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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

MUFON: UFO Over Navajo Reservation - Satan's Butte, Arizona

MUFON witness statement - June 7, 2010 - Satan's Butte, Arizona: I am white with a Navajo wife living on the Navajo Reservation. For many years I have heard many stories about Satan's Butte - all stories revolve around UFO's and Snakes. While I believe in the likelihood of UFO's - I never really believed in something this close to our home.

A week ago I was outside at 9:46pm and looked toward Satan's Butte and saw a spaceship hovering above the butte. (The butte is about three miles away.)I ran into the house and grabbed my sister-in-laws camera and my binoculars. I could not get a clear picture but watched the UFO cylindrical sphere with red blinking lights descend into the butte.

Two days later the even repeated - I yelled to my unbelieving wife but by the time she got outside it had already descended.

Last Friday we went to Flagstaff and I bought a "good" camera. Last night at 10:46pm we both witnessed the UFO - I took pictures and now have a witness and pictures! My wife admits she thought I was seeing things but I took pictures and she watched through the binoculars.

The Navajo are a reticent people but talk amongst themselves - they have seen this many times over the years.

NOTE: Satan Butte is a mountain summit in Navajo County in the state of Arizona. I received an email a while back from a resident of this Navajo reservation who described a similar sighting though, no images were forwarded. There may be other sightings from this area listed at MUFON and NUFORC...Lon

MUFON: UFO Over Navajo Reservation - Satan's Butte, Arizona

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