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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Exclusive: Former Police Officer Recalls Reptilian Encounters, Sightings

A 'reptilian' image capture (behind the being) from video by David Eckhart. This is one of two frames where the reptilian emerged.

A few days ago, David Eckhart referred me to 'Matt', an 'experiencer' who wanted to reveal his encounter experiences. The following is Matt's unedited account:

"I am a former NOPD officer, who had several reptilian abductions in 2005. These involved paramilitary type training scenarios. As a consequence of these abductions, I experienced strange physiological symptoms. I developed new allergies, my senses became overly sensitive, and my body temperature dropped around 3-4 degrees. I've been blood tested, and it's not a thyroid condition.

Common conception of a reptilian being from various witness recollections

As you may have heard, there have been a series of reptilian sightings on the west coast of Florida. The 2 locations are Punta Gorda and North Port, Florida. I traveled to one of these hotspots a few months ago and had a close encounter with a large winged reptilian.

Around midnight, columns of light descended into the neighbor's yard , like silent lightning. A few hours later, I could hear large creatures rustling in the bushes. at around 2:30 am, one of the creatures struck a large tree in half in a single blow. Its important to note that a tree smashing event happened in north port, a few weeks before my experience. One reptilian witness in that area claimed that a reptilian cracked a fallen tree trunk in half, as the witness jogged by (in order to intimidate the witness).

I deliberately went into the woods with no flashlight, no camera, and no weapon. I knew they were far too smart to approach if I had any of these devices on my person. I didn't manage to get any sort of telepathic communication, but, I am the only visitor to the site to get such a violent reaction. The owner of the property, Tom, is able to testify to the fact that I was 50 yards away from that large tree when it was smashed, and there wasn't anyone else in the woods. At around 4:30 am that night, I loudly announced that I was going back inside the nearby house, and i was done for the evening. I had spent all night pacing along the treeline, in the dark, and was quite upset by that time at the reptilian's hesitancy to approach. They had no reason not to approach me--i was clearly armed with no weapons , cameras , or lights. Shortly after I entered the back porch, one of the reptilians let out a LOUD sigh, that trailed off into an alligator type growl. Clearly, it thought I was done for the night, and had gone all the way back inside the house. I ran back outside, and proceeded to criticize further about its inability to approach me. The sounds it made were IDENTICAL to the growls heard on the Eckhart tapes (especially the deeper guttural tones). Its important to note that the local witness has seen a pair of white albino winged draco type aliens in the area for many months (as have several neighbors, and his sons). These same reptilians have recently taken to vandalizing his truck. In one incident, the larger winged draco punched the side mirror off his truck with such force that it woke all of the dogs in the neighborhood, and sent the mirror flying a great distance. It could not have been a car, because it was parked in a locked, gated driveway. This happened around 3 am, just like the tree smashing I witnessed." ...Matt

David Eckhart forwarded the follow notes made by Matt in reference to the David's videotaped encounter that I have posted on YouTube:

Video 9 - (careful with roars from vid 9. Very loud, Much Bass) 4:39 to 4:50 (huge growl, accompanied by striking wall or floor) - 5:50 to 6:20 (faint distant growling, then, sudden load roar nearby) - 6:30 to 6:55 (rasps as it inhales, then house shaking roar)

Video 8 - :06 to :44 (smaller entities arguing,rasping noises) - 1:04 to 1:30 (loud gurgle, answered by another creature's hiss) - 1:47 to 2:00 (more bellowing) -
2:18-2:30(extensive roar, heard from far end of property)

Video 7 - 4:16 to 4:45 (wow) - 5:15 to 5:20 (distant, but very severe. Shook house) - 5:47 to 6:11 (good) - 6:40 to end (excellent) Warning extremely loud, and high bass.

Video 6 - :02 to :19 (growl) - :33 to 1:16 (2-3 reptilians arguing LOUDLY. Very vivid) -1:25-2:10 ( loud argument, hissing,growling, back and forth. VERY CLEAR.) - 2:23 to 2:30 (Hiss)

Video 5 - 0:01 to 0:10 (faint growl/bellow) - 2:10 to 2:15 (growling) - 2:32 to 3:09 (growling,arguing,hissing VIVID) - 3:28 to 3:46 (growling,hissing, argument between 2 distinct entities. 1 small, 1 large.) - 4:13 to 4:22 (raspy hiss) - 5:36 to 5:46 (loud hissing/growling argument) - 6:07 to 6:20 (more arguing) - 6:25 to 7:07 (3 reptilians arguing loudly. growling/hissing,deep bellow . EXTREMELY VIVID. BEST OF SERIES TOWARDS END)

Video 4 - 6:47 to 6:55 (deep growl) - 7:10 to 7:24 (growler arguing with hisser)

Video 3 - 0:01 to 0:25 (growling/hissing/growling)

Video 2 - 3:12 to 3:45 (growling,LOUD hiss, growling) - 4:08 to 4:40 (growling/hissing. Argument ends in loud hiss) - 4:57 to 5:13 (Vivid hiss, then growling) - 5:23 to 5:44 (violent argument, loud hisses, deep growl, intermittent) - 6:18 to 6:36 (as many as 4 reptilians arguing, hissing, banging objects) - 6:51 to 7:28 (more arguing, ended by larger reptilian bellowing)

The following links are in reference to David Eckhart's experiences which, in fact, continue to this day:

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Contact: AlienPhotog Interviews David Eckhart

NOTE: I want to thank Matt for contacting me...as well, I want to again thank David Eckhart for helping other alien experiencers. This saga will continue...Lon

The following are a few videos/reports of witness sightings in the North Port and Punta Gorda, Florida area. These cases were referenced by 'Matt':

The star icon marks North Port, FL...just north of Punta Gorda

Click for video - NOTE: the power lines arc after the anomaly flies by.

Click for video

Click for video

Click for video - There are 3 other MUFON videos from the initial on-site investigation...go to NorthPortDevil

Click for video

Mike Rowley's videos can be seen at NorthPortDevil

Punta Gorda UFO / Alien Entity Sighting - MUFON Report - Unedited

This report is being transposed by Morgan Beall (MUFON Investigator) direct from witness at his residence. 9-9-2009 Witnessed two pairs of lights near my back yard in empty lots that are wooded. The lights seemed to dance and moved between trees and brush. Once I stepped out they both pointed directly at me as if the lights were mounted on a helmet or head. The lights were amber in color and round. 10-25-2009 9:30pm Witnessed strange lights moving through wooded areas near my residence moving in and out of the tree coverage. Sighting lasted about a minute.

Video was taken of this event. One light was due west about 300 yards from my property. 10-29-2009 Noticed strange lights in the sky, East horizon. The first light traveled in from the sky at about a 45 degree angle and stopped suddenly. About a minute later a second light streaked in from the south and also stopped suddenly. At about this time I started taping the event. About 2 to 3 minutes later the third light came in from the north and streaked in is 3 separate busts of speed. Once all three lights were in a triangle formation they seemed to instantly inch towards the middle of the formation as if it “docked”. The Formation of lights then slowly started to drift down towards the ground. The formation of lights then seemed to quickly shift a few degrees instantly. A second witness my wife witnessed this and quickly went back into the house. At this point I could hear a helicopter approaching from the south.

The Helicopter seemed to approach the formation of lights and or between me and the lights. The helicopter also flew directly over my house and circled the house after I pointed the camcorder at it with its IR light on about three times. The Objects eventually went up slowly and started to separate and disappeared over a long period of time. The helicopter returned the next night but flew in one direction. 11-3-2009 About 1:25sm in the morning we heard noses in the back yard. Son in Law and myself went to the backyard. We could hear noises and branches breaking. My son in law pointed his light in the shrubs and we saw what looked like a pale white skin arm grasping a branch. It seemed to duck the light and hide but we should still see the hand and part of the arm. We froze and went into a sort of shock and returned to the house quickly returned to the house and did not go back outside. The hand seemed to have a total of 4 digits, 3 fingers and one thumb the center finger was longer the other two fingers. The skin was pale gray.

NOTE: I had doubts about these initial reports coming out of North Port, FL. But now, with new evidence emerging and personal correspondence with witnesses the past several months, I may need to take a closer look at this phenomenon. I'm still unclear about what is actually going on in this area. I welcome any further witness accounts or evidence. On a side note and from information I have gathered from several of the witnesses, MUFON is no longer involved in this case...Lon

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Exclusive: Former Police Officer Recalls Reptilian Encounters, Sightings