Monday, July 12, 2010

Lan Lamphere: '....the story falls within the realm of the pretentious and mean nature of the Bigfoot community'

Sharon Lee at The Bigfoot Field Reporter has posted the following on her blog:

I just got off the phone after a quite lengthy conversation with the now well known to you, Lan Lamphere of Overnight AM radio.

Overnight AM is an internet talk show that touches on many subjects. A successful radio show is designed to entertain, enlighten, instigate discussions and encourage people to open their minds and consider other points of view.

Lan’s interests have never been Bigfoot oriented as it is well known that he is a UFO enthusiast.

When William Birnes came to his good friend Lan about Mr. Mike, (and yes his name is Mike) they had no idea how cruel and devastating the shark filled waters of Bigfoot Research could be. As I stated in my previous blog post, the people in this field can be quite nasty to one another, even their so-called friends.

Lan wants you all to go away. He doesn’t care if you listen to his show ever again.

The story of Mr. Mike will most likely end tonight as far as Overnight AM is concerned but not without a bang. Overnight AM is not a dedicated Bigfoot show and Lan would like to get on to producing his show as he has done for the past 9 years.

I have a statement from Lan that I would like to pass on to you, the Bigfoot community.

“The reports of Mr. Mike’s encounters with Bigfoot have been highly exaggerated and over exaggerated not on the part of Overnight AM but on the part of Mr. Mike. He is suffering from a form of dementia. Now this is according to the researchers that were there. Whether that is true or not I do not know because I was not there. I only have the Bigfoot community and these researchers inside of it and their integrity and moral compass to go on. That’s all I have. That’s all that anyone who listens to this program has. But there’s more to this story than just hallucinations or chain of events that have led to him reaching out to this radio show and to UFO magazine. There’s more to it than meets the eye. And I think that the story falls within the realm of the pretentious and mean nature of the Bigfoot community as a whole rather than falling back to Mr. Mike’s “alleged” mental illness, hallucinations or instability.”

Overnight AM did not make any claims that this event was real. Mr. Mike’s opinion and testimony was confessed on Overnight AM in his own words.

Did Lan hire a private investigator? Yes. Did the private investigator discover any negative information about Mr. Mike? No. Did the Bigfoot community attack and shred the story as the witness told it? Yes. Do you trust that any Bigfoot Research group is going to tell you the truth about what they found on the property? Even when people in this field turn on each other every day?

Tonight Overnight AM will put the Mr. Mike saga to rest. But rest assured my “friends” the story is not over.

In the words of the infamous Bill Green, “To be continued indeedy!”

And I can guarantee that The Bigfoot Field Reporter will be the only place to get the real story.

More will unfold in the weeks to come, but ask yourself who do you trust? Who can you believe?

NOTE: Well, Lan...go back and listen to your broadcasts. You stated that this claim was 'true' and you claimed that your PI had 'photos' and 'confirmed' Mr. Mike was correct. What about the claim you made that a police dispatcher had told you they noticed a report from a local police patrol officer of a 'naked woman covered in hair' dumpster diving behind a business...than you embellished the claim on the next radio broadcast that there were reports of '2' of the 'naked women covered in hair' spotted in the area. Was I hearing things? Voices in my head? Dementia, possibly? Just because your ego got shot to hell doesn't give you an excuse to modify your previous statements. You know exactly what you where trying to convey to your you just want the troublemakers to go away. Don't come up with this sad story that Bigfoot researchers have misconstrued the way this fiasco was presented and that they reacted in a mean and improper manner...Lon

UPDATE: I'm listening to Lamphere's show currently...the arrogance, hypocrisy and bullshit is simply unbelievable. Like he gives a damn about Mr. Mike or anyone else. I was told a ton of tales about this bozo the last few days, but now I'm starting to realize why his reputation proceeds him as a right wingnut trying, and failing, to think outside the box. He saw a story that would garner interest, ran with it, embellished the facts and got burnt! Lon

UPDATE: 12:35 am - OK...Lamphere was talking to the investigator (Jack) who was explaining that there was a small hot spot on the FLIR while looking into the wood behind Mr. Mike's house. During the discussion, Lamphere suddenly springs on Jack an allegation that he had hidden cameras setup that Jack didn't know about. He stated that one of these cameras pick up a 9 ft. tall 'dark shadow' that appeared then suddenly disappeared. Then Lamphere describes his personal experience as a kid witnessing a Bigfoot in Washington and that the creature turned, took two steps forward and literally disappeared. Now...why is he bringing all this up all of a sudden. He is an known UFO he trying to give credence to his Mr. Mike's sighting by using the theory that Bigfoot is an non-terrestrial creature and can move in and out of parallel planes or alternative universes? If so, then I may agree with him...but, does he REALLY believe this? this just a means to give validity to Mr. Mike's sightings? Lon

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