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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Video: Triangular Shaped UFO / OVNI - Luque, Paraguay - 3/26/2010

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Residents of the city of Luque witnessed a strange luminous object late at night. It was soon reported as a UFO. Startled, they described the event and displayed the recording.

inexplicata - According to their story, the sighting involved a large object with several lights whose colors changed constantly.

Raul Torres explained that his sister informed him of the object's manifestation. He went outside for a look and realized that it was an object moving slowly across the skies, with lights that changed colors.

"It wasn't your ordinary star. It moved and then remained still," added Selva Torres. "Its bright flashes, and its colors, impressed us all. Many of us here were watching."

NOTE: I just wish people would stop using the 'X-Files' theme on these videos. Anyway, it's not the best quality video but depicts some interesting movement from this object. Luque is near the national capital Asuncion in central Paraguay...Lon

Video: Triangular Shaped UFO / OVNI - Luque, Paraguay - 3/26/2010