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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Recent Sightings, Reports and Anecdotes

The following odds and ends are emails received from readers and a few unusual MUFON CMS reports:

These incidents took place during my childhood years up until the day I graduated from high school. We lived in an old three story brownstone apartment building with a basement apartment. The whole building was owned by family. Initially, my grandmother's sister lived in the basement with her family and her two brothers occupied the second floor. My family was on the first main floor and my grandmother was on the 3rd floor. She believed in the superstition that if you moved down a level if you lived in an apartment you would soon die. She continued to climb the three flights of stairs even though she was very arthritic.

As the years passed by her sister and her immediate family eventually moved out and the two brothers on the middle floor passed away. The basement level was now empty and my mother, father, sister, brother and I continued to live on the first floor. The second floor was empty and my grandmother still resided alone on the third floor. There was never a thought of renting the vacant rooms.

On several nights, while we were asleep, out of nowhere the front door would slam waking everyone up. After a few seconds, there would be footsteps moving up the metal stairs followed by footsteps, shuffling and creaking above us on the second floor. My father would jump up and rush to see who broke into the house. No one was ever there of course and things would be quiet again for a few weeks and then it would happen all over again.

The apartment was usually cold and drafty so we would all stand next to a wood stove in the pantry because it was our heat source. On several occasions we would see a faint apparition of someone walk towards the stove. Once in awhile we would think someone had come home and would say "hello" only to be greeted by nothing.

When I turned 10-years-old my mother was sleeping on the third level in order to help care for my grandmother. My mother recalled one incident when she woke and saw me standing beside her bed. She asked what I wanted, I turned, walked away and disappeared. There was another incident where she rushed out of the bathroom on the 1st floor and was frantic because she heard her mom scream for her. My sister and I were shocked because we didn't hear anything.

On another occasion my grandmother's aunt had been sick and was in the hospital. We were driving home and my mother was resting her head against the window when suddenly she raised up and shouted "oh my god, Aunt Jane just died...I just saw her face." My father looked at the clock and it was about 7:00 pm. When we got home the charge nurse was calling to let us know that she had passed away at the exact time.

The most memorable incident happened when my brother and I were talking about the weird stuff that had occurred in the house over the years. I said "yeah like the old guy who used to watch us sleep". I was sort of half-joking since I wasn't sure if he had ever known since it was never brought up between us. He turns and he answers "you mean the guy that stood behind the dresser in the living room...who leaned over with his hands behind his back?" As he was talking he, duplicated the way the apparition moved exactly. That really freaked me out!


MUFON CMS - November 1999: I was working on a large 160 acre farm in Pendleton County, KY. I had several duties. On this day in question I was eating lunch and a local friend stop bye to say that he had saw some hunters sneaking on to the property, I told him that I would let them get settled down and after my lunch I would go out and round them up. So I finished lunch got my gun and started walking down the fence row my plan was to cut into the woods and sneak up on them. I had been out there around 45 mins to an hour and as I was making my way though the woods suddenly something step out from behind a tree. I yelled friend or foe and point my gun at it. I couldn't believe my eyes there standing in front of me and my gun was a 3 and 1/2 foot tall gray being, suddenly I had the thought that it was talking to me though my mind, I had the felling that it was a young female and it was scared and telling me it was going to run up a little knoll, just then it took off running up that knoll. I followed it with my gun barrel as it reach the top of the hill there was a flash of light and a door way opened up out of no where. It was about 4 ft wide and probably 8 ft tall It was brightly light inside and I could see the little being standing in it, now it looked like it was wearing a tight black suit of some sort. Suddenly out of the corner of my left eye, I see what looked like something was running toward me I wheeled around and right in front of me was a lizard like man about 5 to 6 ft tall and he was holding a long staff like thing in one hand, His face was more insect looking to me though, and it had dark blue eyes. Again I caught the feeling that it was the little females father, or guard. Okay I know this sound weird but just then to my right there was a 7ft or 8 ft brown hairy Bigfoot creature just standing there. I didn't hear him speak but I did hear in my mind NO! don't hurt Him. Just then the lizard looking one, looked right at me and his eyes changed right in front of me to a yellowish gold. I turn to run and when I did. I was just standing there in the dark in the woods, yes it was night time. I stood there in shock for a moment trying to collect myself. I looked around and I was alone. I started my walk out of there. Back to the farm house, when I got back there was another farm hand that said where have you been we thought you got lost. I didn't say a thing. I come forth now, because I have tried to live with this for years, but recently I was watching TV the History Channel show Ancient Aliens and saw something that looked like the lizard man on the TV.

It brought back memories of that day and I started having dreams again and thinking strange thoughts like, could that have be a portal I saw the little one go into? Are they interdenominational? or time travelers? Is this why no one finds Bigfoot bones? and so on, also I'm having dreams about our future. I need to know what happened to me, out there that day. So I come to you for help.



When I was growing up at night I would have several episodes of being pinned to my bed.

It wasn't until 1996 on going to bed that I had a nervous feeling again as I tried to go to sleep. I woke up suddenly several hours later as I was pinned to my bed, only this time I was fully conscious and I could see.

In my bedroom ( I can only describe as Greys) there were three beings. I was being held by one of them so I struggled and pushed it of me. As I did this the bigger of the three moved forward and I was caught in his gaze and I became motionless and could not move. In his right hand he held an instrument that was of a gold or brass colour at the handle and was another 8'' long but this tapered from an inch in diameter from the handle to a millimeter or less at it's tip, like a spike, made from a crystal like material and shone with a very bright white light.

I could not move and he put this instrument up my left nostril. It was pushed up to between my eyes and maybe an inch to an inch and a half back. The pain was one of the worst I had experienced. This being seemed shocked that I was feeling this and was fully aware of what was happening. As the instrument was pulled out I became aware of another being standing in the corner, only this one was a male human in a dark blue jump suit and dark aviator style glasses.

All of a sudden I was released and all four moved very quickly out of the bedroom door onto the landing where with a bright intense white flash of light they were gone.

I felt in shock and questioned if this was a very real dream. I got up and went to the bathroom put on the light, looked in the mirror and noticed a small trickle of blood coming from my left nostril. I have had feelings of deep anger about this and I have 90% of the time numbness and tingling (only slightly) on the left side of my face and head.

I have also been left with a link with the biggest of the three beings from when he linked with me. Even now if I feel the thought pattern of him I link mentally with him. At first he recoiled in fear and as time went by with irritation, now it is just acceptance.

I hope I get answers and that this perhaps helps somebody.

Love and Light.

Andy - UK


MUFON CMS - New York - 10/26/2010: Sometime during my sleep on that night, I was hit with a strong frisson of fear and the immediate impression that I said (to who, I have no idea) either 'Don't take me' or 'Don't leave me'. Immediately after that I felt, physically felt, firm but gentle pressure on both my biceps above my elbows, pushing me backwards onto my mattress and into my pillows. At the exact same moment, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and calm, and almost felt sad when the pressure ended. I regained awareness that I was in my bed a short time later, and didn't feel any sense of fear or anxiety, just kept the calm, peaceful feeling. My dog didn't seem to have been bothered by anything, and nothing looked out of place in my room. But I was certain something had happened.

The next morning I awoke with an amazing sense of joy, purposefulness, and was incredibly energetic and productive at work. The only odd thing was that I heard a ringing/buzzing in my right ear that lasted for days after. But since then I've been a bit more attentive to the phenomenon, which has prompted a bit of a paradigm shift in my thinking. Something else occurred later that has me thinking perhaps we are going to be given the opportunity to meet these 'others', whoever they may be. I'm going to try not to get too freaked and try to keep an open mind and heart.


I was surprised to see your post about Area 51 and Dugway Proving Ground. I used to live in Terra, Utah form 1992-1996. Dugway is where my kids went to school when we lived there. I became friends with a lady who had a daughter that was in one of the same classes as one of my daughters. She lived on post and her husband was a pilot, she once told me that things were being moved from Area 51 onto Dugway. She seemed very disturbed about it and wanted her husband to transfer to a different post. All of it made me very uncomfortable, back then I didn't believe in that kind of stuff and I thought that maybe I made a bad choice in being friends with her. I ended our friendship as slowly and easily as I could (because our daughter's were still friends) and that pretty much ends my story. There are a lot of people in Terra and all over Skull Valley who are (or were living) during the time of the nuclear testing. I met alot of people who were down-winders and many people who had cancer or lost family members. It is a closed group in that area, even the natives that live there keep to themselves. If they did move something from Area 51 to Dugway, the government chose well.