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Thursday, March 04, 2010

NASA Rover Snaps Strange Image on Mars

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thesun - Could this be a giant silverback gorilla...on MARS? (rolling my eyes...Lon)

Some space buffs reckon it is after seeing this picture sent back by a robot vehicle probing the rocky Red Planet for signs of life.

Enthusiast Nigel Cooper - who has studied thousands of photos taken by NASA rovers and posted online - said: "It's definitely a creature of some sort."

Mr Cooper, 43, of Grimsby, Lincs, added: "I'm convinced there is life out there."

NOTE: honestly...that would be one big ape. King Kong? Put wings and a pill box cap on it and it would look like a flying monkey from the 'Wizard of Oz'. I swear, there have been some odd stories today! I'm not totally discounting that this may be some form of life...but I'm not holding my breath either...Lon