Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Video: Possible Hominid - McKenzie River, Central Oregon

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According to the BFRO, a dark, long-armed figure stood up and walked away from the edge of the river as the two whitewater row boats passed by. The location of the incident, and the physical appearance of the figure, and the behavior of the figure are consistent with a sasquatch. Nothing about the figure, or the incident in general, points to a hoax or a case of mistaken identity.

The Three Sisters region of Oregon has a long history of sightings and track finds.

At first glance the figure appears to be a bit larger than the human in the rowboat, and the figure is certainly not closer to the camera than the rowboat.

The behavior of the figure is consistent with a sasquatch. Sasquatches are often spotted near creeks and rivers.

NOTE: I grabbed screen captures during a 4-5 second period of time (between 1:41 - 1:45) on the video. What are your thoughts? Lon

Video: Possible Hominid - McKenzie River, Central Oregon


  1. I find this interesting.
    I wonder if there was any deer hunting in the area at that time?
    The reason I was curious is because it resembles someone in a ghillie suit to me.
    I have never seen a bigfoot, so what would I know.
    I am just very curious.
    Nice screen grabs buy the way.
    Thank you.

  2. There is no such hunting anywhere in the US in late-August/early-September.

    As for what this is, conceivably this COULD be someone dressed in some such odd outfit for a reason having nothing to do with BF. But I think that's unlikely. So imo it's either an outright intentional hoax - which sad experience has taught us can NEVER be dismissed - or...we've crossed over into some very strange territory indeed.

    Remember: just wait. Time has a way of shaking these things out. We'll know a lot when we see how forthcoming the guides and the video-owner are about folks questioning them and examining the area, the vid, etc.

  3. Wow, very cool! Impossible to say what it was, person or otherwise, but the mere possibility that it could be a sasquatch is pretty exciting. I do think they exist, and we are bound to get footage of them with all the people carrying cameras these days.

    That being said, what an awesome and beautiful place in the video. I'm a big fisherman, but haven't ever had the chance to visit Oregon. This video makes me want to book a trip asap! Maybe I'll even get lucky and meet a sasquatch !

  4. I grew up in this area. That part of the river is called Fishladder Rapids and there is a somewhat busy state highway which follows the river along this portion.

    Judging the size of the "bigfoot" figure and comparing it to the size of the sitting figures in the boat nearby, I'd say they are roughly the same - being human-sized. Sorry... but after watching the video several times, what I see is a guy in a baseball cap who is either fishing from the shoreline or taking a pee break from the film shoot.

    I'd also like to mention that anyone from Oregon would object to it being called "Central Oregon," since "Central Oregon" is usually used to refer to the high desert area around Bend/Redmond east of the Cascade Mountains.

  5. I just realized that they are stills from the vid, so that would explain the blur of the pics. So I retract my last post.

  6. Why is the head so huge? Certainly not big-shouldered like in most sightings--perhaps an alien sighting instead, or non-specific "monster" sighting.

  7. "who is either fishing from the shoreline ...". I'm no fisherman, but does that seem like a spot to fish from? turbulent, rapid water? And wouldn't the 'clothing' be more summer oriented, not dark and body covering? either a hoax, or something genuinely odd. I'd put 'fisherman' in 3rd place.

  8. Ok so we have a fisherman looking far ahead who is rowing and another guy with a camera and neither saw the guy or what it was on shore? Nobody was alarmed? That seems a bit fishy to me?

  9. great video. Im curious why nobody in either boat was alarmed or seemed to notice the hominid getting up and walking away. Somebody yell out "Bigfoot!"

  10. a comparison of the figures makes it look as if the mystery figure is human sized, possibly with ball cap, hoodie and backpack. it even seems at one point to have a walking stick.there are many possible explanations besides "bigfoot or hoax." could have been a vagrant or a poacher, a camper or a hiker, or just another fisherman. the dry sandy warm riverbank area the bfro describes as a great place for a bigfoot to warm up/rest would also be a great place for any of the above to rest. shouldn't a "scientific" organization consider all possibilities before claiming a sighting? there simply is not enough information here to make a decision. if i were the bfro, i'd get to the site and look for additional evidence.

  11. Right before you see it standing, in the capture Lon took, it looks like it is kneeling and then standing up. Yeah, unless it was someone with those guys, it looks BF like for sure.


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