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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Eckhart Encounters

First off, I would like to make a statement. I honestly feel that intelligent non-human species reside on planet Earth. I have never seen these species (at least, I don't think so) but I'm at a point where a theory has developed. We'll leave it there for now.

In the summer of 2008, I started talking to David Eckhart who is a proclaimed experiencer. He lived in a large home in a wooded area near Pensacola, Florida that he described as his 'dream home'...beautiful wood interior with cathedral ceilings and lots of room for his family. David was a successful carpenter and contractor who wanted nothing more than to reap the rewards of years of hard work and enjoy life. But, for some unknown reason, he and his family were chosen to witness a world within our own. In our first conversation, David repeated a story that he had previously told other people, including NUFORC and MUFON investigators. I had heard similar scenarios in the past, but there was something different about David's saga and it struck a cord in me.

David Eckhart

Over the past two years, I have been privy to videos, audio, screen caps and other evidence that David has provided to me. His incredible story of countless abductions and home invasion by these beings has been presented on several radio interviews. As well, I have uploaded videos and photographs to this blog and the wiki to gauge the reaction of the paranormal community. Overall, the reception has been somewhat disappointing...but, to be honest, that was expected. So, David put his faith in me and I did the same with him and we waited. I had decided not to post further details of David's encounters and evidence...to back off...to wait and see what happens. The wait is over.

A series of messages and equations telepathically given to David Eckhart by an alien visitor. Can you figure it out?

If you wish to listen to David's description of his encounters, you can find one of the interviews here - Contact: AlienPhotog Interviews David Eckhart. During at least one of David's encounters / abductions he witnessed a device that he described as a 'large egg' that had writing or graphics on it. Out of sight from his 'guide', he was able to quickly scribble down some of the graphics he witnessed (pictured below).

At one point, he states he was on a gurney or similar moving table that was in a room that contained a device that appeared to be used to transport humans, in particular...children. Below is a drawing of this device, with notes, that David made after he was returned home.

The reason why or to where these humans were transported is not known but a plausible theory can be made from some of David's other encounter descriptions. From the very beginning, it was made known to David that he was not in danger but was given the opportunity to see what needed to be seen. The reason 'why' was not told to him but, to the aliens, it seemed like it was important. This alien 'tour guide' or whatever you would like to call it, was supposedly instructed to show him certain aspects of the alien habitation. Please note as well, David's family was also abducted but kept separate from him during these tours.

David describes seeing vast underground caverns that he was told were under the Earth's surface. In these caverns, it became obvious what species was in charge...the 'Reptilians'. There were other beings as well, namely the lesser class or 'Greys' (not the name the aliens use) as well as other species. These caverns appeared to be some type of mining operation that uses manual labor...this includes human laborers.

Now, I realize your 'inner alarms' are going off at this point but the descriptions given by an ordinary man put into an extraordinary situation are tangible. I will acquiesce that some of these revelations are similar to other experiencers, ex. Pamela Stonebrooke, aka the 'Intergalactic Diva', who claimed to have had intimate relations with a Reptilian. But unlike Stonebrooke and others, David has provided more than just lip service and has never attempted to profit from this. Also, let's not mistake how the evidence was forwarded to me and then presented to you. I received everything from David over a year ago and the gradual disclosure was of my doing. Because of this, I feel his accounts should be at least fairly evaluated.

The guide was also a Reptilian and David basically describes this alien as a grouch who doesn't like humans. David's overall impression was that he was tolerated but that he and all humans are considered a minor species by the Reptilians. He was told that the alien presence was known by the world powers and that this 'relationship' has been going on for many years. Another interesting observation was that these beings believe in a higher being or power and are all connected by it. This religious connection has little to do with faith but more as a law that must be revered by all.

It is my contention that humans, as well as other species, are being used to advance the alien agenda. Furthermore, it seems that these alien beings are also 'transporting' humans to other locations either on this planet or elsewhere. I sincerely hope I am 100% incorrect on this but I think there may be some actuality behind it.

The one aspect of David's encounters that concerns me is that he is still receiving 'visits'...in fact, he had two very recent encounters on subsequent days and was told to expect further contact. The reason? The future and what we as a people and planet can expect. That part of the story I'll let David explain and that may happen sooner than you think...Lon

The Eckhart Encounters - Further Evidence