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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Separate Triangular Shaped UFO Sightings - Carlsbad, CA - 4/6/2010

MUFON Witness Reports - Carlsbad, California - 4/6/2010 - 1st Report with Video:

In the evening of 4/6/10 at about 8:45 PM, I was in the kitchen of my home in Carlsbad chatting with my brother. I had just spent the entire day visiting Legoland with out of town relatives.

It was a very beautiful, warm day that day, so the night sky was very clear and we decided to draw the blinds open, and slide open the patio door to let some fresh night air in.

We were just enjoying our beautiful open view of Carlsbad from our backyard which faces Palomar Airport. It is quite commonplace to see planes landing and taking off, even at that time of night.

At about 8:45 PM, my brother and I were standing in front of the kitchen window, which also faces the backyard. My brother suddenly asks me if I've ever seen a UFO.

I thought it was a bit strange of him to ask because we were chatting about a whole different topic at the time. As he was asking me this, I saw him gazing out towards the kitchen window, and so I looked out the same way.

What I saw were 2 diamond-shaped objects very brightly lit, a very golden yellow color.

My first thought was they were 2 airplanes in a holding pattern waiting to land at Palomar Airport.

I initially dismissed my brother's sighting of the 2 objects as airplanes and I quickly looked away. However, I quickly looked back since he was still staring out there all this time, and I took an even closer look to see that the objects did NOT look like planes after all.

In fact, in addition to not really looking like airplanes, they were quite large in comparison to the real airplanes in the air at the same time. They were just suspended in air and not really moving anywhere at all. This I found very strange.

As my brother and I were coming to realize that we were actually looking at a UFO, the objects instantly disappeared from view!

Then, about 15-20 seconds after that, they reappeared again, but this time as 4 diamond-shaped objects with the same brilliant glow and golden yellow color. This time they were in formation, sort of like a parallelogram (slanted square formation).

By this time, I called out to my husband who was in our bedroom and also to my daughter who was in another room, to come outside to the backyard to view this strangely beautiful sight.

So all of us were standing outside my back lawn viewing this light show which was out of this world, nothing like any of us has ever seen. I felt a bit scared, very excited and in awe, all at the same time.

I did not want to keep my eyes away from the light formation in the sky, for fear it would disappear once again.

This UFO light show went on for about 2 minutes. The objects did not move anywhere, again they were merely suspended in the sky, glowing and staying in their slanted square formation.

I still don't even know exactly how far away they were from us. I believe one of the "diamond" shaped objects faded a bit and then appeared again brightly during this time frame.

At the end of the light show, the lights simply "turned off" and we no longer could see the objects. It was as if someone had just turned off the light switch. They had literally disappeared!

I captured only one picture shot of the 4 diamond-shaped objects on my IPhone camera, but not at a good close up view.

My brother however did capture about 30 seconds of it on video with his camera.

Unfortunately, it also was not a close up view.

I'm looking forward to another light show again soon! It sure would be nice to know what exactly we were looking at!

Click for video

2nd Report

I arrived home from work at approximately 8:45 PM, and had started to change clothing and shoes when at approximately 8:50 PM, I heard my wife and her brother speaking quite loudly about what they were seeing in the sky. I quickly went into my backyard and clearly saw what they were talking about.

My home is located in Carlsbad, CA and our backyard has a clear, unrestricted view from southwest to northeast. I was startled at first, then settled down and basically enjoyed the view. Here is what I saw:

Initially there were 4 objects, very bright in the low sky. Judging the distance was difficult, but my assumption was that these objects were north/northwest in the direction of Camp Pendleton.

The objects were extremely bright, mostly "gold" or "bright amber" in color. The objects were stacked two over two and seemed to be in a pretty tight formation, but there definitely appeared to be some spacing between them.

The objects seemed to be moving very slowly or hardly at all - it may have been that they seemed to be moving only because of the brightness of the light.

After about two minutes, two of the four objects "disappeared" and the other two remained. The shape of each of the items seemed to be cone-like, or maybe to be more precise they were condensed versions of a "bell."

The remaining items stayed in place for a short time and then they also disappeared in a flash.

One of the things that I found striking was the fact that there was a good deal of air traffic at this time from the very nearby Palomar Airport. A number of small planes stayed in the air while I was observing these golden objects.

Rather than continuing to land as would normally be the case, it appeared that pilots were staying in the air.

In addition, I could see several helicopters also hovering. This is highly unusual, since Palomar is a very small airport and gets a minimum of takeoffs and landings.

My wife, brother-in-law, stepdaughter, and myself spent the next hour or so talking about what we had seen and to a large extent we all had pretty much the same reactions and observations.

At first I must admit I was somewhat scared, but overall that feeling subsided and turned to curiosity. I would have run inside the house to get a camera, but didn't want to miss a moment of this awesome sight.

I have always had a very, very skeptical view of the notion of UFOs and the people who report their existence, but after this experience I might be changed forever on the topic.

Separate Triangular Shaped UFO Sightings - Carlsbad, CA - 4/6/2010