Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fortean / Oddball News: Wyoming UFOs, High On Nutmeg and Yeti Road

Strangeness Over Wyoming

MUFON CMS - Cheyenne, Wyoming - 12/10/2010 - unedited: During the early morning of December 10th, at about 2:30AM MT, I stepped out back behind my apartment to have a cigarette. I was on the Eastside of the building and there's an alley that has small parking lots for all of the apartment buildings on my block along with a good sized hill/field that goes up to a parking lot of a church. I happened to be standing by my car as I noticed a falling star out of the corner of my eye, looking South. As it brought my attention towards that area of the sky, 5 more falling stars shot off in random directions, leaving me excited that I had just seen 5 simultaneous falling stars! Half way through my cigarette, I moved to the front of my building where there was less light to interfere with my view of the clear sky. Standing now on the Westside/front of my building with a full view of the Southern, Western and Northern skies, I was scanning the sky for more spectacular surprises, since about 2 months before, my girlfriend and I both witnessed a star-like UFO, North of town, moving very slowly to the east and upward, disappear. After experiencing that I became more aware of what's going on in the sky, therefore, everytime I'm standing or step out in the front of my building, I automatically look towards the Northern skies to see if what we saw, is there again. I can't help but to look. What I saw in October, was a light evading my view by mimicking a star. It moved very very slowly, upward and to the east, but as it moved behind the view of a lamp post in the grocery store's parking lot across the street of mine, it'd stop dead still and I would have to shift positions of my head to locate it again. I'd move my head further right, it would move left behind the viewing of the lamp post, I'd move my head left to spot it again, it would move right behind the lamp post again...It was off in a distance but still bright and flickering green and purple, sometimes dimming for moments, a very redish orange color, then flickering again. At that point I ran inside, woke my girlfriend to look at this "light." As soon as we step outside, it was still there but motionless and less actively flickering. It looked like a normal star in the sky. My girlfriend sort of got angry that I woke her and said "It's not moving. It's a star! I think you're just seeing things..." I insisted she keep her eyes glued to this "star" because I had a feeling it would display the show it was for me, again. A minute or so pass by and next thing you know, this light starts moving towards the east and up again, still at a very slow speed, almost as if it were gliding. My girlfriend in excitement and confusion said "It looks like it moved over to the right a little!" Within seconds from her saying that, this light stopped dead in its track, elevated by a small amount and disappeared. I literally felt like falling over and it scared her to wanting to go back inside right away to "hide." I regained myself but I was very speechless at what had happened. It left me with a feeling that it knew we/I could see it, and it moving out of my view was a way to "cloak" itself from my sight because like I said, I felt it knew I was watching it. Very creepy. On the morning of December 10th, as I described above, after I moved to the Westside of my building with the South, West and North in my view, I looked to the Northern skies. I took notice right away to a flicker, high in elevation. As I focused in on where it came from, I noticed what at first appeared to be a plane slowly floating along, again towards the East but at a very slow speed. I'm not good at determining distances in the sky, but it was pretty far up, high enough to be a plane. I stayed glued to it but noticed sort of a lag in its flashes. It would flash but not on time, as a plane or helicopter would like on a tick of a clock. As soon as it would flash and go black, it would flash again a second or so later but it would be slightly behind its initial flashes. While it continued East, there are trees in my neighbors' yard that would have obscurred its view. On one of the trees, there's a very large branch that sticks outwards towards the West, therefore, the direction of this light would first go behind that branch then re-appear in a small space of the tree, before it disappears behind all of the branches and twigs, etc. At the speed it was moving I stayed focused because it was odd and I was certain it wasn't a plane after its strange characteristics of speed and flashes. As soon as it moved behind the large branch that was poking out of the tree, I waited for it to re-appear in the small space. It should've taken a second or two, to get past the branch's cover, but nothing. I was in denial at that point, thinking "No, this can't be happening again! WTF?!" running towards the street just to spot this light again. I looked toward the direction it was going, but seconds later, I noticed it again, but way higher in altitude but the odd thing was it was a solid red light, sitting still and then finally disappearing after a couple seconds later! I again, ran inside to wake up my girlfriend, but as I entered the bedroom, she appeared to be "awake" already with her face, facing the door way and her eyes wide open. I asked if she was ok, but got no response, I walked up to her and shook her a little and asked again, but still no response and still a dead stare! That added more creepiness to what I had just seen, but then she finally rolled over and just said, "It's hot in here" then back to sleep. She had no recollection of being "awake" when I went in there or even talking to me, but seeing her with her eyes wide open for a good couple of seconds staring off into nowhere, made me feel a bit uncomfortable with the events I've witnessed. My heart at that point was pounding , I moved to each window of the apartment looking out to see if I could see anything in the sky again. I get to my kitchen window which faces the west and looked out. As soon as I took view to the western skies, I notice an odd "light", which at first, I thought was a helicopter because F.E. Warren Airforce Base is out West of town and I always see helicopters going to and from there or in that direction. I kept my sight on it moving at different rates of speed towards the North, starting at a really high altitude but then lowering as it moved along. As it lowered some more, it disappeared, again... A couple seconds pass and it re-appears higher in altitude, somewhat in the same area it disappeared at. It again started floating along, blinking at random times moving first down in elevation again, and then much higher than it was, and then coming to a complete stop in the North/Western skies. I watched it sit still, and vividly blink red at random times for about a minute, and as seconds went by after so, the blinking was gone, and I was staring at the black of the sky again. I closed up all of the blinds and went straight to bed, because of how uncomfortable that entire event turned out to be. I have a feeling that these objects/lights know that we can see them because of their evasive manuevers to get out of sight. If I wouldn't have been looking around those nights or if I wouldn't have focused in on those particular lights, it makes me wonder if they would have ever moved position in the first place. It's pretty odd stuff and makes me feel like I'm somewhat "connected" now that I keep seeing these strange things.

MUFON CMS - Little America, Wyoming - 12/11/2010 - unedited: I was driving back to colorado from idaho, got tired and decided to stop off at little america (Little America, Wyoming). reclined in my seat for almost two hours, couldn't sleep so i decided to start driving. I immediately noticed this star like figure in the eastern sky. I've seen this same figure many years ago as a teenager in Idaho more than once. I knew it wasn't a star because it was too close to the ground and way too bright. I also noticed it moving when i would stop the car, it would go back and forth from one side of I-80 to the other. I tried to keep up with the other cars because i've never felt so terrified, I felt like it was there for me for some reason, only because this isn't the only time that i've seen it. My brother and my grandmother have also seen this before. My heat was on inside my car but all that i could feel was cold. i was stopping at every exit because i couldn't stay awake, i would drink coffee and red bull but could only continue to drive for only twenty minutes at a time. every time i would stop it would move closer but when i would continue driving, it would go off into the distance. i finally couldn't drive any longer so i pulled off at a truck stop at rock springs and once again reclined me seat to try to sleep. i could see it moving south as i fell asleep, it was my last image of this star like figure. when i was sleeping, i was dreaming about it and a man that i have never seen before. in my dream, the man kept repeating that he was the reason that i could not bear children that they had other plans for me. i remember trying to wake from this dream but could not, and once again have never been so terrified. also, when i was driving, a friend of mine was sending me text messages but for some period i quit receiving these messages. when they finally came through, i had three missed messages at different times, but i remember checking my phone frequently and never did lose service. after sleeping for three hours i woke up to continue driving. even though i could no longer see the object, i still could only drive about twenty to thirty minutes at a time, i was drained of energy. i had to pull over and sleep for one or two hours every twenty to thirty minutes. a drive that would normally only take me less than five hours took me more than twelve hours because i just didn't have the energy to continue. i've made this same drive several times and was sick with severe anemia from cancer before and still was never this tired. in fact it's still hours later and i don't feel like i have any energy just yet, but i did notice i have three blister like sores on my neck in the shape of a triangle, very painful. don't know if they have anything to do with my sighting or my fatigue but don't want to dismiss it just yet. Also, i tried to stop and take pictures of the object, but it seems like every time i would stop and get my phone ready to take pictures, the object would become very dim. and according to my call log, i called my husband at 5:24 am to tell him about what i was seeing.


Kids Getting High On Nutmeg

abcactionnews - There are new concerns for parents, as a common household spice is now being abused by teenagers to get high. Video of kids smoking, eating and drinking large quantities of nutmeg to get high can be found all over

According to various online reports, Nutmeg contains Myristicin, a compound that can cause euphoria and hallucinations. Potential side effects from getting high off Nutmeg include: vomiting, dizziness and convulsions.

When shown some of the YouTube videos, random people on the street were shocked to hear this was happening. "What other kind of seasoning could you possibly try to smoke or sniff? What else could they get their hands on? It's kind of scary to hear about that," said Emily Felgenhauer.

A small amount of nutmeg in your recipes or on top of some egg nog is not harmful. Users consume the spice in high quantities to feel negative effects.

But because most homes have the spice in a pantry or kitchen, it's easy to obtain, and has become an easy target for those kids attempting to get high.


Fiji Children Affected By Mysterious Viral Disease

xinhuanet - Fiji's Ministry of Health has confirmed that a mystery viral illness affecting young children has been found in the island nation, local newspaper Fiji Times reported here Sunday.

The ministry's media officer Peni Namotu was quoted as saying that there was now an outbreak of the illness which left local doctors baffled as they await test results of the virus from a laboratory in Australia.

He said children who suffered the illness had high fever, rashes or blisters on their hands, soles of the feet and around the mouth and in severe cases, suffered seizure or fits.

"The disease usually begins with a fever, poor appetite, malaise (feeling vaguely unwell), and often with a sore throat," he added.

According to Namotu, "there have been about 20-30 cases per month for October and November seen in the children's hospital and health centres with a handful requiring admissions because of associated seizure (fits), high fever and other complications."


Road Through Yeti Territory Excites Locals

hindustantimes - Locals here have for ages lived in awe of a ‘monster’ called China. They are now wary of being haunted by another — the mythical Himalayan yeti. The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) is developing a road through Bhutan to have faster access to the western district of Tawang, around 550 km northeast of Assam capital Guwahati.

In close proximity to this road is Bhutan’s Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary — a 650 sq km reserve created specifically to protect the habitat of the yeti or abominable snowman, known in Bhutan as the migoi, or strong man.

This road via Udalguri in Assam connects the Bhutanese district of Trashigang before terminating at Tawang. “This road is expected to be completed in three years,” Tawang deputy commissioner Gamli Padu said.

There is a sense of fear among the locals. But they are enthused by the possibility of this unseen mythological monster, known for scaring campers, boosting tourism in Tawang.

“We fear the yeti,” says Tawang-based trader Yishe Jungney. “But we know it means no harm unlike them,” he added, pointing towards Tibet.

The BRO, though, has refused to talk about the road through the tiny Buddhist country.

“We are only working on a shortcut to Tawang that reduces travel from Guwahati by 93 km,” said a senior officer of the 14 Border Roads Task Force based in Tenga, 205 km south of Tawang.