept me from staying too long though.

One night while driving home, far ahead of me at the horizon, I saw two large clouds in the air. I had to be between southern Georgia and Alabama at the time, or somewhere about. The entire sky was covered with a canopy of could, as if it was the ceiling of the earth, and these two large oval shaped clouds stood out as the only two formations of cloud separate from this flat carpet like canopy that covered the rest of the sky. I knew it was some UFO activity, so I looked unflinchingly.

These two large clouds obviously had something in them that was causing pink glows and flashes of light- both a steady stream of pink, and flashes of more pink at intervals. The interstate where I was had a straightaway for miles, and they were straight up the interstate, directly ahead of me.

After a while of this glow and flashing in these two very un-uniformed clouds compared to the entire rest of the sky, the activity picked up. The flashes intensified, and then a pink bolt of lightening came from one cloud to the next, as if it was a weapon. Not to say that it was, but that is what came to mind when I first saw it from my perspective at the time. Shortly after the pink bolt of energy went between clouds one of the lights took off, and the other quickly followed. If my eyes weren't fixed on the event I would have missed it. Wave your hand quickly past your eyes so that you see a streak behind your hands. That is what I saw. But instead of a hand it was two streaks of bright pink light that went straight overhead, on either side of my car- moving seemingly right above the canopy of cloud, or maybe even `sliding' upon the canopy of cloud itself. So this time I didn't see the actual craft, but the lights that shone through the cloud, and the speed at which this light moved, and what it did, was evidence enough for me. These were craft of a variety that is beyond anything I have seen contemporary human even CLOSE to making!

Apparently the crafts took off at a rapid pace, with no acceleration. It was from a full stop to many hundreds of miles per hour at least. They were at the horizon before me, and they moved so fast that they reached the horizon behind me before the steak of light even dissipated! To be sure I am making this clear, if you look straight ahead wave your entire arm across your visual field from your right to your left you will see a streak of your arm following for the entire distance. Perhaps before your arm reaches all the way to the left, the streak may have caught up to the middle of your body. In other words, the streak `wears off' so to speak, and is like a trail following your arm, rather than just hanging in the air. Imagine moving your arm so fast that you move it from one horizon, all of the hundreds of miles to the horizon on the entire other side, while the very start of the streak is still there! When the crafts reached the horizon behind me, the spot where they started was still glowing. That is how fast they were moving! It resulted in two lines of bright pink light about a hundred feet away from each other, stretching from horizon to horizon; with more light in the cloud where they started from as they sat there and lighted that cloud up. After a second or two the light streak disappeared, and the two craft were no longer visibly detectable as they disappeared around the curve of the planet, around the edge of the horizon. Amazing...

* * * * * * * * *

My experiences with ET/UFOs have so far been amazing. I must also say that the one where `something' happened, whether it is that I was taken aboard a craft, or I had some kind of telepathic or other type of meeting involving a shift of consciousness, I experienced an hour and a half or so of `missing time,' and the entire ordeal scared me. It has been three years now, and I am finally over the fear of meeting with these beings, and I am ready to again see and meet, and experience them and their craft.

Except for the experience with the big cloud that had a kaleidoscope of colors, I was able to see enough of the phenomenon to say that all of these experiences involved the same type of craft. They were made the same, having the same features and effects, which would imply that it was the same race or group of beings. From what planet are they? From what dimension are they? From what Galaxy are they?

. . .

(The first account happened in the summer of the year 2000, these accounts being originally written up in the summer of 2003, now adding details I'd neglected to add previously...)

Reported Sighting? Yes
Reported To: I told several people about it years later. I was afraid/shocked for years afterwards...
Name: Cezyl
Location: Kentucky, USA
Age: 25

Copyright (c) 2008 by Darryl E Berry Jr (Cezyl)

Darryl E Berry Jr