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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Video: Project ISIS - The Secret KGB Files

The Secret KGB UFO Abduction Files

David Eckhart forwarded this link to the full continuous video segment documentary. This was presented a few years ago and is based on the information from a book about the supposed KGB Project Isis. It's a very interesting video but, honestly, most is a bit hard to swallow though, 'The Followers' was a real organization in the old Soviet USSR from information I have seen. The main focus of the documentary is that the Egyptian God Osiris was actually an alien 'visitor' who had given the ancient Egyptians their advanced technology. When Osiris died, it was buried in a secret chamber under the royal burial chamber in the Great Pyramid. The KGB was said to have found Osiris' mummy as well as other information. Personally, some (and I do mean 'some') of this allegory may actually be factual but as far as the KGB finding this information, well, I find it difficult to buy into that part of the presentation. Anyway, give it a gander...it is entertaining. Lon

Click here for full video - presented in 9 continuous video segments

Video: Project ISIS - The Secret KGB Files