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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recent UFO Encounter Reports: Spheres, Chase in Georgia and Wisconsin Abduction

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UFO video of bright daytime object or sphere hovering in the sky over Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This footage was recorded on Monday, 11th October 2010.


MUFON CMS - Boise, Idaho - 9/26/2010 - (unedited): I was at Ann Morrison Park with my 8 year old son and a family friend of ours playing frisbee golf. As we finished one of the holes and began to walk our family friend asked me what that was in the sky. I saw something in the sky just kind of hovering there.
I am a new resident to Boise and my wife who lived here in the past always asks me if I have seen any hot air balloons since we moved here. When I first saw the object I assumed that is what it was, a hot air balloon. But then, as I looked more closely I saw that what I was looking at was not a balloon. It was angled on all sides. I noticed shadows on the side of it being cast by the setting sun. I immediately began to walk towards the object. I noticed as soon as I started walking that whatever this was, wasn't far away at all. With every step I could see that I was getting closer to it. When I was, what I approximate to be 40 yards from the object, which also in my approximation was 200' off the ground, I stopped and watched. It was shifting what appeared to be just a few feet from side to side. Not a rocking motion, but a deliberate shift with a pause and sometimes up to a minute in between shifts. It would also on some occasions move quickly from one side to the other. There was absolutely no vertical movement whatsoever. Also, the object made precise rotating movements. The only way that I can compare it to something that most people are familiar with is the way that gears 'click' in a clock. Only the sudden movements would go a 'click' or two in one direction and then one 'click' back. Followed by, for example, 3 right-1 left, etc. I stood (40 yards approx. away) for 20 or so minutes watching and trying to rationally to figure out what this thing was. I worked in the aviation field for 11 years before moving to Boise and I am very familiar with airframes and propulsion systems. The only thing that man has in the air that could even remotely resemble this object would be a satellite and even that bears VERY little resemblance to this object. It was pewter in color with a bit of a shine on it. There were black markings on the object. There were also two circular patterns (?) on either side of it. There was no sound.
After the 20 minutes or so had passed, I started walking towards the object with my son and friend. We continued slowly until we were standing directly underneath it. We stood there for roughly 5 minutes. While standing there, the object made a split second 360 degree rotation. This happened from a still position and immediately following the rotation, was dead still again. We continued on the path we were on walking straight from the spot we were originally watching from until we were 20 yards or so behind it. The craft wasn’t symmetric on all sides. The sides of the craft seemed to be the same, but what I refer to as the ‘front and back’ of the craft are only relative to what it seemed to be. The ‘front and back’ of the craft were not the same. It had different angles on these sides. We then slowly proceeded around the object, on the west facing side, keeping our 20 yard distance, until we were at our original vantage point approximately 20 yards in front (where we stood for 20 minutes upon first approaching the object).
That is when things started to get creepy. Before my eyes, I saw an orangish/white light come on the bottom of the object. As I am wondering what I am seeing, the craft seamlessly turned from this angled three dimensional shape into an oval, egg shape. It still hadn’t moved and made no sounds. My son and friend started to get scared so we began to walk away. I kept my eyes on the object as we walked away and as we walked it changed again. This time to a very slim boomerang shape with the rounded end facing skyward. The time the object spent with the egg shape and boomerang shape was probably 60 seconds to 2 minutes. When it changed to the boomerang shape we again stopped and watched as it began to ‘flex and wobble’. It still hadn’t moved since we first saw it. At that point, approximately 30 seconds into wobbling it looked as if it disappeared into a cloud. I thought that was odd since the sky was clear for the most part. How did the object travel from 200’ off the ground and seem to enter a cloud and disappear without any obvious movement?
If you’ll notice the date of the sighting and the date I am posting this, you’ll see some time has gone by since the sighting. I have been researching what this could’ve been and it appears that what I saw was a ‘probe’. I am posting the crummy pictures that I was able to make with my cell phone. Zoom in and you can see that the entire time I was watching the object it appears, in the pictures at least, to nearly constantly change shape. The light that appeared orange/white looks red in the photos. Many other people witnessed the sighting with me at the park. At no point during the sighting did I feel afraid. The word that I would use to describe the way that I felt was ‘awe’. Whatever this object was had technology that so far surpasses our own that it is indescribable. It wasn’t until I got home and was able to sit and think about what I had seen that an eerie feeling set in.
The object was first observed at approximately 7:20 in the afternoon on 9/26. It disappeared into a cloud at approximately 8:00. I even mapped the spot on google earth: 43’36”38N, 116’13’15W


MUFON CMS - Bernalillo, New Mexico - 5/2010 - (unedited):
I am reporter for radio station *(Possible identifying info deleted--CMS/sg) in Albuquerque. This incident took place about 72 hours after having a discussion in the news room about a sighting one of my co-workers mentioned happened near his house out in the Bernalillo area. We joked about it. I remember going to the MUFON website to see if there were any reports on it as we talked. There weren't. My boss and I teased him gently, and he joined in the fun. He wasn't upset by us. He was curious about it that's all. We all talked about the story of the century and such, asked if anyone landed and got out, had he been drinking, you know, the normal B.S.ing guys do, and then we all got back to work. About two or three nights later,
I was asleep in bed when I was awakened by an extremely loud, sustained whooshing sound over my house. It was not moving like perhaps a low flying jet from Kirtland Air Force Base with the after-burners engaged. It was not whomping and buzzing, like the blades of a circling helicopter, nor was it the sound of a helicopter hovering in stealth mode where the sound is suppressed. This was a sound loud enough to wake the dead! It was like the Space Shuttle was taking off right outside my window. In fact, I was surprised my wife and daughter weren't disturbed by it, even though they're very sound sleepers. As I look back on it now, I am surprised the dog wasn't awake and barking. It was so loud and steady, I was afraid to look out the windows or go outside to see what it was. I lay in bed too terrified to move. The sound continued for what must have been 10-30 minutes or more, and then suddenly decreased in volume and was gone. My first thought after it was over was that a factory nearby was releasing some kind of gas pressure, because it slowly settled to a slight hissing sound and was gone. Looking back I remember there was no light outside, like the searchlight from a police copter. Being a radio news reporter, I am familiar with those sights and sounds. This was something I've never heard before, or since. I talked with **(Name deleted--CMS/sg) by telephone today,(10-12-2010), because it keeps nagging at me,"What the hell was THAT!?" He urged me to make a report, so here it is. If it WAS a factory, why haven't I heard it before, and why have I not heard it again? I wish I had been more courageous and gone outside to look.


MUFON CMS - Bay Village, Ohio - 10/9/2010:
I was driving a limo for a wedding party and took them to Huntington Beach Park in Bay Village for some pictures.It was a sunny day. Pulling into the parking lot off of Lake Rd. across from Porter Creek Dr. I positioned the car in the lane closest to the beach access. The car was facing west. I got out to tend to the wedding party as they got out of the vehicle. At this point I saw something in the sky, it was south-west from my perspective. After making sure that everyone was ok and on their way for some photos, I went back and watched the object further.

At first I thought the object might be a balloon or some sort of helicopter because it didn't move from where it was in the sky. As I watched it, I noticed that it didn't look like any aircraft I had seen, nor a balloon or kite. The thing that stood out to me about most was that it didn't move from its location in the sky at all. I watched it for about 10 minutes, photographing it two to three minutes after I first noticed it.

The object was fairly small in the sky, it didn't look like a huge craft. It was black, saucer shaped. It was at a good distance, so I couldn't make out any details, but the profile I saw reminded me of a woman's brimmed hat.

As I watched it, I noticed, as I said earlier, it didn't move, at all. I felt amazement and disbelief as I was looking at this thing. I think I was the only person looking at it in the immediate area, no one else seemed to notice it. As I looked at it, the sun was to my right. Getting in the shade of the trees made it easier to watch. I would walk away from time to time to see where the wedding party was.

After about ten minutes I got back into the car for a bit to rest my eyes. When I got out of the car after about five minutes, the object was gone.


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nwemail - A dog walker has tantalised the imaginations of alien enthusiasts the world over, after filming a UFO on a Furness beach.

It was an ordinary day for Barrow resident Bob Atkins, who was out filming his pet dog Mia in rock pools at Roanhead.

When he examined the footage, the 47-year-old found to his surprise he had accidentally recorded an unusual object.

The object only appears in the film for a brief moment but the footage, filmed in July 2009, has now travelled all over the world.

It has received 90,000 hits on website Youtube, has taken pride of place in a book about UFOs which was published in June this year and has even appeared on American television.

The Evening Mail obtained the first exclusive interview with Mr Atkins since his footage hit the world stage.

Mr Atkins, an unemployed forklift truck driver, said: “It has really surprised me the impact this has had. I have really been taken aback by it.

“It was a nice day, I was on Roanhead with my dog, a Staffy-cross.

“I was filming her playing in the rock pools when I decided to pan round to film Black Combe. I noticed the blobs on the screen of the mobile phone but when I took it home and put it on a big screen I could clearly see this strange object. A lot of people have said it is a fly, or a rock, but it is none of the above.

“I can’t explain it.”

Mr Atkins sent the footage to author and UFO enthusiast Pat Regan who published an excerpt in his book UFO: Search for the truth.

Since the book was published, Mr Regan has appeared on American television channel MSNBC talking about the encounter.

Mr Regan said: “The object can clearly be seen whizzing across the screen at immense speed.

“I spent a good while checking Bob’s footage and the UFO seems to be a very solid entity to me with a shiny, light upper surface and darker underlying form below.

“The speed is impressive, too, and I would estimate the altitude of the object to be something around less than 100ft.”


Witness tells of UFO Sighting and of being followed by multiple objects in Stone Mountain, Georgia

Case Number: 25807
Log Number: US-10112010-0002
Submitted Date: 2010-10-11 01:00 GMT
Event Date: 2010-10-11 00:00 GMT
Status: Submitted
City: Stone Mountain
Region: Georgia
Country: US
Longitude: -84.170196
Latitude: 33.8081608
Shape: Circle, Disc, Triangle

Me and my fiance erika were night fishing at this place called Stone Mountain park now, from where we were standing (at the bell) right across from the paddle boats area you can see this restricted area that's across the lake. Its called the golf lake and over there you cannot fish, and from behind the trees in that area, these little illuminated air crafts were rising up from behind the trees and like, they'd reach a certain height in the sky, the take off on a course to the left now... this happened about 16 times repeated and we saw this last night too we were just paying more attention to them tonight these airships had a little blue light on the left, a red light on the right, a white light in the middle, and two search lights on the bottom so, more started taking off from that same area beyond those trees...but they started taking different courses so, i called my mom and started talking extra super loud so, my fiance is thinking "if they aren't of this world, they can hear us" so, she was trying to get me to be quiet then... on of the air crafts comes in our direction and turns on these search lights so, my fiance turned off our flash lights and duck close to the ground but i panicked and took off running so, the airship starts following me so, the ship is following me, then i stopped and turned around to come back and get my fiance so i end up going where im covered by the trees and... i think the ship lost sight of me and.... it disappeared...just vanished in thin air...im even freaking out just typing this story up now.....so here we are going to my house and we look to the right of us and there was one of the air crafts...up close!!!!! and i looked up int the air just after looking down just for a few seconds to drive properly and it was gone!!!!! that fast!!! and i didn't hear anything and neither did my fiance !! it was triangular and seemed to be flying sideways!!so i hurried home and now im seeing these same things in my front yard up in the sky and they were flying do high so you couldn't see them well and now im scared every night and now to go to sleep....i never want t go back to stone mountain again but if i do i want to expose these things....that is all


Rib Lake, Wisconsin Abduction Incident. Witness reports scars on her body

Case Number: 25806
Log Number: US-10112010-0001
Submitted Date: 2010-10-11 00:20 GMT
Event Date: 2010-09-27 00:00 GMT
Status: Submitted
City: Rib Lake
Region: Wisconsin
Country: US
Longitude: -90.2084785
Latitude: 45.3174662

to make a really long story short i have reason to believe that i was abducted between the hours of 3:00-5:30pm near the location of rib lake wisconsin while i was driving. After i got back to my hotel i noticed a burn on my right hand that hadn't been there previously, i was also very dehyrated. then i went in the jacuzzi and after i got back to my room i was going to get dressed and grabbed the sweatshirt i was wearing that day and noticed it had blood on it (5 marks) on the left side so i decided to inspect my body for any wounds since i have been abducted before. i found 5 marks like pinpricks on my left hip. they were in a row. it was a about an inch or so long, maybe longer. i drove home from wausau wisconsin on tuesday. then on wednesday september 29th, 2010, after i took a shower i noticed 4 pinprick type shapes on my right hip, these were also in a row and redder, this was also about an inch to an inch and a half long.