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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recent Worldwide UFO / Strange Encounter Reports - 11/17/2010

expressandstar - A triangular UFO dubbed the Dudley Dorito has been spotted over the skies of the Black Country and Birmingham.

Quality inspector Munesh Mistry, aged 21, spotted the triangular-shaped object above the skies of his home in Andrew Road, Tipton, at around 10.15pm on Sunday.

His sighting comes just weeks after a UFO was spotted hovering over Sutton Coldfield on the eve of Bonfire Night.

That time the triangular object, which was said to be four or five times the size of a commercial airliner, was seen by David Allen from Bendall Road, in Boldmere on November 4.

The sightings have echoes of the Dudley Dorito which was seen flying over the area during 2007 and 2008.

Mr Mistry, who spotted the object with his friend Neil Martin, aged 21, who lives in nearby Wells Close, said: “Me and my closest friend saw an amazing fast-moving and silent craft in the shape of a triangle made up of what appeared to be three lights fly across the sky at a mind boggling speed.

“At first it looked like three birds flying in unison, then when seeing the triangle shape, we both were amazed and immediately discarded that explanation.”

He added they promptly logged onto the internet and saw previous sightings on the Express & Star website.

He added: “We wondered if there were any other reports of a similar sighting, as we are both convinced that what we saw was either a spy plane being used by the military, if not, in my opinion is it is hardcore proof that it is an extraterrestrial spacecraft.”

In February last year a UFO sighting was recorded by Sean Gibbs-Percival over the skies of Oldbury.

On April 16 last year builders working at West Midland Safari Park were shocked to see a flying saucer-shaped object soaring above them, while on April 4, two bright orange UFOs shaped like Cornish pasties were spotted flying over Sedgley.

And in October 2008, a photograph of the Dudley Dorito was hailed as an important piece of evidence of alien life.

Previously top secret files were released by the Ministry of Defence describing hundreds of close encounters with UFOs earlier this year.


MUFON CMS - near Boutte and Paradis, LA - 3/2/2007 - unedited: The night of this occurrence I was on my way back from Houma, Louisiana. I was working as a courier and I was transporting film from a theatre in Houma back to the New Orleans airport close to where I live in Kenner, Louisiana.

Attached is a digital photo of a red mustang that I saw and took a picture of by the accident scene I witnessed on 3-2-2007 around 2:15 a.m. near Boutte and Paradis, Louisiana. I passed this accident scene and I was so amazed by it I turned around and made a U turn so I could take some pictures of it. I then noticed that other cars passing this accident scene were going very fast as if they did not see anything occurring. For some reason all of the passing cars were traveling in the left lane. This prevented them from hitting the police car and going over the animal but they were not slowing down.

When I pulled up to the accident scene for the second time I saw two police cars on the scene. One police car was in front of the animal that was laying across the right lane of the road. I noticed the windows of this police car were BLACK and I could not see anything inside of the car. The other police car was behind the red car that was just a few feet down the road but they were in the emergency lane. I could see the back of a policeman and the front of a man standing next to the red car. The man that apparently was the driver of the car was moving his hands in the air as if to be in a deep conversation with the police officer. This man was about 6 feet tall with dark hair and he was dressed nicely. I noticed he did not have a scratch on his face yet his vehicle was badly damaged.

I came very close to getting out of my car and speaking with these two people but I did not. I have pictures but police have NO record of this accident taking place! I spoke with a very nice police officer in the early morning hours of 3-5-2007 about this occurrence and his name is "Clint." Clint works for the St. Charles Parish Police Department. He informed me that on the night of 3-2-2007 he patroled highway 90 not far from the 310 entrance and this is exactly where the occurrence happened. He was also on duty at the exact time of the occurrence. Clint stated that he did not see anything like this occur and there is no report of it. In fact NO police departments have any reports of a huge animal being hit on the road in this area but I have the picture of this strange looking LARGE animal below! I believe the police officer was being honest but this adds even more mystery to this event. It appears to be a mixture of many different animals. It has a long tail and it's head appeared to me as a beautiful golden head of a Camel on the night of the occurrence. A few months ago a friend of mine went with me to the Audubon Zoo here in New orleans and we showed the image of this animal to a zoologist. He said he would be the one to speak with about this strange animal that we wanted to show him the digital image of. He looked it over carefully and was amazed at what he saw. He said he had never seen an animal like this and could not figure out what type it could be. Crytozoologists cannot make out what type it is either. It appears to be made up of many different animals. The average person might call it a cow, horse, etc but close observation shows it is not any one animal type. I have the original sd card saved of the pictures I captured that night. I did this to prove that my images have not been edited or manipulated. The only thing done to any image below is the car was lightened because the image was to dark to see prior to lightening it.

If you look close at the road that the animal is lying on you can see a circular pattern on it as if something landed there. One of the zoomed in images of the 3 UFO's in they sky above the occurrence shows intense colors and energy about it. Notice the mustang car has an alien figure that appears on the side of it with what looks like a hand holding some type of phone. The back part of the car appears ghostly was if it vanishes. Oddly the men on the scene of this accident do not appear in any of the pictures. The strange animal was huge and covered the whole right side of the lane. After I arrived back home I called all of the police departments in the area of occurrence including the state police and no one had any record of this incident occurring. I spoke with the St. Charles Police Department where the incident occurred and they stated that any time an animal is hit in there area everyone knows about it. They had not record of it and the cars passed the accident scene very fast as if they did not see anything.

Approximately 8 hours later I drove back to the area of this occurrence with my dad and NOTHING was there! There was NO blood on the pavement, no animal, no car, nothing! I know exactly where this occurred because this is the only route I take coming back from Houma to Kenner. It is right by where I get on 310 that takes me back to the Kenner area. Highway 90 is the only way to and from where I live to Houma, La. Highway 90 near Boutte, La is where this incident occurred.

During this event I noticed a stillness like no other and it was as if the universe was standing still for a few moments. A very enlightening and moving experience! I have my own beliefs in regards to what I witnessed since I have always had a very strong faith in God. After this incident I have been able to share a lot of information to many people in regards to aliens and there purpose for visiting us here on earth. (1.7 Million on Myspace) The book of ezekiel has many passages that express words that would make us think of modern day UFO's. I do know that I did my research and what I witnessed that night was not from earth. The image of this strange animal is unlike anything here on earth. In fact when I arrived back home I zoomed in on the image of this animal and at the head appears a very evil looking image of something. I have this image below also. I do have the original images saved on the original SD card from the digital camera I used that night to take the pictures. Of course now I wish I would have tried to make contact with the men on the scene but at the time I did not know how signifacant this event would turn out to be.

I have had some other incidents where I witnessed UFO's etc, but not quite like the night of 3-2-2007. There was an incident this same year (2007) near Kentwood, La that I witnessed. It involved 2 18 wheeler trucks and one was on fire. After I passed the 18 wheeler that was in flames a triangular shaped UFO hovered over the woods very close to my car. I did not have time to take a picture but viewing it gave me a wonderful feeling. I felt as if the aliens in the craft had great knowledge and held the answers to many unexplained questions we seek. The UFO took off in the direction of the 18 wheeler on fire. I made the next exit (about 3 miles or so) to head back in the direction of the UFO. When traveling back I heard fire trucks but then nothing was found in the area of occurrence. I do have a picture of one of the trucks laying across the interstate. I plan to go back the the area of Boutte, Paradis, la more often and I hope I can capture something significant to share with many people. I have looked over these images many times and there are even some words that appear at the bottom of the image of the car but I cannot make them out. I shared these images with numerous priests and pastor's and they believe I was blessed with the gift of Visions. (Joel 2:28) I have a a very STRONG faith in God over MANY years! I will keep my faith! Charles


MUFON CMS - Hamlin, MI - 11/16/2010 - uneditied: Driving northbound on Rochester road at Hamlin, I saw about a mile ahead of me two VERY bright, yellow-white lights close together. The lights were very different from the street lights, car lights, and building lights in the area. All those lights looked washed out compared to the floating lights. The floating lights were also significantly brighter and larger in diameter.

At first I thought they were landing lights from a plane flying really low. As I approached I realized the lights were stationary and then thought it must be lights on the end of a high pole - perhaps they're having a carnival in the parking lot of the mall again. As I came to a stop in the left-hand turn lane at Rochester and Avon, It was about 20 or 30 yards away (west and slightly north) and about 4 stories up... and still not moving. I keep thinking to myself, "I can't be the only one seeing this".

The thing that stood out most was how I had traveled a mile with this thing in full view and it never appeared to move at all. No wavering, nothing, even when I was right next to it. It was just hanging there steady in the same spot.

At this point, I could make out a third light, and the three lights formed a triangle, but I could not see anything between the lights at all. I pulled out my iphone and shot 3 pictures, but only 2 came out (not very well, either. I have an iphone 3g so it's not HD).

After about 10 seconds it started to move south. It didn't accelerate, it just started moving at a slow, constant rate. As it moved over the parking lot to my left (west), I could CLEARLY see its shape since the ground lights were illuminating it from below. It was a triangle with equal lengths on all sides and appeared to have no markings at all; just a flat, "grayish" surface with lights on the each end. I could not tell how thick it was. As it moved, the lights faded to nothing over the span of about 6 seconds and then I couldn't see it at all even though it was fairly close.

FYI, it was raining slightly and there was a slight "haze" in the air.

This may be unrelated, but when I crossed the road two miles back I saw four police cars with lights and sirens blaring as they drove through the intersection of Rochester and Auburn roads. Two continued west and two turned south.


MUFON CMS - Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica - 9/15/2010 - unedited: We were on vacation in Costa Rica where I am from originally. I live in the USA. Me and my girlfriend and one of my uncles went to arenal lodge in Costa Rica which is a popular tourist destination because the volcanoe is fairly active. It displays lava flows aproximately every 8 hours and also people have said there is ufo activity in the area. I am a believer in ufo's and love natural displays such as a volcanoe erupting, the night before my girlfriend snaped that picture we saw a white bright intermiting light come down to the forest at the bottom of the volcanoe then dissapear. a short time lator it reemerged to the north where the arenal lake is which is used for hydroelectric power. the light went up. it stoped half way between the water and the clouds, there were spotlight shining at it from the ground several like 5 or six. then the light went up into the clouds and dissapeared. I asked my uncle if there was a smallplane airport close by because of the spotlights, he said no. anyways something brings this ufos to this area.
important to note nasa has a hanger on the juan santamaria international airport. they put it there in the 90's incidently after ufo report in san jose the capital. they aid it was to study atmospheric changes. anyways there is a picture taken the next day.

NOTE: link to previous UFO sightings near volcanoes: UFO Sighting Near Volcanoes


MUFON CMS - enroute on Amtrak - 9/8/2006 - unedited: I was enroute to work for the Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Patrol Sept-2006 Past Customs ID 194485 Class number 626A Duty Station Piegan, Montana.

I left NC enroute to my duty station in Piegan, Montana. My life was threatened on Amtrak Train in Charlotteville, Virginia. A black female wearing a pink suit said that I was going to die. I was just walking past her coming from the bathroom. I did not know this female. I moved to another area of the train. I called 911 and was told to get off at the next train station in Charleston, West Virginia.

I got off the train in Charleston, West Virginia and called the police whom told me there was nothing that they could do. I was told to make contact with Amtrak Police.

I had to find a hotel for the night. I could see hotels within sight from the Amtrak Station in Charleston,West Virginia. I was afraid to take a taxi for some reason and I begged the guy working at that station to take me to a hotel because he was getting ready to close the station. The Amtrak Guy would not help me. I even showed the guy my homeland security papers and he did not care.

I left the station from the back of the building. I was carrying a pillow and blanket and a black bag. I had to cross the railroad tracks and then walk to the left. This is where my mind starts going sort of blank. I remember dropping my blanket and pillow on the tracks and then running. I was attempting to make it to a bridge within site so that I could get to a hotel. I was knocked out by something and the next thing I remember is walking from another bridge about 1 mile away. I was felt like I had been drugged or something. I felt like I was in shock. My clothes were still on and I still had my black bag. Something got me that I could not see. How did I get to another bridge 1 mile away from where I was at? I was on foot walking. The last people that I saw at the Amtrak Station before I left was the guy that worked there closing the station and a black guy getting in a taxi with some foreign guy driving.

As a child I saw a red light in the sky on Easter. I use to turn around playing as a child like I could fly. As a child I use to love to lay outside at night and look at the stars. I have always known that a higher intelligence existed that sort of watched after all of us. Most of our technology comes from these beings that we cannot see.

My intent to go and work for Customs was to track down human trafficking and look for missing persons. I have always known that aliens exist but I just dont talk about it.

Before I was accepted into the Customs and Border Patrol Program I had a bad feeling that the East Coast was going to be hit by something. It was like I knew that something was coming. I could feel it! My plans in life were to get me and my two boys off the east coast. I wanted to move to Montana because I thought we would be safe there. I also wanted to go to the Montana area because whatever I am I knew there would be others like me.

I can meet people and I either like them or not just by eye contact. Whatever this intelligence is that has came to our earth is like an energy force that can jump into a human and leave at will. You can tell when this occurs when someones eyes may change colors. I have seen these light things and they do not bother me. There is something else here on earth that is not good. I get really cold chills and have time lapses when these things are around. What ever these things are they can take you driving down the road. An example of what I am talking about is like when you drive somewhere and get to you're destination and you dont remember the trip. This time lapse thing began with me back in 1996 and 1997. May of this year I have had something that I cannot see bothering me when I am sleeping. These things can touch you! They seem to like to poke me allot to see if it hurts. Most of the time I aknowledge that whatever is there and I ask for it to go away.

There are beings on this earth that are attempting to help us and there are also beings that would like to destroy humankind. These beings can jump in and out of the human body.

This is my opinion about our current world-China is our biggest threat. The New World Order began in 2009. The power grid and banking systems will go down. It is important to hold on and hide as much cash as you can. Keep you car filled with gas and stockpile food, water and antibiotics. A sign to look for is when our military starts closing down military bases. When this occurs know that the time is near to get the heck off the east coast. I feel there is going to be Nuclear War. The only safe places to go are going to be the North West.

I have been working for 4 years as a CNA. I work at a place called Cleveland Pines in Shelby, NC. I love my job but it is not what I was sent here for. I want to be on the border working in Montana. I am going to re-apply and try again.

I found you're name on Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory. I think that you are doing great work!

Sincerely, *(Wit's name and phone numbers deleted--CMS/sg) I do not have voice mail set up but I keep my phones with me at all times.


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MUFON CMS - San Fransico, CA - 11/13/2010 - unedited:
I live 10 miles NW of San Francisco International Airport, near the Pacific Ocean. I was in my backyard looking up at the jet aircraft on approach to SFO Airport and I was star gazing. I was testing my new IGen night vision video camera when I saw this UFO fly overhead (without sound) about 500 feet high. It was heading South on this Friday night at 6:30 PM. I was able to capture about 20 seconds on video tape. I knew it was not a normal aircraft by its shape, light configuration and absence of noise. It had no strobe lights, no red left wing nor green right wing light and was flying below the 1500 foot flooring in this controlled airspace. It was moving about 300 MPH. I lost sight of at as it flew far away. Yes, it was a UFO! This was not my first UFO encounter. I have seen many different types flying over San Francisco the past 2 years and now they fly over head almost every night.

I have a collection of UFOs from May 2010 thru Oct 2010 on video tape using a .001 Lux 15 FPS camera. We are not alone and there are many different types of UFOs up there.

Hope for clear skies and more sightings.

NOTE: To see video better, you may have to increase your computers brightness, gamma and contrast settings, as the video is a little dark.