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Fortean / Oddball News: Ultimatum To Hostiles, Mobile Phone STD Test and Unknown Missle Launch

WTF! Ultimatum to Obama and All Hostiles

She states that on Nov 6th the Sun will become dangerous and eventually take out all communications and electrical grids on the planet. The power outages will render the shadow government defenseless for easy arrest and removal no matter where they are. Those that cannot be captured and removed to the new world will be destroyed where they stand. On Nov. 8th we are doomed!

Pleiadians, Lizard People Going To Explode America While Obama In Asia

wonkette - You feel that chill outside? No, of course you don’t. The weather is getting warmer and warmer right now. Why? Ex-communist and ex-Nazi Pleiadians and Lizard People, that’s why. Galaxy mother / BlogTalkRadio personality / future Fox News anchor Colleen Thomas has gone onto the YouTube from her well-appointed home to tell us that this country is going to explode today from dirty bombs because President Obama, in league with these evil forces, left us behind. Make sure your human meat is not overcooked by these bombs, because otherwise the reptilians won’t be able to sell it on the black market, in space! And please somebody tell this to Obama, because he’s going to die in a space tsunami over there after the Lizard People turn their backs on him.

gawker - This is Colleen Thomas, a home health administrator turned physicist who specializes in the science of creation. She is also the "mother" of a race of good aliens here on Earth to defend humans from lizard people. Yes, lizard people!

The tenor if this message is this: if Obama goes to India as planned (though, he's already there) he and all of his "cronies" will be killed by a tsunami. By the good aliens I think? Because Thomas doesn't like Obama, and would prefer it if he surrendered himself to one of his FEMA death camps so Thomas and her friends can... do something. I don't know! It's unclear. Very factual, but unclear. There's also something about Reptilians eating human bodies after natural disasters. Remember how there were no bodies recovered after the 2004 tsunami? Except for all the bodies they recovered and all the photographs of said bodies? Well, that. That's Reptilian conspiracy. They steal the bodies to eat them. Perfect.

Thomas has a whole host of wonderful, doom-foretelling web videos that are maybe worth a watch if you care about the future of this planet! She's also doing the home health administration thing in the Sacramento area (most Mothers of all-powerful alien races live in or around Sacramento), in case you need anything like that. But yeah, mostly you should go to her for aether physics-related matters.

Click for video

NOTE: Another government conspiracy disciple warning us about the evil Obama. Now he's in league with the Lizard People and Pleiadians. I see a future for her as a Tea Party strategist. Anybody seen Xenu lately? Lon


Bizarre: Ten-day-old baby dies after going through entire spin cycle in washing machine

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1327463/Ten-day-old-baby-dies-going-entire-spin-cycle-washing-machine.html#ixzz14nucSQ3B

dailymail - A ten-day-old baby girl died after being placed in a washing machine as it went through an entire spin cycle.

The newborn's mother Lyndsey Fiddler put her daughter into the washing machine along with a pile of laundry.

The tiny baby was inside the top loading washing machine for up to 40 minutes before being discovered.

A relative who called in to see Fiddler found her passed out and the baby, called Maggie May, missing.

She also heard a strange sound from the washing machine and when she opened the door found the crumpled body of Maggie mixed in with the clothes.

In a frantic call to emergency dispatchers 26-year-old Fiddler is heard saying :'My baby is dead.'

She can then be heard arguing with her aunt Rhonda Coshatt who is heard on the call saying: 'No I did not kill your baby, you did.'

The gruesome death in Bartlesville, Oklahoma left many of the emergency crews and police who responded to the incident in tears.

A veteran police chief, who has witnessed multiple murders and gangland shootings, said it was the most tragic crime scene he has ever investigated.

Police have charged Fiddler with second degree manslaughter after initially arresting her on drug charges.

They had been called to her flat on Thursday where they found the dead baby still inside the washing machine.

An investigation revealed it had gone through a full-spin cycle before she was discovered.

Bartlesville Police Chief Tom Holland said Coshatt had called in to see Fiddler, who has two other boys , to see how she was coping with her newborn daughter

Family members had been concerned about Fiddler because of her past drug use.

Earlier this year they had tried to get her parental rights revoked before the birth of her third child.

The young mother had been arrested in April for taking drugs when she was four months pregnant.

She is suspected of being hooked on crystal meth and taking the drug the night her daughter died.

Holland said Coshatt walked into a grim scene.

'The mother was asleep and she had trouble waking her and heard the washer out of balance, clanging, so went to lift the lid so it would stop and in the washing machine, saw the baby,' Holland said.

Fiddler's two other boys, aged four and three, were taken into care by social workers.

The infant's father, Benjamin Trammel, said he can't believe his girlfriend deliberately killed their daughter.

'Inside my heart, I can't believe Lyndsey would have hurt our little girl. I don't believe it in my heart to be honest with you,' Trammel said.

Paramedics had desperately tried to revive the newborn baby after she was pulled out of the washing machine, but she was already dead on arrival at hospital.

Paramedic John Houser,who worked on the baby, said: 'Terrible. I don't even know how to describe it.'

Fiddler has a long criminal history with arrests for assault, driving without a licence and not having her two older children in car seats.

Police chief Holland said the investigation in continuing with many of his men deeply affected by what they saw.

He said a veteran detective taking crime scene photos of the dead baby at the hospital had to step outside because he was overcome with emotion.

'I can assure you we’re not going to leave any stone unturned,' Holland said.


Are paranormal books most likely to vanish from libraries without a trace?

tucsoncitizen - by Cherlyn Gardner Strong - My minor area of study was Information Resources & Library Sciences at the University of Arizona. It’s no surprise that I think that one of the greatest places on this Earth is the library. You can borrow almost anything at the library and take it home with you. The key word there is “borrow”. For some reason, folks who “borrow” certain books on paranormal subjects, think that the word “borrow” means “keep”.

Maine’s Sun Journal publishes a monthly column called “Weird, Wicked Weird” that covers unexplained and weird topics. The other day, staff writer Katherine Skelton took on this subject of stolen library books in a column, called: Weird, Wicked Weird: The occult. Witchcraft. Demonlogy. Library books that grow legs.

From experience as a frequent borrower of paranormal books, I can tell you that many paranormal-themed books vanish without a trace, aside from the aforementioned occult titles. I don’t know how many times an online catalog lists words like “missing”, “lost” or “overdue” for a book I want to borrow.

Before the ability to re-check out items online, I always returned to the library when the due date arrived to re-borrow the item. If someone else recalled the book, I would return it and wait patiently for the book to be returned to the library so I could check it out again. More often than not, the book never came back. Another great idea in history, of course, is the idea of Interlibrary Loan for heavily sought after items. Regardless, it is still a waiting game and more often than not, a library will have to seek out multiple libraries to obtain the book sought.

It’s a shame that some libraries have to send police knocking on doors to retrieve the books. It’s even a bigger shame that libraries lose so much money replacing stolen books.

Maybe that’s why so many libraries are haunted by dedicated librarians. It is important that information is available for everyone to share. A librarian is the keeper of that information. It’s infuriating that some people simply steal information meant for everyone. My frequent wish is that someday a dedicated ghostly librarian might follow some of these “borrowers” home.

I wonder why libraries aren’t demanding these titles in electronic form? NetLibrary and other electronic book providers are available through online library catalogs. The books “check themselves back in” on their due dates. It’s not the same as holding a book, but it makes more sense to me than simply banking on books being stolen and spending the money to replace them.

Of course, “borrowers” who don’t return books deserve a piece of my mind. When I like a book enough to want to have it, I buy it. I might not buy the book ‘new’. Used bookstores, and even used online booksellers, do often have these books at fairly good prices. There are plenty of book swapping/trading websites. You can see if any member has the title you want.

Of course, don’t swap that book you “borrowed” from the library. Swap one that actually belongs to you.


Mobile phone STD test?

smh - People will soon be able to tell if they have an STD by urinating on a small computer chip and inserting it into a mobile phone or computer, doctors and scientists in Britain claim.

But Australia's foremost sexual health expert is sceptical about the idea, saying it may be a long time before such a product is consumer-ready.

The small devices, similar to pregnancy testing kits, will reportedly be able to give people a home diagnosis within minutes. Millions of pounds have been poured into the project to combat an STD epidemic in Britain, where infections reached a record 482,696 last year.

"Your mobile phone can be your mobile doctor. It diagnoses whether you've got one of a range of STIs, such as chlamydia or gonorrhea and tells you where to go next to get treatment," Dr Tariq Sadiq, the sexual health expert from the University of London who is leading the project, told The Guardian.

Sadiq said young people especially were embarrassed to see their doctor about STDs, which was making the situation worse.

Mobile phones are increasingly being used for health purposes, such as the remote monitoring of elderly people.

The Guardian reported that the developers of the rapid testing devices - which include experts in microbiology and phone operators like O2 - expected them to be sold for a pound each in vending machines in nightclubs, pharmacies and supermarkets.

The research has been given the thumbs up by Professor Noel Gill, the head of HIV and STIs at the British government's Health Protection Agency, who said he hoped the application of new technology would reduce infections among young people. The HPA would coordinate large-scale evaluations of the technology within a network of collaborating STI clinics.

But Professor Basil Donovan, head of the sexual health program at the University of New South Wales' National Centre in HIV Epidemiology & Clinical Research, said he maintained a "healthy scepticism" about the project.

"If they say that's what they're aspiring to that would be terrific, but unfortunately there's no such test yet - at this stage it's just fantasy," Professor Donovan said in a phone interview.

"There was a paper published just a couple of weeks ago where they looked at all of the commercially available home testing kits for chlamydia and they were just a joke - if someone had chlamydia there was only a 10 per cent chance that the test would show it up."

But Professor Donovan said he believed it was a "great idea", concurring with Dr Sadiq that a big problem with current STD testing was that "it's too embarrassing and too expensive to test everyone all the time".

"I think in our lifetime it will happen and at the moment there are rapid home tests available for some conditions like HIV that are actually quite good," he said.

Professor Adrian Mindel, sexual health medicine expert at the University of Sydney and the director of the sexually transmitted infections research centre at Westmead Hospital, said the STD problem could not be solved with technology alone.

"I don't think the issue is the rapid test, it's getting people to do the test that is the issue and that to me is the fundamental barrier rather than the technology," he said.

"People have to identify themselves as being at risk and that is the difficulty at the moment."

Professor Mindel said it was critical to educate young people about STDs, including that the majority of the infections don't have symptoms and the infection may be transmitted even when symptoms aren't present.


Ladybirds invade Croatian village

croationtimes - A swarm of ladybirds landed in a village in eastern Croatia this weekend.

Daily newspaper Vecernji List reported that thousands of yellow ladybirds occupied the village of Antunovac near the city of Osijek.

"Old people say ladybirds bring luck. In that case the upcoming year might be lucky for us", a woman from Antunovac has said.

"I'm 45 but have never seen so many ladybirds. They are coming into our houses, sticking to us", villager Vinko Bartoloti has added.

Experts say climate conditions might have helped the spread of ladybirds.

"There was more food for them at the end of the summer. So that could be the reason there were so many ladybirds in Antunovac", biologist Goran Vignjevic of the University in Osijek has commented.


Mystery Missile Launch Seen off Calif. Coast 11/09/2010

An unexplained missile shot across the sky off the coast of Los Angeles and was caught on video by a CBS News traffic helicopter during Monday night's rush hour. Today, the missile is still a mystery. A Navy spokesman told CBS affiliate KFMB that it was not theirs, and so far the Pentagon has not been able to explain it either. The missile was reportedly about 35 miles west of L.A. and just north of Catalina Island.

NBC's Pentagon correspondent, Jim Miklaszewski, reports that a missile launch would not have been planned so close to a major city, and at the very least, residents would have been warned a test was imminent. A senior Pentagon official told him, "This is bizarre."
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