Thursday, May 20, 2010

BAASS 'Lending Insight' to MUFON Capri UFO Probe

marcoislandflorida - Bigelow Aerospace has joined the investigation into the recent strange UFO sightings over the Isles of Capri.

The nonprofit Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network held a packed public town hall on May 11 on Capri, attracting residents and others who have seen strange objects in the sky.

Gary Hernandez, field investigator with Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies, is interested in follow-up studies on the Capri UFO reports.

Bigelow Aerospace, which has announced plans to someday enter the private space-flight industry, has expertise in alternative methods of propulsion.

"We have a highly sophisticated system of investigative tools that can help lend insight into strange phenomena such as those seen by the residents in your area," Hernandez said in a phone conversation on May 13.


"I was down in your area several years ago investigating similar sightings, and would very much like to return and speak with eyewitnesses there now," Hernandez said.

"I'll do my best to objectively research and investigate each occurrence and gather as much supporting information to come to a potential conclusion," Hernandez wrote in an e-mail on May 13.

Hernandez said he did not agree with MUFON's conclusion that the photo captured by the Isles of Capri Fire/Rescue Department's webcam was likely the moon setting.

And the photo could not have been of the planet Venus, said Hernandez.

"Although the photo was small, there is no way that the dates, time, and weather conditions would support that conclusion," Hernandez said.

"On the night of March 27, it was raining sideways, the wind was gusting to 51 mph, and the sky was black," said Hernandez. "Skies were dark as well for the next two nights."

Hernandez plans to study the photo further and speak with witnesses to gather additional information.

Morgan Beall, state section director with MUFON, presented his conclusions after talking with eyewitnesses of the strange phenomena that appeared on and around the Isles of Capri from March 27 through early May.

Beall's report was made on May 7.

In Beall's words, "With great detail and correlating past reports and current continual reports, this case's disposition is unknown. It is the opinion of this investigator that the exact nature of the events of the March 27, 28, and 29, 2010 sightings is unidentified.

"Historical cases show a similar pattern of sightings ranging back to 2007," Beall said.

"Suspect sightings occurring after the March sighting dates from secondary witnesses contain plausible explanations such as being the moon setting and misidentification of conventional aircraft from the Naples air traffic or local air traffic."


Beall's recommendations:

1. Have witnesses participate in further investigation;

2. Continue to monitor the region for similar reports;

3. Collect more witness testimonies and

4. Create a working relationship with the witnesses and local community to establish a line of contact and evidence collection.

Beall also advised residents to be vigilant.

This area appears to be a "hot spot" for unusual phenomena, Beall said.


The mysterious UFO sightings that have been reported from the Isles of Capri have gained enough exposure for a town hall meeting to be setup for local’s who have made reports to tell their stories. The town hall event is being set up by Morgan Beall who is a state section director for MUFON ( Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network). MUFON has gone to the Isles of Capri for a full investigation of recent sightings.

Beall spoke to local Capri Fire Chief Emilio Rodriguez who was one of the original people to report seeing the mysterious light along with members of his staff. Also interviewed was Mike Castellano who owns a local business called the Capri Fish House. Castellano and other workers stated that they also had sightings of the unidentified flying object on more then one occasion. Other residents of Capri have also called in with various sightings having the same description.

During one sighting on April 20 workers from the Capri Fish House reported a sightings of the mysterious light and that a group of jets were attempting to approach it in the night sky. They said they jets seemed to pursue the strange UFO but it would disappear before they could reach it and then reappear in a different location. The aircraft would redirect back toward the lights new position but the object would disappear again and not return.

A Weatherbug camera located on the Isle of Capri took a photo of what seems to be the light or unidentified object hovering on March 29. Since this picture was taken many local residents have reported sighting with the same type of descriptions prompting MUFON to launch an investigation and send in a director to hold the local town hall meeting.


NOTE: I'm going to reserve comment for now. Let's see how MUFON and BAASS handle this sighting and how the witnesses respond to the investigation...Lon

BAASS 'Lending Insight' to MUFON Capri UFO Probe

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