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Friday, January 28, 2011

Strangeness In the Desert - Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport

The following narrative was posted on the MUFON CMS on 1/27/2011. The incident started on 1/10/2011. This is quite an odd report...I'm posting here only because of the 'strangeness' associated with it. I'd be interested in commentary related to this report.


I live across the street from the Laughlin/Bullhead, Arizona Airport. It is a small airport limited to small craft and a daily single line jumbo jets service which normally has about three landings and departures daily. Listening, I noticed that the jets had stopped landing that morning and only silence filled the normally noisy morning air. I turned on my police scanner to see if there had been a red alert or some other government action that might cease air traffic and listened to the airport frequency. The frequency had an issued alert that normal traffic would be suspended but did not specify why, it gave wind direction and other pertinent information for craft to land however. Mid morning, jets, I believed to be stealth bombers arrived. I did not see how many until the last day they were here, others, former military men who live here as well, claimed that while they had not see that particular jet, it resembled F-16. They began a series of sorties over the surrounding desert regions.

Mid morning, just shortly after they arrived, two men, one elder (early fifties to early sixties), and one younger man (mid 20's) arrived. They took up residence in the room beside my own which has an unobstructed view of the airport. But for all appearances sake, they rested from their trip for the rest of the daylight hours. Since the motel I live in is gay friendly, in all honesty I thought they were lovers and didn't question their true intent. That night, at around 9: p.m. I went to walk my dog, they were unloading their small blue truck of their personal belongings and I happened, (because I am a nosy person) to glace back over my shoulder and noticed what looked like a pup tent erected over one of the double beds in their room. I thought this was weird and noticed a bunch of wires and what-nots but basically reminded myself to mind my own business and walked the dog.

That night, I heard many different electronic sounds coming from their room. The next morning the entire airport was dominated by the fighter jets and their sorties. The noise was unbelievable and they took off and landed on a regular basis. Out of curiosity I asked the motel management, (whom I am friends with), if they knew what was going on over there and they said they didn't have a clue. I also asked about the two men whom were next to me and again, the management drew blanks, just that their truck bore Wyoming plates and they were probably gay. Again, that night I heard electronic noises and noticed they had obstructed the nosy view of any onlooking eye by placing a sleeping bag over their window but since I was at a dead end and their affairs were their own, I tried to ignore them.

The next morning the older man began what would become a daily habit, he would leave early in the morning and appear to be going to Laughlin to gamble or what-not leaving the younger man alone in the room, he'd honk twice as he was leaving but the younger man never left with him.

The jets continued to fly sorties all day and at night, a host of helicopters would begin to take flight as the jets appeared to settle down for the night and the helicopters which appeared as Search and Rescue craft being red and white in color, would fly in circular patterns all night long over the airport. I continued to hear the electronic sounds coming from the room next door and as I was passing the room, noticed the younger man had left to retrieve something from their truck. When he noticed that I observed him from the balcony he kind of acted like he was overcome with himself, not knowing what to do and almost froze suspended half way inside the truck until my dog and I passed him on our way to the field behind the motel.

As the days passed, not frequently but now and then, we'd see the younger man just standing, gazing from the end of the balcony into the barren desert. He never smiled, never spoke and I assumed was mentally challenged and began to believe maybe the elder guy was his father rather than his lover and maybe the elder guy went gambling every day, since he left in that direction but then one morning as the jets took flight, I noticed the elder man drove towards the right hand lane, which would have taken him to the Bullhead Parkway and hence to the airport. My son, who has a room two doors down from mine began to make it his business to find out what was wrong with the younger man, (mostly out of concern for his welfare since the older man left him alone everyday and if he was incapacitated in any way, we or at least he might offer to be there for him if needed), and my son attempted several times to speak with him but it appeared, either I was correct, and he was mentally challenged or something else was wrong with him as he had no normal human responses. Again, I mentioned to the management that I continued to hear electronic noises come from their room all night long and asked if they knew anything more about those two, but the office appeared to believe my original thought, that they were gay lovers and maybe they were playing video games all throughout the night on the T.V.

Now, I would have stopped here and as everyone else just thought that it was normal for air traffic to be interrupted in a tourist town that depends heavily upon all tourist and that maybe these two mysterious men who arrived the same day as the jets, in fact had nothing to do with the jets, with one exception. Everyone had a different theory who these jets were and why they had come to this remote town, essentially seized the local air port and were flying sorties above the desert but the night before they all left, a larger craft arrived under the cloak of darkness. We saw it quite by accident since it arrived about the same time we were walking the dog. From the balcony we could see the entire runway even though it was in pitch dark except for the tower as you could see apartment and house lights on either side of the airport. The craft was huge, (huge meaning it blocked completely view of the Southeastern horizon line which would have been dotted with lights from homes and streets),it was triangular and it was black, (assumed color), or as dark as the night, it had three lights around it and as this huge thing descended onto the airport it made absolutely no sound as it apparently landed. No jet engine noises, nothing.

I was obviously delighted to see this triangular black craft as I had never seen one before and was squealing and didn't realize we were right in front of the mens room. The younger one came out of the room and we both turned around to apologize for making so much noise and again, he froze, staring at the craft and back to us. So I said "hi" hoping we didn't disturb him too much and he quickly shut the door on the both of us. By the time we looked back, the craft had apparently landed as we just didn't see it anymore. My son was trying to convince me that this craft was something identifiable as I was trying to convince him it was the same triangular black craft many Arizonians have sighted over the years for it made no sound and appeared to glide to the earth or use some gravitational field to land.

The next morning as I took the dog outdoors there were three jets which took off side by side and flew north. By the time I arrived back at the motel the two men were packing up and leaving also. While I went to my room, I did secret watching them from behind my curtain to see what they brought out of that room and was amazed to watch them openly bring electronic scopes, wires and bags of stuff out and down the steps but the last thing I watched the younger of the two bring out and begin to drop down to the older man below, was silver insulated wall panels, (silver covering in a quilted pattern over a foam center, about 4' x 6' rectangular shaped), which I have heard some people use to block out signals from entering their homes. He dropped them down to the old man, who now appeared energetically charged, and I counted eight panels which they folded up, packed into the small camper shelled pick up truck and then as mysteriously as they appeared, they too, with the jets left Bullhead and by mid day, the tourist jets were landing at our airport as though nothing had happened.

Normal air traffic resumed and honestly no one I have spoken to appears to know exactly what happened here except some story that was going around that these jets came from Canada and the Canadians had permission to use the airport for their task, what ever that was, I was also told that the helicopters must have been Canadian as well since they were red and white but I haven't spoken to anyone who knows for certain about any of this stuff. All in all, they were here about one full week. I haven't spoken to anyone who also saw the black craft, it could be few people actually saw it as it was very cold that night and you'd have to have a reason to be outdoors, but we never saw it leave, I just doubt it was on the runway when normal traffic resumed as tourist would have wondered what it was. It must have left during the early morning hours.

Honestly there is no reason to contact me over the sighting since I really don't have any conclusions or answers and I understand only too well that in most of these cases there are cover stories which the public is expected to accept without question, I am certain that everything that went on here with the exception of the triangular black craft, will have a cover story but it makes no sense for Canadians to fly all the way down to a tiny little town to begin maneuvers that equate to test flying jets which I am certain Nellis AFB or any other northern military air field could accommodate with a lot less attention and then end by a legendary black craft landing on the field and disappearing overnight, along with two very strange men whom said less than a few sentences the entire time they were here. I did take phone camera photographs of the jets and from the land below, it is verifiable that they are flying over Laughlin/Bullhead Airport but I have not been able to identify the jets. Sorry I don't have more.