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Monday, January 03, 2011

Fortean / Alternative News: Helpful Aliens, Extraterrestrial DNA and Ghost Census

Abductee States New Alien Race Here to Help

unexplainable - by Chris Capps - A UFO abductee from Brisbane, Australia has come forward claiming that just recently a new race of aliens has arrived to help the human race on Earth and investigate our bodies for genetic tampering. Though it might sound a bit strange even for a UFO abduction report, this witness details an interesting narrative that seems to suggest there's more going on in the world of UFO abductions than just aliens visiting Earth and altering DNA. This witness actually suggests there may be a different alien race that has come to investigate the others. And if this was the case, it seems to suggest a number of things that might change the very face of UFOlogy.

The witness, who submitted his report to the Mutual UFO Network, says that he was awoken in the middle of the night to the sound of chirping coming from his bedroom. Looking around, he could see strange shapes suddenly moving about his room. Soon four creatures approached his bed and introduced themselves as one, two, three, and four. They told him they were there to help the human race and not to be afraid. Though the creatures were extremely strange to the witness, he felt very calm and at peace. Quickly he felt an overwhelming trust for these creatures. The experience involved body scans with a handheld device. One of the creatures scanned his internal organs with a device that had a screen on it showing his circulatory system. The creature even tilted the machine up so the witness could see his own body pumping blood through his veins. After a few moments of examination, the witness asked why they were there and the creature explained that they had arrived on Earth to investigate the possibility of DNA tampering. As the night progressed the creatures returned him to his room and when the witness awoke he found that he had not slept well the previous night as he looked back on it, he couldn't help but feel that the whole experience couldn't have been a dream. He had remembered his dreams many times over the years, and whatever this was, it was completely different.

It stands to reason if DNA alteration were to happen on Earth, as many peoples' UFO scenarios suggest, then it would likely happen on other planets as well. In fact, it would seem this would be fairly common practice on developing worlds if potential tamperers were not policed somehow by a unified group of creatures that valued the natural diversity of life. And so if the creatures involved here in this account were to have a motive to protect the humans, then the collection of DNA suddenly seems to make more sense. Of course this still doesn't explain so many accounts of the abduction narrative where children and other offspring are shown to the abductees during subsequent abductions. Still, this witness appears to have had a very strange and intriguing experience that defies explanation.

Unexplainable.net - Watching the World Change


Colombian Undertaker Launches Ghost Census

dalelinezero - A Medellin undertaker has taken his craft to the next level by launching a “ghostly census” in Colombia’s second-largest city, where his workers have so far compiled 215 spirits, 23 in pictures and videos. “It’s beyond question that many of the city’s buildings and homes have ghosts. For years, we’ve heard stories about them and we thought the time had come to approach, catalog and classify them through a census,” William Betancur told AFP.

Betancur said he came on the idea of a “ghostly census” after clearly sensing his pet dog still going about his daily rounds at the funeral home — four months after he died. The enterprising Betancur Funeral Home owner said he began working on the list a few weeks ago, sending “a team of four funeral parlour workers — properly attired in uniforms — to buildings” around Medellin, 245 kilometers (152 miles) northwest of the capital Bogota.

“They’ve reported back with 215 ghosts…. Our video and still cameras have captured 23,” he said with pride.

Anybody can report an otherworldly apparition, Betancur said. “They just have to phone or email us (censofantasmas@hotmail.com) and depending on their physical manifestation — noises, sparkling light shows or images — that’s how they’ll be classified.”

And the ghost business seems to be catching on, according to AFP. Betancur said he gets calls every day from people and companies “from Colombia and abroad” with offers on how to measure the “relationship between the ghost and the place he inhabits” and of state-of-the-art detection equipment.

The undertaker has a sound business model behind his haunted venture.

“Our plan is to take a year for the census…. Later we’re thinking of writing a book and, why not, doing a movie or documentary series.”

Betancur said he came on the idea of a “ghostly census” after clearly sensing his pet dog still going about his daily rounds at the funeral home — four months after he died.


Babies Can Read Minds

scientificamerican - Babies as young as seven months old may be able to take into account the thoughts and beliefs of other people, according to a paper published December 23 in Science. Called "theory of mind," this ability is central to human cooperation.

The finding provides evidence for the earliest awareness in infants so far of others' perspectives, says lead author Ágnes Kovács, a developmental psychologist at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest. The research team made the discovery by measuring a simple behavior--how long infants stare at a scene--in experiments that did not require infants to explicitly assess others' thoughts or predict their actions.

Although many past studies have suggested that the ability to infer another person's viewpoint does not arise until the age of four, scientists demonstrated in 2005 and 2007, respectively, that 15- and 13-month-old infants can, in some situations, comprehend the beliefs of others.

Showing that younger babies possess this aptitude is significant, says developmental psychologist Rose Scott of the University of California, Merced. It's not known how babies acquire the capacity to understand others' mental states, but some scientists have argued that conversation has a key role. Because seven-month-olds have little experience with conversation--responding to voices and babbling rather than speaking words--Scott says that this study "really changes the kinds of theories that we're going to have to build for how these abilities develop."

Sensing expectation

The researchers showed 56 seven-month-old infants an animated cartoon in which a Smurf-like character watches a ball roll behind a rectangle placed on a table through a number of scenes. The ball either stopped behind the rectangle and was hidden from view, or kept rolling along the table until it disappeared from the scene.

In some of the scenes, the "Smurf" character watched the whole process. In others, he left too soon to see the ball's final position. For example, a ball that previously rolled behind the rectangle while the character was present would start rolling again and disappear from view after his departure. In the last scene, the rectangle dropped off, revealing no ball behind it.

The team found that the infants stared longer at the final scenes depicting a surprising outcome for the cartoon character when he retreated early (ball absent) than the anticipated one (ball present). Babies are thought to look longer at unexpected situations or events. So the researchers interpret the infants' behavior as indicating that they were surprised at the unexpected outcome, just as the cartoon character would have been. In other words, the babies seemed to process the character's viewpoint, not just their own.

Of two minds?

Although using looking times is a standard approach in the field, it is problematic because it is hard to know whether infants are attending to the right parts of the scene when they are looking at it, says developmental psychologist Alison Gopnik of the University of California, Berkeley. Tracking reaching behavior or eye movements will be necessary to substantiate the findings, she adds.

Gopnik also says that infants' responses could be explained by the perception of physical events, such as the sequence of ball movements, rather than the cartoon character's viewpoint. The researchers would have to add a control scene with no characters in it to show that they influence looking times, she says.

The authors did include experiments that were meant to account for alternative explanations, such as visual discrepancies between the movies. For example, the researchers made sure that the timing of the ball's movements and the total distance it covered was the same in all the movies. "I believe that we can be rather confident that the looking-time differences are really due to computing the cartoon character's beliefs, and not to some uninteresting differences between the conditions," says co-author Ansgar Endress, a cognitive psychologist at the Massachussetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge.

If confirmed by future studies, the results would indicate that infants are sensitive to social information and to what others see. But this does not necessarily mean that they have the ability to comprehend others' beliefs in the same way that four-year-olds do, Gopnik says. "The most interesting question now is how children revise and change their early view of the mind based on the evidence they see around them."


Another 'Power' Wristband Seller Forced to Admit Misleading Advertisement

powerbalance - In our advertising we stated that Power Balance wristbands improved your strength, balance and flexibility.

We admit that there is no credible scientific evidence that supports our claims and therefore we engaged in misleading conduct in breach of s52 of the Trade Practices Act 1974.

If you feel you have been misled by our promotions, we wish to unreservedly apologise and offer a full refund.

To obtain a refund please visit our website www.powerbalance.com.au or contact us toll-free on 1800 733 436

This offer will be available until 30th June 2011. To be eligible for a refund, together with return postage, you will need to return a genuine Power Balance product along with proof of purchase (including credit card records, store barcodes and receipts) from an authorised reseller in Australia.

This Corrective Notice has been paid for by Power Balance Australia Pty Ltd and placed pursuant to an undertaking to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission given under section 87B of the Trade Practices Act, 1974.


Video: Russian Scientist Believes He Found Alien DNA at UFO Landing Site

Train passengers in Russia said they saw a UFO land. A biologist took the passengers seriously and decided to do a number of experiments.

The experiments show that there is little life in the ground and that animals avoid the area, even 20 years after the landing. Inside what is believed the landing circle, time speeds up.

But most amazing is that the scientist says he has found physical proof of ET. He was able to find physical samples that he believes contain alien DNA.

Some Russians believe this is Alien micro-technology being placed on earth by interplanetary probes.

American scientists believe the Alien physical samples are of unknown origin or common parts of filter systems.