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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brunei: Legends of Horror

brunei.fm - This series continues its journey to depict the tales of two other individuals who claim to have encountered supernatural entities at different locations in the Sultanate. Similar sightings can be traced back to the legends of old, centuries ago, but its true existence will forever remain a mystery.


Most Bruneians nationwide are familiar with this urban legend. Countless tales of horror have been whispered in the air and some, experienced first-hand, the terrifying occurrences in this place. Peter, a local businessman, was more than happy to share his story and it revolved around ‘the white sands’ leading up to . Road users often pass by-this area when heading off to the Belait District or neighbouring Malaysia.

Peter claims that his close encounter happened on the eve of New Year as he traveled home to be with his family in Seria. Festive songs played on the radio as he sang along to the medleys, grateful that he will finally spend New Year with his loved ones for the first time in five years. Not long after he reached the area, did a disturbing sight catch his attention. Glancing at the counter clock, it was a little after I am. “Why is she walking alone at this hour?” Peter asked himself. He stopped the car by the roadside and approached the seemingly oblivious woman who continued walking even after Peter called out to her. Concerned that the woman might need help or a ride, he attempted to speak to the woman. “Excuse me miss, do you need help?” Peter asked. She stopped walking and turned slowly towards him. Her long black locks covered her pale face as she gestured towards a junction and pointed to a deserted rest house nearby. Seeing as though something was amiss, Peter stepped back and asked, “Are you alright? Are you heading that way?” The woman simply nodded.

“Please let me give you a ride,” he said and opened the front passenger door for her. As he turned to face the woman, she suddenly disappeared and was nowhere in sight. Shivers ran down his spine as he stared at the pitch-black darkness, the silence becoming somewhat deafening. Instead of panicking, he drove off and continued his journey without ever looking back. “It frightened me out of my wits,” Peter said before concluding his story.


A common pastime amongst people of all ages — this famous sport has provided an excellent opportunity for families and friends to bond and spend quality time together. Such was the intention of a young student who invited his friends for a ‘boys night out’ fishing along one of the well-known rivers in the district.
In this story, Khairul re-calls the horrifying events, which occurred on that fateful night. As they set out on their journey at quarter past midnight, the group of three were feeling absolutely jubilant, having just completed their public examinations. The humid clouds, which swelled above them, did not look promising and projected an impending thunderstorm. That of course, failed to hinder the group’s journey. After setting up their fishing rods, they decided to hunt for their quarry near the jetty and waited patiently for the ‘rewards’.

“It was a dark, eerie night and although my instincts told me something wasn’t right, I didn’t want to be a party-pooper,” Khairul said.

An hour or so passed when something tugged heavily at the fishing reel. “Guys, I think we caught something big!”

Samad shouted excitedly but as he attempted to pull in his catch, he found – nothing. “Maybe you didn’t place the bait properly,” Shahrol suggested. Confused and bewildered by the strange episode, Samad took out a tackle box to replace his reel and used live prawns instead of worms. “Hope this will work better,” Samad said and cast his bait into the river. Out of nowhere, a gust of cold wind blew gently in his direction. He turned his gaze towards Khairul, who was sitting quietly by the riverbank. “Hey Khai, you alright?” but received no response. “What’s wrong with this fellow?” Samad asked himself and decided to approach his seemingly quiet friend. While he was talking to Khairul, two men emerged from the parking lot. At first, Samad thought they were anglers looking to enjoy a fishing expedition but as he looked closely, he noticed that the two men were none other than his buddies. “If Khairul is there, who in the world is beside me?” Samad thought and without thinking, he ran towards his friends without looking back.

Samad struggled to contain himself and was practically hysterical. He told them about his ordeal and instead of comforting him, they laughed. “There’s no one here besides us. I think you watch too many horror films, my friend,” Khairul said. Furious and agitated, Samad marched into the parking lot and chose to wait for his ‘ignorant’ friends in the car. The two continued fishing and was not at all bothered by the incident. As they laughed away to the jokes and tales of their youths, they were distracted by what seemed to be a thousand flickering sounds. To their amazement, a shoal of fish splashed furiously against the water as if it were sending a signal. At that instant, something tugged at their fishing reel but instead of catching a big fish as they had anticipated, an amputated head hung on their hook, covered in dark, murky slime. Shahrol instantly tossed the rod into the river and watched as the head floated towards the jetty.

The two stood frozen in their tracks as they caught sight of a ’supernatural’ being dressed in black sitting by the jetty without a head. It then leaped into the water and crawled to shore before vanishing into the woods. Without hesitating, the two ran towards their car leaving all the equipment behind. Samad was sleeping contently in the back seat as they drove off. The return home turned out to be a bizarre odyssey as they began hearing disembodied voices coming from the back. As the two boys turned around, they saw the paranormal entity clinging onto the back of the vehicle. Shahrol turned on the radio and recited prayers to ward off the spirit. None of the three coveted to sleep alone that night.

“This episode has triggered months of restless nights for us and sometimes, we sense a strange presence especially when either three of us are alone. We have definitely learned a lot from this and will probably go fishing only in the afternoons,” Khairul said before concluding the group’s terrifying tale.

NOTE: This is the second part of a series of ghostly tales from the Nation of Brunei...Lon

Brunei: Legends of Horror