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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Small UFO Approached Bedroom Window

I received this email from a reader seeking information on a close encounter they experienced at home:

Back in the fall of 2009 I had a good streak in videotaping UFOs in a section of the city called Korea Town a few minutes away from downtown L.A. I had constant sightings even when I had no video camera with me they were every where. Some glimmered as they spun way up in the sky. It was a curious sight and these flying objects came in strange shapes. Some of these objects moved slowly and some even moved like birds, small, round and fast. Some looked like liquid silver plasma, some looked like white eggs. Some were dark and flat in shade with no reflection almost like soot. But what impressed me the most about these UFOs was the audacity of being visible in broad daylight. These objects would stay motionless for hours. So much so that I would call my friends to come over and witness these things with their own eyes. A few of my friends were very skeptical so I had to convince them by proving that these things existed and it wasn't just an over active imagination. Nevertheless when they saw these UFOs they scratched their heads and tried debunking them by stating that they were balloons, objects picked up by the wind, I even expected to hear the swamp gas theory, but I knew better. I had observed these objects for hours and even days to know these were intelligent in nature. These "Balloons" were driven by power and had awareness. Balloons float way with the wind and just go with the flow. Not these silver orbs. No wind could move these. They would also float against the wind and even speed up and vanish into thin air.

I would record them from my own bedroom window which is on the second floor of a building facing the Hollywood mountains. After a while I even started thinking they were purposely entertaining me. It sounds strange but somehow I felt some small connection to these familiar craft, drones, UFOs or what ever they may be. One night I went to bed early but I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned but no matter what I did I just could not get any comfort. I slept with my windows open and the curtains clipped closed so that I can constantly keep a look out for anything interesting. That night was dead. Nothing flying except for helicopters and little Cessnas. I gave up around 1:30 in the morning and called it a night. I finally started getting drowsy and fell asleep only to wake up around 4:40 AM and take a urinary break. As I walked back to my room from the restroom I had a habit of always peeking out the window before I would lay in bed again and was shocked to be face to face with what looked like a dark black oblong hovering object almost like the size of a football except a little bigger and wider. This little craft was completely silent. I wasn't scared, but a little cautious. I walked slowly closer to my window and this craft did not move, it was dark outside but I was able to make out a slight dark burgundy copper like shine to it's surface and lines on it's side. It looked machine like, glossy and black. The whole sighting lasted about less than a minute. I was excited but motionless because I did not want to startle the thing. I would say this encounter lasted about maybe 30 seconds before it smoothly and super silently floated away to the right of my window and disappeared into the darkness.

It was a little eerie. It was quiet in the city this particular morning. A little too quiet. I do remember when it vanished into the darkness how the street lights flickered off. I was awe struck and amazed and quite baffled by this event. Ever since then I think about that encounter constantly and what this object was. Quite possibly it was some type of drone like spy craft. The question in my head is who sent it? Does it have anything to do with me recording these daytime craft? Is it Earthly? Or a visitor from outer space? Does our government have technology like this? These questions might never get answered but who ever it was, we were face to face and know of each others existence. I regret not having a camera ready, but I don't think I would have been able to move fast enough to catch a snap shot of it anyway. I was curiously drawn to its essence so much that I didn't try to find a camera. I just wanted to see how close I could get and maybe even communicate with it. What ever it was, it gave me the honor to be close enough (maybe about 3 feet apart) to view it. That thought is superimposed in my mind as one of the strangest things that has ever happened to me and I do have a few.

Thanks for letting me tell this story to your fans Lon. I hope that maybe someone else has had a similar experience and would like to open up and share their story on your website.

Happy New Years 2011 to you and the whole Phantoms and Monsters folk out there. Keep looking up to those skies, you just never know who's up there looking down on you. Camda

(Posted are photographs taken of the view from the reader's bedroom window)