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Recent Worldwide UFO / Close Encounter Reports - 11/9/2010

Video of unknown V-shaped craft was allegedly recorded somewhere in Turkey on 11/5/2010

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metro - There has been a surge in the number of UFOs spotted in the North recently, with the latest seen in the North Yorkshire town of Scarborough.

Paul Sinclair, from Osgodby sent in footage to The Sun which shows a strange object flying in the sky.

Mr Sinclair told the newspaper: 'It really looks like a flying saucer. Crowds of people saw it. There's definitely something happening here.

'My son-in-law filmed it for several minutes. There appeared to be two objects, one with a hooked tail, the other disc-shaped.'

The North has seen its fair share of UFOs recently, with Rotherham, South Yorkshire and North Yorkshire the locations for what some believe to be alien visitors.

Nick Pope, ex-MoD UFO expert, added: 'At the moment the North of England seems to be having more than its fair share.

Talking about the UFO spotted in Paul Sinclair's video, he has claimed it is 'spooky'.

'It's pretty spooky. At first glance it appears to be a cloud - then it seems to be bombing along purposefully.'

NOTE: Honestly, looks like a cloud formation...Lon


analuisacid - Letter from Henrique Costa, investigator of Brazil: Hello Ana, I report to you that we had a massive sighting near my city. In four communities they observed objects in the sky was given. A team from television investigated the facts. The photos enclosed belong to one of those sightings, they were taken by Claudio, that was in their house in Bragan├ža (one of the towns where they are passing the phenomena). He could see them and he was able to take images of one of them. The UFO was completely red and emitted a very strong light on the houses.


MUFON CMS - Northern Territory, AU - 11/6/2010 - unedited: Just after sunset, sitting on the deck of a holiday house at Lake Bennett in Australia's (vast and sparsely populated) Northern Territory. I was taking some photographs of my family relaxing - I did not use a flash because I wanted to get that grainy-dusky feel to my photos (I use a cheap little digital camera for happy-snaps, nothing fancy). As I lined up the photo and pressed the button I was momentarily blinded by light - I thought my flash had gone off by mistake although the light was brighter than the usual flash. I reviewed the photo and saw the bright light on the image. My daughter who was fishing said she hadn't noticed anything and neither did my husband, who was cooking at the time and there was no-one else around to ask. Near this area however, is a place called Acacia Hills where there have apparently been many sightings of UFOs over the years.

After seeing the image I immediately sensed that I had photographed something unusual and it could not have been an insect or dirt on my lens (none of the other pics taken at that sunset time had any unusual features).


MUFON CMS - Hopi Reservation, AZ - 4/18/2010 - unedited: After visiting the Grand Canyon the day before, on April 18th on the way back to my son's home in Denver my wife wanted to go thru the Hopi Reservation. During the entire three day trip we would stop the car for me to get out and take pictures. I took hundreds but none like the ones attached to this email. I never saw the object and was not aware of the object in my picture until last week. After I got home I downloaded the pictures of the trip onto my computer where they will cycle thru as the screensaver flashes them up on the screen. It was one night when I had taken a break from my computer and the screen saver was cycling these particular pictures caught my eye. I had never notice the bright light in the center before. What you are seeing are two photos I took of the landscape one up close and the other a little further back. My camera is a Digital Cannon with a 12x telescopic lens. What caught my eye more than anything was the bright object had moved in relationship to the clouds. The two pictures were taken within seconds of each other. In truth I have no idea what it is but several family and friends have told me to send it to you to see what you think. If you notice there was no sun that afternoon it was getting ready to storm and did later on in the day. The sky was black. No one, not my son, wife or grandchildren nor I saw any object in the sky that day but it is clearly there in the picture. I was outside the car heading north on the passenger side facing east when the pictures were taken. The sun would have been behind me if it was out but it wasn't. So I can tell you it was not a break in the clouds for the sun to poke thru nor is a reflection of any kind. However, the light was bright enough to cause a light ring in the camera lens as you can see. That ring is not on any other pictures ever taken with this camera. The camera was not moving because the rest of the picture is clear and steady. I do believe the slight light streak behind the object is the results of the object moving.


MUFON CMS - Northridge, CA - 10/31/2010 - unedited: The date was 31 Oct 2010 around 7:00 to 7:30 PM. The location was Northridge, CA. The night sky was pretty clear, the wind pretty calm, temperature was mild 60’s. I was in the backyard star watching which is pretty typical for my weekend evenings. Our backyard is on a south facing hill overlooking the San Fernando Valley, is quite dark for the Valley, and there are no homes behind us. From almost directly overhead a dark object caught my eye. As I focused it was a third round, or a rounded “boomerang” shape, of about seven or nine dark circles, I did not think to count them. It was pretty close overhead and moving slowly although it seemed to move past rather quickly. Its motion was very “smooth” and it was absolutely quiet. It moved from Northwest to Southeast with the center circle in front and the others tailing out left and right. It appeared and “disappeared” quickly. Not that it moved so far into the distance that I could no longer see it but that it just got so dark it sort of “disappeared” into the night sky. The entire time I actually saw it was maybe 10 – 15 seconds. My first thought was “what the hell is that?” But logically I assumed it must have been a string of large black balloons let loose on Halloween night, although there remained some small hint of my initial thought “what was that”. Then last night, 7 Nov, I Googled “why move to Florida” (nothing related to that night), and eight or nine results down I saw “A Florida parent and 18-year-old son report watching a large, fast-moving, boomerang-shaped object with no lights move directly overhead on November 3”. I clicked on and read the article. I do not know what I saw that night, but the witness statements and description of what they saw could have been describing what I saw. Attached is a representation I made of what I saw that night. The entire object appeared to be just the circles which were a dark “grey”, or at least appeared to have no color or illumination that I could distinguish. Again it moved slowly and smoothly, had no lights, and made not a sound.
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