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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Dugway 'New Area 51' Supposition

Back in May 2009 I reported that the infamous military base, Nevada's Area 51, was once again generating it's share of wild speculation. The story continued to circulate that the base has either shut down or moved its most sensitive projects to other less-visible locations.

Twenty-two years ago, Eyewitness News in Las Vegas, NV started an investigation that put Area 51 on the map. The reason Area 51 became a household name is because of allegations they had flying saucers out there...craft that were made "somewhere else."

In aviation circles, a lot of people figure that story was pure disinformation, concocted by the military to draw attention away from something else that was going on out there. If that's the case, then the tactic surely backfired on the Air Force because, as a result of the saucer story, Area 51 became known all over the world and is still a focus of attention.

Over the past two years civilian pilots and other eyewitnesses have been seeing strange things in the skies in and around a restricted airspace that straddles the Nevada-Utah border.

Overhead view of Dugway Proving Grounds
A 1997 article in Popular Mechanics magazine claimed the whole place had shut down and moved to eastern Utah so the military could work on a secret space plane.

"Everybody knows about Area 51 and Groom Lake, but the interesting thing is, I don't think there is anything there anymore," said former CIA pilot John Lear in a May 2009 interview with investigator George Knapp.

Lear has done as much as anyone to put Area 51 on the map. He knows there are still programs underway out there, but he suspects the most sensitive projects, ones involving the most exotic technology, perhaps something resembling flying saucers, have been moved.

Lear stated some of the most advanced work was being done at a sister facility, Area 52, within the Tonopah Test Range. He also harbored suspicions about an adjunct facility called Base Camp, which is halfway between Areas 51 and 52. The facility is strictly off limits to outsiders and those who work on the inside don't talk about what they do.

He was even more intrigued by a vast and remote section of desert south of Wendover, Nevada on the Utah-Nevada line. Lear, an accomplished pilot whose father invented the Lear Jet, still has numerous friends in the aviation world, and they told him stories about seeing camouflaged runways that open up in the middle of nowhere.

"As the pilots land, they tell me -- as they're coming in to be radar vectored at 500 feet -- they look down and it will just be like desert or normal landscape and all of a sudden, it will unzip like this and they will see a runway," he said.

A search of the area south of Wendover found no evidence of runways or military facilities, though others are looking as well.

Utah UFO hunters, perhaps yearning for an Area 51 of their very own, proposed that a planned massive expansion of Dugway Proving Grounds is part of a program to create a new Area 51. They also noted that Michael Air Base, which controls the airspace south of Wendover, has, like Dugway, been the site of some very strange things seen in the skies, including saucer-type craft and shafts of light that seem to emanate from the ground.

Recent reports of shutdowns, strange incidents and UFO sightings at Dugway Proving Grounds abound. A telling link has been an astonishing admission, made before a high-level Wright-Patterson official's death, that this place is where alien corpses are kept.

Dugway Proving Grounds is a facility in service to all branches of the US military. It is strategically surrounded by three massive mountain ranges. It's hidden size and secure, remote isolation make it an ideal location for secret testing of many types. There has been speculation that Dugway has tested the applications and effects of every known biological, chemical and radiological substance on earth. There is a long history of local concern about the harmful effects of their testing of deadly agents to the environment and to human and animal health. As recently as last month, the facility was put under a lockdown due to the loss of an “extremely toxic nerve agent” which was later recovered.

New sightings and photos of UFOs around Dugway are being logged with increasing frequency. Unusual craft have been seen zipping through the skies over and around the Dugway installation by many credible witnesses for several years.

In this video link from January 26, 2011, a local Utah TV station reports on the sudden shutdown of all operations at Dugway and on the simultaneous lockdown of everyone who worked there. Appearing immediately after this clip is another Utah TV station report. This one details the UFO sightings of two witnesses that occurred close to the time of the Dugway lockdown. It also airs the film that was taken that day of strange light-form UFOs that had made unusual maneuvers near the base, just two hours after the Dugway event.

Colonel George Weinbrenner was the Chief of the Foreign Technology Division at Wright Patterson Air Force Base Air Materiel Command for a period of seven years during the 1960s and 1970s. He was responsible for providing leadership and expertise to the Air Force and to the intelligence community on matters relating to the analysis of Soviet aircraft, missiles or similar technologies that came into the possession of the United States.

While suffering ill health in a veteran’s nursing facility and just a few months before he died, Weinbrenner made a confession to his trusted caretaker at the facility. She remembered their earlier conversation about UFOs especially when it took a serious tone as he told her something that stunned the woman. He confirmed to her that extraterrestrials are real. She looked at him incredulously. He added: “We have five aliens in Utah..." apparently catching himself, Weinbrenner would comment no more.

After the Colonel passed on, the caretaker and her husband naturally reflected on Weinbrenner’s disturbing and enigmatic statement concerning ”the government having dead aliens in Utah.” They searched to find any mention of Weinbrenner, the military and UFOs and eventually located Bob Emenegger. Emenegger was a filmaker who had visited Colonel George Weinbrenner, at Weinbrenner’s office at Wright Patterson. Emenegger naturally took the opportunity to ask Weinbrenner about UFOs and their reality and a military film of a landed UFO with occupants? Emenegger explains, “Weinbrenner would not acknowledge anything I was saying, but with a wink he seemed to know what I was talking about.”

The caretaker’s husband explained to Emenegger that his wife was told by Weinbrenner, in his last months, that aliens were in fact real and that we had stored five of them “in Utah.” It was also confirmed through medical personnel and family that Weinbrenner had not suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease or any other form of dementia. From the grave, Emenegger had received the confirmation that he had sought from Weinbrenner previously.

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