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MUFON CMS: Aliens in the Mist?

MUFON Case Management System Report - New Zealand: In the year 2007 I captured many images of some kind ( probably the aliens used the similar method to introduce themselves ). They are large images formed by the invisible fog (or mist); and of course, there are always some spheres or light beam near the project images. Most of the images are familiar by people: they are figures of Lizards, Reptiles, Dragons…etc. But some of them are difficult to understand, they are a kind of graphic shape( See the attached pictures). Until today I still don’t know which alien done all those projection and what are the implications of those graphic images.

Each those images only exist for a couple of seconds then disappear or another shape appears. I believe the aliens are intend to use this kind of projection to communicate with us.

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NOTE: the submitter (Sam) has filed MUFON CMS reports quite frequently...his original report was #18817. Below, I have reposted some of the information he has previously offered. You can find his blog at Spacelife...Lon


NOTE: I recently contacted Sam, a resident of New Zealand who has been experiencing strange encounters and documenting UFO activity since 2005. Below, I have posted (without revision) some of his commentary from his blog. He has given me permission to present it here...Lon

"Of my remarkable, colorful and odd looking UFO pictures, most are captured from invisible objects. It doesn’t matter how bright or how big they are shown in the photos. Only 20 pictures were seen with my eye. Some objects were even 1 to 3 meters from where I stood. I just couldn’t see their fingers or hear any noisy. Only once, two invisible objects landed on the top of my tent, and then I could see some silver mist, like Moon light, shower from the top. I tried to grab the blur fog with my hand, I got nothing. But one evening of October(?) 2005 I saw a spinning small bell shaped flying saucer come down from the cloud, and stayed 35 meters (?) above my kitchen’s roof for a minute then slowly turned to another direction.

Also my encounter with various types and large number of space life is different than those described events of UFO history. Their size ranged from sand to egg to basketball, to as big as 60 meters wide. Their shapes were micro- organism, insects, reptiles, Phoenix, Dragon and Mothman…...etc. Humanoid fingers appeared from a Martian(?) captain, middle-age knight, grasshopper robot, upright big bird to bubble shaped evil heads…….etc. All those images are in my photos collection.

Luckily, all happenings run smoothly and peacefully, looks I haven’t been abducted in these two years ( I can’t remember about before ). My house and family life haven’t been disturbed. Physically, only my body some time feel extremely cold. I know that is not coincident, someone or something is behind it. Why? Two different space-life come together to my place often, the small one stands or lies on the top the big one. But the big one wears a red collar on its neck, which is to keep the little one safe (holds them together? Or may be the little one can’t fly?). My question is “who puts the collar on?”

His remarkable images are posted on YouTube

MUFON CMS: Aliens in the Mist?


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