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Monday, February 21, 2011

Fortean / Alternative News: Bedroom Alien, Mass Hysteria and Utah Hoaxer Comes Clean

"Had an alien at the foot of my bed..."

MUFON CMS - 9/29/1996 - Virginia - unedited: I was asleep with my husband next to me. We had watched a movie and the tv was now on a blue screen with no other lights on in the room. I woke up and saw an alien at the foot of my bed holding onto the rod iron railing. I have a sleigh bed. As I was waking up I started to re-wet my contacts by blinking alot. Then when I realized what I was seeing I started to freak out. I never believed people when they said they were so scared they were "frozen" until that night. When I saw it I tried to scream and nothing came out. I tried to hit my husband but my arms wouldn't move. It was shear terror feeling. After about 10 seconds (which felt like and eternity) I was able to get my arm to move a little. He saw me move and then his mouth went from this tiny little hole to a big opening and he ran out of my bed room and into the kitchen which was 3 feet from my bedroom door. I heard his feet when he hit the floor in the kitchen. After another 30 seconds or so I was able to scream and start moving. I hit my husband and got him up and told him what I saw. I turned every light on into the house and went into the kitchen. The back door was not open. I can tell you he is about 3 and a half feet tall. With reptile like skin, and is kinda glossy. It was a weird green / gray color. He had 3 fingers kinda long, and yes they were on my bed railing. I took my bed railing off and it's been in my attic ever since. I can't look at it. I told my father (a retired LT. Colonel from the Army National Guard) the next day and other family members. So do I believe in aliens. YES I have seen one!!! I worked at Ruth's Chris Steak House for 8 years so you know I am not a nut case.:) I am still married. My husband does Commercial Heating and Air and I have twin boys 8 months old and a 2 year old daughter.


TV Report - A `UFO' Hoaxer Steps Forward In Utah

Rick Phillips reports: Oh my. Ready for a little `twist' to the whole `dropping orbs' saga of the recent past? -------- Yeah, me neither; but, I feel obligated to bring you this `news'. Seems an `artist' (the TV report seemingly paints this guy as a tinkerer-mad scientist-artist) had rigged up an array of technical but relatively simple equipment to pull off a - red triangle in the sky that dropped an `orblike' flare looking substance - while no divulging his whole technique, think helium, plastic bags, flares, Lazar's (?) .... and you would be close. Continue reading at TV Report - A `UFO' Hoaxer Steps Forward In Utah


More UFO video from Fresno, CA

My friend Jeffrey Gonzalez of Sanger Paranormal Society , who is also a State Section Director/Investigator for MUFON, forwarded this last evening:

Robert Thorson catches another one....I thought it was a Mylar balloon at first but the wind and clouds are moving from left to right...The object hovered for around 15 min....balloons don't do that, then you see the object start moving against the wind..."not a Balloon". This happened today..2-20-11 during the mid afternoon.



Mass hysteria strikes students in central Vietnam

thanhniennews - Students from a school in the south-central province of Phu Yen have been struck by inexplicable bouts of fainting spells during the past two months.

Doctors suspect they suffer from a psychological disorder.

Chau Lot, principal of the Son Thanh Secondary and High School in Tay Hoa District, said the phenomenon first appeared in a handful of students and eventually spread.

All of the cases occurred among the seventh-grade, eighth-grade, and eleventh-grade classes, which ran in the afternoon, he said.

Since January 17, between 12 and 40 students faint every day at school, mainly between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., local news website VnExpress reported.

The school management has moved their classes to the morning and even allowed the students to remain at home. Despite their efforts, the problem continued.

The students’ parents say their children are healthy and do not suffer from fainting spells while at home.

According to the school, the students all suffered from respiratory difficulties, fatigue, and convulsions. They are given to fits of screaming before they collapse.

Dr. Nguyen Hung, director of Phu Yen’s Preventive Health Center, told the news website that the students recovered after massages, adding that the students were suffering from symptoms of mass hysteria.

Mass hysteria is caused by either a physical culprit, or psychological stress and anxiety, according to an article by Professor Gary Small from the University of California. It often afflicts children and teenagers, especially girls.

Hung said that mass hysteria has struck a number of Vietnamese schools, like those in the central cities of Hue and Da Nang. The outbreaks tended to last for a shorter amount of time and manifested on a smaller scale than they have been in Phu Yen.

Hung suggested that the school provide a more relaxing study environment as well as frequent exercise. He also recommended the school provide them with consultations from professional psychologists.

According to Prof. Small, the illness usually manifests for a few days and tends to disappear when the afflicted crowd disperses.