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Friday, April 02, 2010

Strange Body Washes Ashore On Naklua Beach, Thailand

pdn - At approximately 06.45 am Police Lieutenant Colonel Suthamep Thaugsuban and his team were called when a foreign national walking his dogs stumbled on a decidely strange looking body that appeared to have been washed ashore on Naklua Beach.

It is estimated to have been out of the water for approximately 8 hours. The animal is described as being approximately 2.3 metres (5ft) long with the lower half resembling that of a large marine mammal and the top taking the form of some sort of land creature with arms and webbed fingers. The whole of the creature is covered in scales, which have started to flake off due to the length of time out of the sea.

The strange creature has been taken under naval escort to the marine laboratory in Sattahip for forensic examination. Pol. Lieutenant Colonel Suthamep Thaugsuban stated that there had been a similar incident that was reported some years ago on a beach in Malaysia, and also in the Philippines.

In addition, there was a creature found after a tsunami at Marina Beach, Chennai. She is called Kadal Kanni in Tamil, which is an imaginary creature with the upper body of a human form and the tail of a fish. It is now preserved in the Egmore museum under tight security.

Strange Body Washes Ashore On Naklua Beach, Thailand