Friday, November 26, 2010

Fortean / Oddball News: TV Abduction Therapy, Child Sacrifices and Super-Photon

ET abduction therapy on TV

news-mail - An Agnes Water woman who is a world leader in alien abduction counselling will feature in an SBS documentary alongside her son – a self-confessed UFO sceptic.

Mary Rodwell, who runs the Australian Close Encounter Research Network (ACERN), and her son, Chris Rodwell, a Melbourne veterinary surgeon, are the subjects of a documentary that focuses on the mother-son relationship as Ms Rodwell tries to educate her son about extraterrestrial visitations.

Ms Rodwell, affectionately known as Australia’s “alien lady”, is one of the world’s most sought-after and respected experts on all things to do with UFO phenomena.

In September, she spoke at a major conference held at Agnes Water, organised by Agnes-based UFO researcher Scott Bankier, where she said rural areas such as the Discovery Coast were hot spots for UFO sightings.

“I find in rural areas there are more sightings,” she said. “I think it’s because there is open clear sky so people are more likely to see things.”

Ms Rodwell, speaking from Sydney, where she is the subject of national media interest, yesterday said she agreed to do the documentary to let people who had had alien encounters know where they could get help and would not be ridiculed.

The former midwife and nurse, grief counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist founded ACERN in 1997 and has since supported 1600 cases of ET encounters worldwide. The organisation helps alien abduction victims deal with their traumas with the support of qualified medical doctors, psychologists and therapists.

In the documentary My Mum Talks to Aliens, to be aired on Tuesday at 8.30pm, Ms Rodwell and her son are followed on their journey of discovery as they travel the country in pursuit of solid evidence of an alien presence on Earth.

“I believe these advanced intelligences have been visiting this planet since the dawn of time, and I believe they’re here to assist evolution to another level,” Ms Rodwell said.

Ms Rodwell introduces her son to alien abductees in the film, including one associate who claims to have had a sexual encounter with an extraterrestrial being.

The show also claims it will unveil clear, never-before-seen footage of UFOs, and visits an astrophysicist whose job is to scan the skies for alien communication.


India 'witch doctor' held over child killings

BBC - Police in India have arrested an alleged witch doctor accused of killing two children.

The man was arrested after a two-year-old boy's body was found in his home in Durg district, 45km (30 miles) from the Chhattisgarh state capital, Raipur.

Raids also revealed the skeletal remains of an eight-year-old girl from the house, police told the BBC.

They say that the accused man confessed to killing both children to acquire "occult power and good fortune".

Witchcraft and occult beliefs persist in remote areas. Some think that child sacrifices will improve their lives.

Parents of two-year-old Chirag lodged a complaint after the toddler went missing while playing on the street, police said.

The house of the alleged witch doctor was raided and the body was found hidden under a statue, senior police officer Amit Kumar told the BBC.

The second body was thought to be a girl who was abducted nearby in March. Her body was found buried inside the house beneath a trident symbol.

Mr Kumar said seven people, including the alleged witch doctor and his wife, have been arrested on suspicion of taking part in child sacrifices.

Police say that they suspect more children may have been killed by the alleged witch doctor and that digging work is going on at the house.


Man traps himself behind his own brick wall

thelocal - A German DIY enthusiast accidentally walled himself into his own basement and only managed to escape by drilling his way through to his neighbours, police said Thursday.

The 64-year-old pensioner in the eastern town of Gumperda had – inexplicably – aimed to seal off the entrance to his cellar and went downstairs armed with bricks, mortar as well as food and drink.

"Whoops, you could say," the police station in nearby Kahla said in a statement. "He was on the wrong side of the wall when his work was finished."

The pensioner, whose name was not released, spent the weekend trapped in the basement but on Monday decided to take action.

Using a drill hammer, he went to work not on his own wall but on the firewall separating his home from his neighbours'.

The neighbours, with whom the pensioner had already been quarrelling for months, called the police when they heard the loud drilling. Officers were waiting for the hobby handyman when he broke through to the other side.


German Scientists Create 'Super-Photon'

dw-world - A team of physicists, lead by the University of Bonn's Martin Weitz, have managed to create a Bose-Einstein condensate out of photons, or particles of light. This discovery could be used to develop better microchips for computers or more efficient solar energy technology, according to their research which was published in the journal Nature on Thursday.

Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC) were first proposed in the 1920s by Satyendra Nath Bose and Albert Einstein, who asserted that atoms, chilled to very near absolute zero, would take on quantum characteristics, so that the atoms "overlap, and behave as a giant meta-wave," or a sort of super-atom, wherein a collection of atoms all act in concert, Weitz told Deutsche Welle.

Not everyone in the field of quantum optics is happy with the term super-atom or super-photon though, such as Aephraim Steinberg, a quantum physicist at the University of Toronto.

"I find the word a little confusing and misleading, so I wouldn’t really want to call this a super photon," Steinberg said. Continue reading at dw-world

Thanks to Mel for the heads up!

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