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Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Good People

I received an interesting email from Jan, a P&M reader from County Kerry, Ireland:

Hi Lon,

I know you probably get hundreds of these odd photos, so I will keep this short and sweet. This is an ole abandoned farm house on the west cost of Ireland, Co. Kerry. I was out picking wild flowers and decided I'd stick my head in and take a couple of photos.

Notice down in the lower right corner "Old Kitchen" (above photo), there seems to me some organic looking light anomaly. Then same room, "Old Kitchen 2" (photo just below), same general corner - I see three odd looking little obelisk shaped critters (fairies?). There was nothing in this space that I could see with the naked eye. Just plain bare concrete floor, which is standard for this type of old farm house here.

Odder still, if you use points of reference between these two photos, you can figure out that the anomaly in the first, would be in the area of the top of the manifestations in the second (from the top of the obelisks).

There seems to be some energy on the "Old Stairs"(below) as well.

Just for a reference photo I included "Old Sitting rm" (below).

I don't know much about this house, except it has been empty a long, long time and the people who used to live there were know to be very neat, tidy and friendly (salt of the earth).

Fairies in Ireland are not the homogenized "Disney" version. They can shape shift, and are usually mischievous, and even dangerous. They don't like to be referred to as "fairies", but instead to avoid injury by them, you should always call them "the Good People".

These photos are not photo shopped in any way, except focus sharpened in the first, there are no alterations to what I downloaded from my phone/camera. I don't have photo shop on my computer and wouldn't have a clue how to use it.

I don't know what, if anything these images are, but it they are "The Good People", then this may be the first ever authentic photo ever of this type of energy.

Thank you kindly, Jan

ADDED: I talked to some of my husband's family today about the old place. My husband's family has been in the area for generations. The family that lived in the house was "O'Donoghue". They had five children. Only one of them ever married (girl). The old man lived well into his 90s, but the children, all died in their middle ages. Two brothers living in it the last. Wishing you well, Jan

NOTE: my wife, Vanessa, is into fairies as well as angels...in fact, she has a large fairy tattooed on her left arm and shoulder. Frankly, I know little about them...so I'm always glad to receive informative emails. As far as the photos, I'm going to leave that to your interpretation. Thanks to Jan! Lon


Irish Fairies - "The Good People"

You need to know Irish fairy superstitions in order to learn how to keep them happy so they don't cause any problems in your life. They have been known to cause many problems and just generally make your life miserable.

The most well known of Irish fairies has to be the Leprechaun . A close second is the Banshee . You may or may not have heard of the Pooka . These are some of the solitary fairies. The Merrow are Irish sea fairies or I should say the sea fairies of Ireland. The Dullahan are the most feared fairies.

There are many stories concerning the social or trooping fairies. The trooping fairies travel in large groups or hosts. If you see a sudden gust of wind that swirls up dust and leaves or just blows on the leaves of some trees but not others near by, that is a cavalcade of fairies passing by. The fairies themselves unseen by human eyes.

Where Did Irish Fairies Come From

There are two thoughts on the origin of the fairies.

The first thought is they are the Túatha Dé Dannan. The Túatha Dé Dannan were in original gods of Ireland. They were defeated by the Sons of Mil thought to be the final Gael conquers of Ireland. The Túatha Dé Dannan were not banished from the land. They were diminished in size and told to go live among the hills, mounds and plains. They do not die of old age. They are not visible to humans but they can be seen if they want to. They have supernatural powers, they are gods after all.

The second thought of their origin is that they are fallen angels. This idea probably came with the coming of Christianity in the fifth century. After all everyone knew fairies existed so they had to conform to the new Christian belief. When Lucifer rebelled against God some of the angels hesitated about which side to join. For this behavior they were cast from Heaven. Some fell on land to live in elf mounds called Sidh. Some fell into the seas, lakes and rivers of Ireland and are bound to live there. A few fell into Hell and were taught by the devil to do ill to mankind, these are the malevolent fairies.

All fairies will not know death until the "Last Day" comes. Then they will simply vanish away forever, that is their fate. They are very jealous of humans because humans will be granted immortality on that day.

Do You Believe In Irish Fairies?

Today it is believed that only the uneducated believe in fairies. I don't think this is the case. I think the uneducated would be the only ones to admit to belief in fairies. Anyone else would never admit to your face this belief for fear of ridicule. Secretly many people are careful not to offend the Good People.

Up until the year 1700 virtually everyone in Ireland believed in fairies from royalty down to the rural peasants. Not even the arrival of Christianity in the fifth century could dispel this belief. Old stories were told that included fairies. It was just taken for granted that these stories were all true because it was the natural order of things that they truly were part of the real world.

As the science of the day began to find cures for mankind's aliments belief in Irish fairies began to decline, but not completely. To this day in Ireland some people still practice rituals to appease the Good People even though they may not be aware of what they are doing. On May morning some people collect flowers especially primroses to spread around their doors and windows. This is done to keep out the malevolent fairies. They may or may not know why they do this. They would never admit to you or me why they do this.

A friend of mine from here in the U.S recently visited a town in Co. Kerry, Ireland. On display were some fairy houses where some fairies are suppose to currently live. A local told her that the "real" fairies don't live there, the display is just for the tourists. She wouldn't tell my friend where the fairies really lived, that has to be kept secret.

Milk, salt, and fire are sacred in fairy lore. I remember as a child being told by my mother to throw spilled salt over my shoulder. I wonder if this was to give the fairies their share, I would be willing to bet that it was. This most likely has been handed down through the family, but the reason behind it has been lost. After all you should just know why you are throwing salt over your shoulder, shouldn’t you? It's the natural order of things.

There might be things done in your family to appease the Good People that you may not be aware of. So I ask again. Do you believe in fairies?

Source: The Irish Path

The Good People