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Fortean / Oddball News - 7/7/2010

UFOs Buzz Atucha Nuclear Power Station - Zarate, Argentina

Source: Planeta UFO
Date: July 1, 2010

Argentina: UFOs Buzz Atucha Nuclear Power Station

Argentinean ufologists have disclosed the presence of unidentified flying objects over the Atucha Nuclear Power Station in Zárate. New methods shall be developed to obtain further details.

Mysterious phenomena, considered by researchers to reflect the presence of intelligent, major anomalies over the Atucha Nuclear Power Station, have stirred the interest of fans of such events.

A report in Diario Popular reports on the existence of UFOs over Zarate, and the increase in such activity. Cristian Soldano, a field researchers, maintains that the area has become “a place for constant phenomena” in which pulsating UFOs (also known as “flash” UFOs) are known to have a significant presence.

Researchers are hoping to develop new methods to obtain further details on the objects buzzing Atucha.

Thanks to Scott Corrales at Inexplicata


Fraud and Witchcraft Haunt Miami Condo Community

miaminewtimes - There are lots of condo association spats and scams in the tiny, scandal-ridden hamlet of North Bay Village. Most of them are pretty boring. That's because most of them don't involve a wrathful warlock.

A group of condo owners at South Treasure Drive's North Bay Villas want their property manager, Fernando Laracuente, fired. "He has utilized [condo] association resources for his personal gain, and he refuses to give up," resident Andrea Gomez says.

Their accusations: That he collected $7,000 to repair the building's cooling tower, but it doesn't have a cooling tower. That he illegally charged tenants $500 to own dogs. That he's been pocketing laundry-room repair funds, has the building three months in arrears to the pool maintenance company, and that all of that cash and more went to his October 2009 purchase of a $363,000, three-bedroom Kendall house. In June, cops investigated and arrested the 36-year-old, who also goes by Ferdinand Resto, for notary fraud, saying he falsely doctored his employment contract.

Laracuente's lawyer, David Edelstein, says there's "no basis" for any of the allegations, claiming the arresting officer is friends with Laracuente's condo nemeses: "This is one of those condo-commando white-hot disagreements between factions of a condo association, but what's disturbing is the involvement of public officials."

The situation got stranger last week when tenants found a flyer posted on every door and littering the parking lot, declaring Laracuente's enemies were "annoying bitches" and continued, "All they know how to do is create chaos. Oh, daughters of Lucifer, that ye have been born... only for procreation purposes and to favor evil. We damn our luck for these people joining our community."

Plastered in the middle of the flyer was clip art of a witch's head. Laracuente is listed online as a wicca-practicing board director of the Association of Independent Pagans. And the missive was signed only by the North Bay Villas Condominium Association, of which he is a member.

"Laracuente is truly deranged and needs to be committed," says Adriana Caraballo, a tenant named in the flyer.

Meanwhile, there has been "no maintenance, no cleaning, [and] no garbage collection" since the mystic shit hit the fan, says North Bay Village Vice Mayor Reinaldo Trujillo. "It's a mess. If this situation isn't irregular, I don't know the definition of the word."


'There's got to be a better way to piss away your money....'

A melon rated the sweetest in the world has been sold for a mouth-watering £38,000 at auction.

Chinese businessman Yu Lin, 47, bid the astronomical price for the single piece of fruit at an annual melon festival in Turpan, Xinjiang, China.

Experts there gave it an official seal as the world's sweetest.

Honeydew melons like this have a sugar content of 20.2g per 100g of fruit.

The award-winning melon was selected for its sweetness, colour and form.

And that is a sweet success story for Chinese farmer Lu Tan, who normally earns just over £300 a month.

He said: "I will not be giving up my farm — but I plan to buy more land and next year have an even bigger and better melon to sell."

Meanwhile, a bath has gone on sale at Harrod's — with a £530,000 price tag.

The carved rock crystal tub is made from a slab of rare natural material excavated from the Amazon.

It has been created for a company called Baldini by designer Luca Bojola.


Zimbabweans Literally 'Launder' Dirty U.S. Greenbacks

AP - The washing machine cycle takes about 45 minutes — and George Washington comes out much cleaner in the Zimbabwe-style laundering of dirty money.

Low-denomination U.S bank notes change hands until they fall apart here in Africa, and the bills are routinely carried in underwear and shoes through crime-ridden slums.

Some have become almost too smelly to handle, so Zimbabweans have taken to putting their $1 bills through the spin cycle and hanging them up to dry with clothes pins alongside sheets and items of clothing.

It's the best solution — apart from rubber gloves or disinfectant wipes — in a continent where the U.S. dollar has long been the currency of choice and where the lifespan of a dollar far exceeds what the U.S. Federal Reserve intends.

Zimbabwe's coalition government officially declared the U.S. dollar legal tender last year to eradicate world record inflation of billions of percent in the local Zimbabwe dollar as the economy collapsed.

The U.S. Federal Reserve destroys about 7,000 tons of worn-out money every year. It says the average $1 bill circulates in the United States for about 20 months — nowhere near its African life span of many years.

Larger denominations coming in through banks and formal import and export trade are less soiled.

But among Africa's poor, the $1, $2, $5 and $10 bills are the most sought after. Dirty $1 bills can remain in circulation at rural markets, bus parks and beer halls almost indefinitely, or at least until they finally disintegrate.

Still, banks and most businesses in Zimbabwe do not accept torn, Scotch-taped, scorched, defaced, exceptionally dirty or otherwise damaged U.S. notes.

Zimbabweans say the U.S. notes do best with gentle hand-washing in warm water. But at a laundry and dry cleaner in eastern Harare, a machine cycle does little harm either to the cotton-weave type of paper. Locals say chemical "dry cleaning" is not recommended — it fades the color of the famed greenback.

Laundry worker Alex Mupondi said customers asked him to try machine-washing a selection of bills and the result impressed him.

But storekeeper Jackie Dube hasn't yet taken up advice of friends to cleanse the often damp and stinking U.S. dollars she receives for the garments and cheap Chinese consumer goods she sells in Harare. It's time-consuming, she says, adding that stinky, unhygienic bills are a problem.

"I get rid of the worst of the notes as soon as I can in change," she said.

NOTE: Sorry if I turned a few stomachs with this one, but I couldn't resist. I wonder how the Federal Reserve handles currency in this condition that comes back in exchange from third-world nations? I assume they burn it before it gets here then print more...Lon


The 'Mask Face' Baby

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14 month old Kangkang, from China's Hunan province, is being called the "mask face" baby. Kangkang, was born with a congenital deformity called transverse facial cleft, which gives him the appearance of having two faces or a mask over his face. Doctors in China say they have never seen a case like this and are unsure how well surgical restoration will work for Kangkang.

Fortean / Oddball News - 7/7/2010

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