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Friday, December 31, 2010

Fortean / Alternative News: Thomas Jefferson's UFO, Neck Massager Kills Doctor and Icelandic Anomaly

Mr. Jefferson and the UFO

rbedrosian - "No. III. Description of a singular Phenomenon seen at Baton Rouge, by William Dunbar, Esq. communicated by Thomas Jefferson, President A. P. S.

Natchez, June 30th, 1800.
Read 16th January 1801.

A phenomenon was seen to pass Baton Rouge on the night of the 5th April 1800, of which the following is the best description I have been able to obtain.

It was first seen in the South West, and moved so rapidly, passing over the heads of the spectators, as to disappear in the North East in about a quarter of a minute. It appeared to be of the size of a large house, 70 or 80 feet long and of a form nearly resembling Fig. 5. in Plate, iv.

It appeared to be about 200 yards above the surface of the earth, wholly luminous, but not emitting sparks; of a colour resembling the sun near the horizon in a cold frosty evening, which may be called crimson red. When passing right over the heads of the spectators, the light on the surface of the earth, was little short of the effect of sun-beams, though at the same time, looking another way, the stars were visible, which appears to be a confirmation of the opinion formed of its moderate elevation. In passing, a considerable degree of heat was felt but no electric sensation. Immediately after it disappeared in the North East, a violent rushing noise was heard, as if the phenomenon was bearing down the forest before it, and in a few seconds a tremendous crash was heard similar to that of the largest piece of ordnance, causing a very sensible earthquake.

I have been informed, that search has been made in the place where the burning body fell, and that a considerable portion of the surface of the earth was found broken up, and every vegetable body burned or greatly scorched. I have not yet received answers to a number of queries I have sent on, which may perhaps bring to light more particulars.


Claim of UFO at John Lennon's Memorial Peace Tower Light

MUFON CMS - Mothership UFO Sighting flies through John Lennon's Memorial Peace Tower Light Caught on Cam, Dec 30, 2010.

Date of sighting: December 30, 2010 (although there is a comment of Dec 31, I think this was taken Dec 30, since today is 31st and current view is daytime in Iceland.)

Location of sighting: Reykjavik, Iceland

While watching the amazing memorial tribute cam of the Imagine Peace Tower cam the UFO seemed to stand out more than the light. The side of the cam has older still shot hours earlier and these two photos were those.

In the first you can clearly see an extremely long craft with the Imagine light reflecting off of its surface and sides. This UFO flew right through the Imagine light tower but for it to have gone unnoticed, it must have been traveling very fast indeed, yet not so fast that a still image could not be captured.

The second image seems to show UFO orbs that are interested in the light beam. Since this light could be seen miles away, it will draw the attention of everyone in that vicinity of Iceland, even aliens might be curious about the what and the why of it all.


Doctor Killed By Neck Massager

miamiherald - Her neck aching after a night of wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve, Dr. Michelle Ferrari-Gegerson used an electronic massager to relieve the pain.

That night, her lifeless body was found by her husband on the bedroom floor of their Parkland home.

The culprit: the massager, say Broward Sheriff's Office detectives and the Medical Examiner's Office.

They believe it got tangled in her necklace and strangled her.

Ferrari-Gegerson, 37, worked as a radiologist in the emergency room of Jackson Memorial Hospital and was the mother of a 1-year-old, colleagues said.

``Last week she was here and she brought baked goods for various employees,'' said Barbara Perez Deppman, director for radiology at the hospital. ``That's what type of person she was. Out of the blue, she would just give people food vouchers and take them out to lunch.''

According to BSO, Ferrari-Gegerson was discovered unconscious about 9 p.m. Christmas Eve by her husband, Dr. Kenneth Gegerson, a dentist.

Gegerson, 43, called 911.

When deputies and paramedics arrived, they found the electronic massager on the floor near her, according to BSO.

BSO is withholding the brand and other details of the electronic massager while the investigation continues.

Ferrari-Gegerson's apparent accident is not the first incident where an electronic massager has reportedly strangled someone.

In December 2008, the Matoba Electric Manufacturing Company based in Saitama, Japan recalled an electronic foot massager after three reported cases in that country of women strangling themselves accidentally while using the machine as a neck massager.

In all the cases, the women removed a cloth cover from the Arubi Shape-Up roller, and the collar of their shirts ended up getting caught in the machine's rollers.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported recalling three types of electronic massagers since 1998, though none were reported to have caused a death.

Instead, each recall involved back massagers that posed more of a fire hazard.

The most recent recall was in April 2006 for the Brookstone Foldable Massaging Bed Rest. The product was recalled after complaints that electrical circuits overheated and posed a fire and burn hazard.

In December 2001, the manufacturers of the Deep Knead Shiatsu back massagers voluntarily recalled about 15,000 of the machines after complaints that it overheated and posed a fire hazard.

And in May 1998, the commission recalled 183,000 back massage cushions distributed by Sears, because the devices' motors had the tendency to over heat and burn through the cushion.

A graduate of Florida Atlantic University and the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Ferrari-Gegerson had been at Jackson since 2001.

Besides working as a radiologist, Ferrari-Gegerson served as the quality improvement and patient safety physician for radiology. She also had been an assistant professor of clinical radiology at UM for about two years.

``She was really an amazing human being in the sense that she was a proficient physician,'' said Deppman.


Jailed US Sisters May Be Freed If One Donates Kidney

Two US women convicted of armed robbery can be released but only if one donates a kidney to the other, the governor of Mississippi has said. Jamie and Gladys Scott were convicted in 1994 of taking part in a robbery that netted a mere $11.

Their lawyer, Chokwe Lumumba, hailed Gov Haley Barbour's decision as a victory. The sisters were eligible for parole in 2014 and rights activists had criticised their sentence as harsh.

Jamie, 38, who requires daily dialysis, and Gladys, 36, are serving life sentences. Mr Lumumba said: "I think it's a victory. I talked to Gladys and she's elated about the news. I'm sure Jamie is, too."

He said Gladys had volunteered the donation. Mr Barbour, a Republican, will agree the indefinite suspension of their sentences, which can be reversed if terms are broken.