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Mother and Son Witness a Flying Apparition - UPDATE

An ectoplasm cloud photographed in a western North Carolina cemetery
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This is an update email that refers to subsequent activity the witnesses, Pema and her son, have experienced in the past year. The original incident was documented here and is posted again (after the update email). Pema appreciates the response she received from the original post and would gladly invite further information of similar encounters. It can be posted as a comment or sent directly to me...then I can forward to Pema:


Hi Lon,

Last year I had sent you an email regarding our sighting (Sunday, August 16, 2009 Mailbag: Mother and Son Witness a Flying Apparition) of the strange cloudlike thing that flew past our apartment building.

We saw the same thing several other times after that, once, flying again in the same direction at approx the same speed and height. Another time flying the same direction but at a lower distance at about the level of the second floor and again at the same speed.

At three other times we saw it but falling from above as though dropping from the sky to the ground at a terrific speed. My son and I both ran out to see where it had gone but there was nothing and no sign of it at all. The duration of the time in that instance where we went to see was about 1-2 second from the time we saw it falling to the time we reached the balcony edge. We saw it drop twice within a few days from the same area above the opposite building to the ground. Both times there was no trace of anything on the ground. The third time it dropped/fell right outside my balcony area whereas before it was in front of the other building 60 ft away. At this time my son became very frightened and refused to go out on the balcony at all after that. During each of these times the wind speeds were negligible and the temperature was hot and humid.

I've discussed this with many people including engineers to ascertain if it was possible for a cloudlike mass to act in this manner and not to disperse or lose mass or shape. Thus far all agree that it wouldn't be possible but are scratching their heads about it. I have even asked within the native community about such a being in their mythologies and thus far haven't found any corresponding stories or creatures.

My feeling after seeing the repeated visitations was that this is some kind of being maybe physical and energy that hasn't been recorded or noticed because it has the perfect looks just like a cloud. I also sensed from the way it appeared and disappeared that it was hunting, the way any flying predator would...stalking,searching and then pouncing (flying rapidly like a hawk towards its prey-whatever that might be.) I noticed that you had posted a couple of other sightings from people in different areas of the world of same sort of thing.

I am now keeping a log/journal in case I do see it again this summer, (nothing appeared like that in the winter) and my camera ready just in case. Please let me know if you do hear of or see any material that might be related.


Originally posted - Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mother and Son Witness a Flying Apparition

I've been trying to research my incident online and have come up with zero references for so perhaps some of your readers may have insight into it.

The other night, my son and I were on the couch in our apartment watching TV. All of the lights were off. Suddenly we both jumped at the same time as we saw a strange apparition fly by our balcony. We're on the third floor so not too high up and the door and curtains were open giving us a clear view to the outside. What we saw was large and judging from the distance between our building and the neighboring building which is approximately 60-70 ft away, it was halfway between the two.
It was a whitish, slightly opaque-like amorphous blob about 10ft by 15ft across. It moved as though it was like a cloud or a mist being blown in a very brisk wind, changing shape constantly. There was no noise aside from the usual street noises.

However, if it were that windy, a mist or cloud wouldn't retain its shape for that long. We saw it pass our balcony and then the further window in a straight line as though traveling toward some goal in the distance. The way it moved indicated that it was purposeful as though in a breeze yet the weird thing is there was no breeze at all. I went out later to test if there was wind and its speed and direction and noted that a very slight air movement was coming out of the north to the south and that thing was traveling in the opposite direction from the south to the north.

We both looked at each other afterward in amazement and said at the same time, "did you just see that? and Yes! What was that thing?!" We exchanged our brief descriptions of what we had both seen and tentatively looked out the balcony door to see if we could see it...but it was gone.

A side note...if it had been any sort of material traveling in a freak wind at that moment its direction, speed and height from the ground would have brought it directly into a grove of trees at the edge of the property where it would have been tangled in the branches or fallen to the ground in a parking lot and swept to the edges of the property into a chain link fence. Further searches of these areas have yielded nothing that would fit the description of this thing.

If anyone out there has seen or heard of such a thing I would sure love to know about your experiences or thoughts.

Thanks kindly,

Mother and Son Witness a Flying Apparition - UPDATE
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Your help is truly appreciated. Thanks...Lon

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