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Monday, March 29, 2010

Terrified Katie 'Jordan' Price Selling Her Haunted Mansion

NOTW - Terrified Jordan is selling off her mansion...because a pair of ghosts are putting the willies up her.

The glamour queen has told pals she's had enough of the spooky woman who appears upstairs and a scary ghoul that hogs her sunbed.

But she's not thinking of calling Ghostbusters.

Instead the reality TV star - real name Katie Price - is phoning her estate agent to put the £2.5 million home on the market. She currently shares the "haunted house" with her very own Slimer, Alex Reid.

Last night, a close friend of the reality TV star revealed: "Katie wants out of there quickly as she's convinced it's haunted by a pair of ghosts.

"She feels like she's being driven out of her own home by spirits - she's had enough."

Jordan, 31, reckons the first ghoul is an old lady who lives on the upper floors of the Surrey estate in Woldingham, which she previously shared with ex-husband Peter Andre.

The pal went on: "Even Alex has told her he's seen the ghost. They're convinced there's an old lady upstairs. You can't tell them otherwise."

The second ghost, who they think is a man, haunts the sunbed Jordan had installed to keep her looking bronzed. The source added: "Katie has a sunbed room near the bottom of the house and she believes it's haunted by a ghost.

"She's seen shadows on a regular basis. A few weeks ago she thought the ghoul had tampered with the sunbed and she can't get that out of her head."

And as a result, the star of What Katie Did Next is desperate to leave the house, despite redecorating recently.

She even called in psychic Sally Morgan to investigate to goulish goings-on.

The friend said: "Katie's put up with them for as long as she could and now the time has come to move out.

"The house was once the site of a retirement home so there may have been a lot of deaths.

"In her head she's absolutely certain what's going on and she doesn't care what people have to say about it."

Jordan bought the house in June 2008. It is set in 1.5 acres of land and includes a swimming pool, triple garage, gym, and a marble staircase. But pals believe Jordan is really being haunted by her former flame Peter Andre and doesn't like to be reminded of his presence at the house.

One said: "Deep down she hates being reminded of Pete on a daily basis. Despite what she says, she misses him.

"It's sad really. She keeps talking about these ghosts, but it's as if she's haunted by the memory of her and Peter."

Sounds like you need an EXorcism, Katie.

Terrified Katie 'Jordan' Price Selling Her Haunted Mansion