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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bel Air Lights / UFOs - Harford County, Maryland

I received the following comment from the witness in Bel Air, Harford County, Maryland in reference to these sightings: "I'm still seeing UFOs almost nightly around Bel Air MD. If you're interested in getting more information feel free to contact me." I asked the witness to forward a narrative on the activity. When I receive it, I will update here. In the meantime, the MUFON CMS report the witness filed on 1/12/2011:

For the past two months I've been seeing strange lights and aircraft in my area around Bel Air, Maryland. After seeing them on a regular basis I went out and bought a video camera so I could document these sightings.

I started to notice these lights almost every night usually around 7:00PM EST. They appear very low in the sky, usually over trees and sometimes they can be extremely bright. At times they appear to pulsate and move extremely slow. Generally they hang around for 5-10 minutes before fading out. Sometimes when they fade out and start moving away they start to blink a red light or strobe light like you would see on a standard aircraft. However I can assure you that these objects do not behave like standard aircraft.

I have also seen and filmed several large black triangle aircraft with 4 bright head lights. They fly extremely low maybe 200 feet off the ground and are almost completely silent. Sometimes they turn the head lights on and off while flying. I had one fly directly over my head one night while I was filming and even though it was only 200-300 feet above me I couldn't hear any sounds coming from it until it was directly over my head. Once it was over my head it sounded like a jet engine but the craft appeared to be a black triangle shape. It was very eerie to have such a large object flying that low and right in front of me yet completely silent until it was directly over my head.

Click for video - 1/12/2011

Click for video - 1/5/2011

Click for video - 11/5/2010

NOTE: I recently posted the following: UFO Flap Over Central Maryland. I live just west of Baltimore, so these sightings have piqued my interest...Lon